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Season 1

7 Oct. 1998
Pilot: Part 1
The President and Vice President were killed in a terrorist attack. Now it seems that a secret branch of the government has in their possession technology from the alien landing at Roswell, and they were able to use it to create a time machine that can send someone back in time seven days. And they would like to send someone back before this happened and tell what's going to happen before it does so they can prevent it. Now all they need is someone to send back, as the trip is excruciating. Frank Parker is an ex-Navy SEAL and CIA operative who has been confined to a ...
7 Oct. 1998
Pilot: Part 2
Parker is assigned as the "chrononaut" for Backstep. While memorizing all the mission details, Parker discovers via TV that his son has been killed by poison gas during the attack on DC. Finally, the backstep is authorized.
14 Oct. 1998
The Gettysburg Virus
Recalled from a survival exercise, Parker has to go back to prevent the release of a virus that will devastate the world's population.
21 Oct. 1998
Come Again?
Parker finds himself stuck in a time loop involving Olga and a mission to save a cold fusion expert from being killed.
28 Oct. 1998
Frank is tasked with have to return 7 days into the past to try and stop a bomb explosion caused by a failed bank robbery. While on the mission unforeseen events occur that turn Frank's and everyone he loves, world upside down.
4 Nov. 1998
Doppleganger: Part 1
After being sent back to stop a power-hungry general from exploiting an international crisis, Parker finds himself facing a duplicate with a sinister agenda.
11 Nov. 1998
Doppleganger: Part 2
After being left for dead, Parker has to find a way to stop his malevolent duplicate and reverse General Starker's takeover of the United States government.
18 Nov. 1998
Shadow Play
Frank returns to the past after an NCA front operation is destroyed by a bomb. He must try to stop the bomb, identify who placed it. As he attempts this he discovers truths that change his whole professional life
25 Nov. 1998
As Time Goes By
Olga's husband Josef, a Russian chrononaut presumed dead after disappearing in a failed Russian time travel program, shows up after seven years of being missing. Claiming to be over 30 years from the future, Josef says he has come back to bring Olga with him to the future, but Ramsey and Parker strongly suspect things aren't what they appear to be.
16 Dec. 1998
Several Agents are hypnotized into killing highly important Scientists then committing suicide after the murders. Frank is sent back to stop the man hypnotizing them, known as "Father.
27 Jan. 1999
HAARP Attack
While on a mission to stop Middle Eastern terrorists from redirecting American bombers to destroy a U.S. military base, a malfunction leaves Parker believing he is only ten years old.
3 Feb. 1999
Last Card Up
At the compound of a religious leader who doesn't pay taxes, the ATF arrives to take him in. But he refuses to give himself up. Things heat up. Later there's a gunshot that sets off a confrontation between the ATF and the cult that ends with everyone in the compound getting killed in an explosion. Now no one knows who fired the shot and what caused the explosion so before they send Frank back, Taldmadge sends him, Olga and Ramsey to get more info. While there Frank hooks up with a TV reporter. Olga finds them in Frank's room. Later reporters flood Neverland because ...
10 Feb. 1999
Last Breath
An accident under the Arctic circle with a Russian sub, causes Plutonium to leak into the ballasts, but coup forces the sub up, spreading radioactive material into the air. Parker must Backstep to stop the terrible event from happening.
24 Feb. 1999
An inside job ends up killing Frank in a sabotaged Backstep, but surprisingly he finds he's a ghost and with some help, must stop the security leak and find a way to fix things.
3 Mar. 1999
Daddy's Girl
Parker is sent to Bosnia to rescue the illegitimate daughter of the Vice President, killed in the previous time line in a botched rescue mission.
31 Mar. 1999
There's Something About Olga
In Minsk (Soviet Belarus), mental patient Galina Komanov, daughter of a killed defected researcher, is prepared by a skeptic KGB Captain's team to play the double of Dr. Olga Vukavitch, in order to infiltrate the program and steal the time travel secret while the real Olga is captured and tortured in a secret room inside the research building. Failing to seduce Lt. Frank Parker, she knocks him down and keeps him cuffed to a bed to get information from him by torturing. However, her psychosis and desire to keep the American lifestyle, causes her to go out of control. ...
12 Apr. 1999
A Dish Best Served Cold
A Brazilian shaman sends former James Rance, a chrononaut presumed killed and missing in action years ago, on vision quest back from Amazonas to Arizona. He arrives at Dr. Isaac Mentnor's birthday party for his granddaughter Rebecca (9) and poisons her to blackmail him into sending them on a suicide mission through the sabotaged time-travel device. Lieutenant Frank Parker realizes there is one chance: find his original landing pod within a week. The shaman proves surprisingly helpful in several ways.
5 May 1999
Vegas Heist
An old buddy Parker served with attempts a heist of a big casino but in the process over two hundred people are killed in a explosion, including several high-level intelligence officials. In the process of correcting it, Parker gets caught up in the heist.
12 May 1999
After a classical ET-lookalike's baby-version (called Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, EBE) is hit by a prison transport which, in turn, crashes near Rosswell and a nearby poisonous bio-hazard. Frank is sent there on a mission so secret Isaac can't even brief him in advance. Frank has to find out on the job.
19 May 1999
Frank's dinner date, Charlotte, is the 19th agent worldwide to be shot - her name from a list linked with CIA code project Jasmin (Walter broke its code in LA Chinatown for a team sent from Beijing). Patriotic Peter is killed by his false lover Michelle, who wants to sell information to the highest bidder. Frank must take Walter out of the equation to secure the encryption, even if that means killing him, but decides to rescue instead, with painful consequences.
26 May 1999
An alien survivor of the Roswell crash, nick named "Adam", who was kept on life support for decades, suddenly awakens and wreaks havoc.

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