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12 Jan. 2001
All Work and No Play
The Thornberrys are in Siberia along the banks of a river which feeds into Lake Baikal. Nigel and Marianne are there to film the Russian Lynx while the girls are forced to stay at the campsite and take inventory of their provisions. This really annoys Debbie who wants to go to the town of Bolshoi Goti and pick up a CD of her favorite Russian Band The Slovniks. Debbie and Eliza both shirk their responsibilities...Debbie and Donnie take off via raft to Bolshoi Goti and Eliza and Darwin tour a nearby beaver dam. Everyone gets in trouble with an unexpected storm erupts ...
12 Jan. 2001
New Territory
The Thornberrys run out of gas and meet a family who could be their Aussie doubles. Eliza hits it off with Bethany, but is awkward and overprotective when she realizes she's in a wheelchair.
14 Feb. 2001
Operation Valentine
When Eliza gets a bad stomach, she assumes the Valentine cookies Debbie baked for Sven made her ill. But when she goes rock climbing with Darwin and Donnie, her pain worsens.
19 Feb. 2001
Hello, Dolphin!
When Debbie's e-mail boyfriend, Sven, breaks up with her, Eliza tries to cheer her up by getting a reluctant Debbie to swim with dolphins.
10 May 2001
Gem of a Mom
Eliza and Debbie compete to give Marianne the best Mother's Day present. But when a rockslide on the Karakoram Highway ruins their gifts, they must work together to get Marianne the ultimate gift - precious gems that are rumored to be in the mountains.
31 Oct. 2001
The Trouble with Darwin
The Thornberrys are in Tanzania, Africa to film the Grand Opening of Dr. Jane Goodall's Chimpanzee Sanctuary. Eliza can't wait to meet her idol Dr. Goodall. When they arrive Debbie is put to work caring for baby chimps in the nursery while Eliza and Dr. Goodall have an awkward first meeting. She is not impressed with Darwin and the fact that he is domesticated. Eliza's feelings are hurt and she runs off into the jungle with Darwin following. Trouble ensues when they run into poachers who have been working nearby.
18 Aug. 2001
The Origin of Donnie: Part 1
Donnie gets lost in the Rain Forest. As Eliza searches she realizes he may be heading home to look for any of his remaining family.

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