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This is the memorbelia of Michael Jackson's success!

Author: Kristine (kristinedrama14@msn.com) from Chicago, Illinois
4 August 2002

I thought that this was a gift for all of Michael Jackson's fans. And if you are one, all I have to say is: Get this video. Believe me when I say that you won't be disappointed.

That's all. This movie deserves more, but all you can say is it is awesome.


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A great video collection by one of the best video makers

Author: joltjohn from Winnipeg, Canada
1 November 2002

This title should only be heard and seen on a DVD player and a 5.1 doby digital sound system. The music just engulfs you. I love to get up and try and dance like MJ.

The opening sequence "brace Yourself" is just an ego booster if you ask me. Now the videos.

1. "Billie Jean" is a good song with an okay video 7/10.

2. "The way You Make me Feel" (extended version) is a great song with a good video showing some of MJ's moves. If you have 5.1 system then you hear background voices in the begining and background singers throughout the songs. This really rocks 12/10.

3. "Black or White" (complete version) is just as good for the reason's stated in #2. I still don't get what the fuss was about the cougar/dance scene at the end. He was making a political statement not everyone agreed with. 12/10.

4. "Rock with YOU" is the humour break after the intense "black or white" video. It is MJ's first solo video release. The song is good enough but to see MJ in that glitter outfit in front of those lights is just funny. 8/10.

5. "Bad" (short film version) I never seen this version previously and it shows a side of MJ I didn't know he had (the actor). It is a dark "film" and I am not refering to black and white presentation of it, about the choice a young black male makes between his friends who do bad things or persuing a better life through school. The thing is that it gets interupted by a music video that is okay (the scene gets all colorful for this section). "film" 8/10 has possibilities if expanded video 6/10 Mj seems to rehashing some moves and too many dancers and the annoying musicless part of "your bad" at the end scene is bad for my taste. overall 7/10.

6. "thriller" the best music video ever made. This is also a mini-film. This has it all MJ acting/dancing/singer at his best 15/10.

7. "Beat It" this is a great song with a good video. More good dancing by MJ in this 9/10.

8."Remember the Time" is another "fun" video which some of MJ's friends get cameo parts in. This video has some very nice f/x in it. NOt much of MJ dancing in this one and again too much of a group dance in the main number for my taste. The "comedy" points are weak song okay 6/10.

9. "don't stop Till You get Enough" another video from early in MJ's solo career. Good song and interesting video of MJ showcasing some 1980's "hi-end" f/x and his dancing 10/10

10. "Heal the World" MJ attempt at world harmony through song. Some sad child suffering scenes to start video with. Than it gets "wishful thinking" like with scenes of children running to soldiers to make them drop their weapons. The song is good but the video could have been done better to showcase the message. A better song with a similar message is "Man in the Mirror". 8/10.

Overall 95/100 with some very good ones #2, #3 and #6 and some okay ones #1, #4, #5 and #8 and some good ones #7 and #9. THis DVD is high reccommended for allyou MJ fans so just put it in and enough the arts that MJ is.

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Brace Yourself!

Author: Dalbert Pringle from New Zealand
2 June 2015

Out of these 10, Michael Jackson, music videos that were presented in this 90-minute DVD - 3 of my very favourites were "Rock With You", "Billy Jean" and "The Way You Make Me Feel". As well, the 3-minute "Brace Yourself!" opening segment (before Jackson's videos were played), which contained an excerpt from composer Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana", certainly was something of an adrenaline-rush which helped to earn this DVD its 6-star rating from me.

The one thing that I especially liked about the "Rock With You" video (which came from Michael's first solo venture, 1979's Off The Wall) was that it was a very plain and simple presentation featuring a 21-year-old Michael on his own without all of the elaborate choreography (that borrowed so heavily from the movie "West Side Story") which seemed to dominate far too many of his later music-videos.

Yes. I'll gladly admit that I'm not much of a Michael Jackson fan. But, with that said - After watching these 10 music videos, I can definitely understand Jackson's vast appeal and popularity.

As a high-energy entertainer and pop music icon, Michael Jackson certainly had something of a special gift. And, as was clearly evident in a number of these music videos, when this dude was good, he was, indeed, nothing short of being sensational.

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an excellent look at michael jackson's solo career.

Author: averman from Sydney, Australia
23 August 2002

HIStory is a great video which looks at the video clips that made Michael Jackson the legendary artist that he is. However, you are better off getting Michael Jackson's HIStory Volume II (1997), which is over 30 mins longer than this video and contains newer footage. But if you're into Michael Jackson's pre-1991 music, then this is the one for you.

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Farewell To The Man In The Mirror

Author: roddekker
30 August 2015

Even though I would never say that I was/am much of a fan of the late Michael Jackson, I certainly would agree with many that he sure was something of a dynamic entertainer who definitely put a lot of himself into his live performances.

Out of these 10 music-videos of Jackson's (that span from the years between 1979-1992), I can only say that I liked less than half of them.

To me, it was clearly Michael Jackson's videos from the earlier part of his career that impressed me the most.

Unfortunately for Jackson - It appeared that in a number of his latter music-videos he was striving way too hard to be perceived by his adoring fans as some sort of a tough-guy/lady's man. But, as was so obvious, Jackson's looks (due to cosmetic-surgery overload) were just too frail and girlish for him to pull this off convincingly.

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Outstanding masterpiece

Author: (denisrs@mail.ru) from Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
7 January 2001

Aggressive ignorance of mass-media and of so-called "critics" will never let them appreciate a deeper-than-plain books, music, cinemas and videos.

In the HIStory minifilm, short-sighted tabloid-like critics were able to see only "fascism" (which actually was only in their ill minds) and "self-puffing".

But this video is one of the most symbolic I have ever seen.

It called HIStory. The whole film is about. It is about appeal and prediction of the global win of mankind through the music and joy. "We have erected this monument as the sign of power of music, love and unity of all nations around the world", say the headers, which people carry behind marching Michael Jackson.

Well, critics are not aware of Esperanto, the international language, specially created for easy communication between people of different countries and nations. So they were unable to comprehend the sense of headers inscriptions and completely misunderstood the whole idea of the film.

Absolute quality and art of costumes, light, photography, special effects.

The idea and scenario by Michael Jackson.

Denis Raphael Solyahoff, analytic contents provider for MJFCs' SCREAM International Project

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