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16 Mar. 1999
Lost and Foundation
When the girls discover that their parents have mistakenly taken embarrassing home movies to an awards banquet, they join forces in order to save face.
18 Mar. 1999
Nigel Knows Best
Eliza and her father set off on foot to scale the Andes. Nigel assures Marianne he will be very careful and keep close tabs on Eliza. Marianne is upset because her mother sent a care package. She thinks her mother doesn't think she's a good mother. While scaling the mountain Eliza can't stand her father's over protectiveness and wanders off on her own...right when a blizzard strikes.
23 Mar. 1999
The Great Bangaboo
When Eliza discovers that a local performer claims he can talk to animals she believes she's found a soul mate. Eliza must enlist the help of some very "urban" animals to help her sneak into the sideshow and meet "The Great Bangaboo."
25 Mar. 1999
Rumble in the Jungle
Eliza convinces a group of Baboon-like apes to stand up against their legendary adversaries- "The Others." Darwin, meanwhile, has met an almost identical group of apes with an identical problem.
30 Mar. 1999
The Dragon and the Professor
Eliza will stop at nothing to get a look at the gigantic, fierce Komodo Dragon that lives on Southeast Asian Islands. Her plans are halted when the unexpected arrival of her home-schooling teacher forces her to "hit the books."
1 Apr. 1999
Born to Be Wild
The Thornberrys are in the jungle of Sumatra where Nigel is in pursuit of his lifelong see a Sumatran Rhino in the wild. Eliza and Darwin set out to help him find it while Debbie and Donnie find some surfing teenagers.
16 Aug. 1999
Rebel Without a Trunk
Eliza succumbs to peer pressure from a "teenage" elephant disrupting her closeness with Marianne on an overnight trip.
17 Aug. 1999
Pal Joey
Eliza convinces a mother kangaroo that she can handle the responsibilities of babysitting. She quickly learns that this mischievous Joey is more than meets the eye.
18 Aug. 1999
Rain Dance
The commvee's fuel pump breaks down and leaves the Thornberrys stranded in an African desert. A map reveals a nearby town 17 miles away and Nigel takes off on foot to find a new one. Things get bad when Marianne discovers their water tank has burst and they are almost out of water. Eliza and Darwin attempt to find water and run into a herd of Gemsbok and other animals near a dried up water hole. They are waiting for the rainmaker to bring rain and they think Eliza can talk to him. She gets caught up in their story and decides to play rainmaker herself.
19 Aug. 1999
Darwin Plays the Palace
The Thornberrys are in India when Eliza and Darwing are seen playing together by Kip and Biederman. They capture Darwin and sell him to a Rajah who is looking for a new chimp act to entertain his court. Eliza frantically searches for the missing Darwin and follows a trail of kumquats Darwin left to the Rajah's palace. Entry to the palace is forbidden and she will have to rely on her wits to sneak inside and rescue Darwin.
23 Aug. 1999
Stick Your Neck Out
Eliza finds an animal hero in a giraffe who can see great distances with his height and warn others of approaching danger. However, to Eliza's dismay, the giraffe skips out on the animals for his own needs. O
24 Aug. 1999
No Laughing Matter
Eliza frees a Hyena, but since it never lived in the wild it doesn't know how to survive. Eliza attempts to teach it, but it seems hopeless until a wild boar threatens them and the hyena's natural instincts take over.
25 Aug. 1999
Chimp Off the Old Block
Darwin brings Eliza to a chimpanzee compound. When Eliza is not being subservient to the hierarchy, Darwin gets in hot water with the leader. Only after a threatening fire starts does Eliza realize the necessary hierarchy for jungle survival.
26 Aug. 1999
Koality and Kuantity
Eliza discovers that someone is kidnapping Koalas, and while trying to save them, she and Darwin also get kidnapped.
28 Sep. 1999
Chew If by Sea
When the Thornberrys leave Australia, Eliza can't bear to leave her wambat friend, Emily. Even though Eliza is told not to, she brings Emily aboard their ship bound to India.
31 Aug. 1999
Clash of the Teutons
The Thornberrys meet the Fensterkopfs, who make false documentaries. The Fensterkopf's kid lies to Eliza and gets them stuck on a cliff. After the families barely escape an avalanche, the value of truth is learned by all.
1 Sep. 1999
You Ain't Seen Nothing Yeti
The Thornberry's trek their way up into the snow-capped Himalayan mountains to capture some rare footage of the local snow-leopards. However, something eerie looms in the distance. Eliza sets out to discover the secret of the ancient "Yeti!"
21 Sep. 1999
On the Right Track
When the Thornberry's are in Finland for the annual reindeer races, Eliza single-handedly uncovers Kip and Biederman's plot to sabotage the races.
28 Sep. 1999
Polar Opposites
When a friendly polar bear is wrongly accused of vicious behavior, Eliza goes to great lengths to keep him from being harmed and learns the value of sticking by a friend in times of trouble.
7 Sep. 1999
Two's Company
The Thornberrys are at the Yasuni National Preserve in South America near the Gallapagos Islands. They are there to see Lonesome Jake the last Tortoise of his species. Eliza feels terrible that he is the last one and is determined to search out a female...she asks the local animals and hears of one that lives in a volcano on the Gallapagos. It's a female named Samantha and they bring it back to Jake but Eliza's interfering matchmaking ways cause more harm than good. Love is also in the air for Donnie who finds a jungle girl who is his perfect match.
13 Sep. 1999
Show Me the Bunny
After Eliza saves an arctic hare from a determined stoat, she learns that underdogs come in all shapes and sizes.
15 Sep. 1999
Thornberry Island
The Thornberry's get stranded on an uncharted island, basking at first in all the beauty and the splendor, but discover soon enough that being marooned isn't all it's cracked up to be.
16 Sep. 1999
Dances with Dingoes
Debbie discovers Eliza "talking" to dingoes and threatens to tell her parents. Eliza is afraid of being shipped back to the United States as a science experiment, seeks help from nearby Aborigines.
26 Aug. 1999
Reef Grief
Eliza pulls the wrong lever and catapults the commvee to the bottom of the deeper waters of Australia! She is soon forced to don scuba gear and enlist the help of an army of dugongs in order to rescue her dad!
19 Oct. 1999
Tamper Proof Seal
When the Commvee is surrounded by angry seals, Eliza tries to use her own methods to get them to move, but she learns from her Inuit friend, Jim that traditional ways have their value.
20 Oct. 1999
You Otter Know
The Thornberrys are on the Russian peninsula of Kamchatka to film the Stellar Sea Eagle. Nigel and Marianne take off to film via helicopter while Eliza and Darwin explore. They meet up with a friendly group of Sea Otters and start playing together when an oil tanker comes into the area. To make matters worse Kip and Biedermann rupture the tanker and start an oil spill. Eliza takes it upon herself to save the otters. But when the oil catches fire who will save her?
29 Nov. 1999
Have Yourself a Thornberry Little Christmas
Eliza goes through desperate measures to help animals survive during these tough times along the Skeleton Coast. However, the price she pays for her good-will intentions will soon cost her family's entire holiday cheer, including their Christmas dinner!

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