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Season 1

1 Sep. 1998
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1 Sep. 1998
Flood Warning
The Thornberrys are in Africa near Mt. Kilimanjaro to film lions. Debbie pleads with her mom to let her drive the comvee while she films and Marianne reluctantly consents. Debbie loses control of the comvee and it falls down a muddy river bank. Before they can get it out a storm erupts and the comvee is washed away. That night while camping near the river Debbie goes off on foot in pursuit of the comvee while Eliza goes off in pursuit of her and Darwin and Donnie go off in pursuit of her. Soon all become prey to a lion and two lionesses. Eliza will have to outwit them...
8 Sep. 1998
Dinner with Darwin
When Darwin is miffed by Eliza, he sets off into the jungle to prove himself capable of his natural instincts. After a "scary" night in the jungle, he stumbles upon an empty shack and quickly takes refuge.
8 Sep. 1998
Bad Company
A swarm of mysterious, prankster marmosets overrun the Thornberry camp, and it is up to Eliza to beat them at their own game.
10 Sep. 1998
Gold Fever
When Eliza and Debbie discover an old treasure map on the Galapagos Islands, they set out to claim their "riches" However, once the gold is discovered, greed sets in and the girls begin an all-out battle of trickery to get the gold.
15 Sep. 1998
Matadi or Bust
The Thornberrys are in Africa along the banks of the Congo River. They have three days to catch a freighter at Matadi but if they miss it they will be stuck in Matadi for eight weeks. On the barge on the way to Matadi Eliza discovers that Kip and Biederman are also on board and they have a captured hippo with them which they plan to sell to a zoo. While helping the hippo escape Eliza, Darwin and Donnie fall overboard.
17 Nov. 1998
Temple of Eliza
The Thornberrys are in Brazil near the Amazon River when Eliza starts to feel as if nobody is paying any attention to her...Debbie is consumed with herself and her parents are fussing over Donnie. She and Darwin head into the jungle and take a ride down river. Whne they disembark they find a jaguar trapped in a pit. She helps it to escape and the jaguar family thanks her. Eliza is so delighted to be paid attention to that she creates a fairy tale story and convinces the jaguars that she is their princess.
22 Sep. 1998
Vacant Lot
A huge forest eating machine is destroying the Amazon forest. Nigel and Marianne set out to find government help in stopping it while Eliza teams up with the animals to fight it. Debbie's attempt to listen to a radio show are being thwarted by a radio that continually breaks down.
1 Oct. 1998
Only Child
The Thornberrys are camping on the banks of the Amazon river so Nigel can perfect his insect repellent formula. Eliza becomes fascinated with a fresh water dolphin that she sees out in the river. Debbie is bored as usual when a teenage girl from the village wanders into camp. She and Debbie begin hanging together while Eliza worries that she could be a legend come true...a dolphin that takes the form of a young girl. Could Jao be a dolphin in human form?
6 Oct. 1998
Iron Curtain
Eliza busts a young elephant out of a Kenyan game preserve, only to face predators and poachers who are out to get them.
13 Oct. 1998
Valley Girls
The Thornberrys are in Uganda's Impenetrable Forest to film the rare bird The Great Crested grebe. While Marianne and Nigel go off to film the girl's argue over the use of the tape player. In the ensuing argument Debbie releases the commvee's brake and it takes off downhill. It finally comes to rest on a muddy river bank where it is firmly stuck. The girls will have to work together to free it.
10 Nov. 1998
Naimina Enkiyio
Challenging an ancient Massai legend, Eliza marches into a "haunted" forest to prove her bravery. Now, with night falling, Eliza must place her trust in the mysterious legends of the Massai in order to find her way safely through the dark forest.
27 Oct. 1998
Blood Sisters
The Thornberrys are driving in the Andes Mountains in Peru on the way to visit Dr. Spinoza the world's foremost authority on vampire bats. This is a special trip for Marianne who was a student of Dr. Spinoza's twenty years ago. On the way Eliza starts reading about bats and her movie memories about vampires starts spooking her a bit. Dr. Spinoza lives in a remote, big castle and he is not at all like Marianne remembers. Everything about him gets Eliza's imagination going and Debbie sees it as a chance to have some fun at her sister's expense.
5 Nov. 1998
The Thornberrys are on the Gallapagos Isalnds to film the return of the sea turtles. While off exploring with Darwin and Donnie, Eliza gives a finch an unfair advantage in getting food and in so doing disrupts the delicate food chain of the island.
17 Nov. 1998
Flight of the Donnie
With a bed-ridden Marianne, Eliza tires to fill in her shoes around the commvee while Debbie goes with Nigel to shoot footage. Things get out of hand when a feather-covered Donnie is snatched up by a condor and mistaken as her own.
16 Mar. 1999
Lost and Foundation
When the girls discover that their parents have mistakenly taken embarrassing home movies to an awards banquet, they join forces in order to save face.
18 Mar. 1999
Nigel Knows Best
Eliza and her father set off on foot to scale the Andes. Nigel assures Marianne he will be very careful and keep close tabs on Eliza. Marianne is upset because her mother sent a care package. She thinks her mother doesn't think she's a good mother. While scaling the mountain Eliza can't stand her father's over protectiveness and wanders off on her own...right when a blizzard strikes.
23 Mar. 1999
The Great Bangaboo
When Eliza discovers that a local performer claims he can talk to animals she believes she's found a soul mate. Eliza must enlist the help of some very "urban" animals to help her sneak into the sideshow and meet "The Great Bangaboo."
25 Mar. 1999
Rumble in the Jungle
Eliza convinces a group of Baboon-like apes to stand up against their legendary adversaries- "The Others." Darwin, meanwhile, has met an almost identical group of apes with an identical problem.
30 Mar. 1999
The Dragon and the Professor
Eliza will stop at nothing to get a look at the gigantic, fierce Komodo Dragon that lives on Southeast Asian Islands. Her plans are halted when the unexpected arrival of her home-schooling teacher forces her to "hit the books."
1 Apr. 1999
Born to Be Wild
The Thornberrys are in the jungle of Sumatra where Nigel is in pursuit of his lifelong see a Sumatran Rhino in the wild. Eliza and Darwin set out to help him find it while Debbie and Donnie find some surfing teenagers.

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