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Great BBCAmerica mystery show!!
SkippyDevereaux13 January 2002
I don't know what it is about the British, but they seem to have the most entertaining mysteries on television. This one is sort of like the American series, "Murder, She Wrote". Clever female author with a male sidekick but this program takes place in the 1930's. Great acting from Dame Diana Rigg and Neil Dudgeon. This program has everything--drama, a bit of humor and mystery, all in one!!

Great costumes and make-up also. I love this show!!
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Highly entertaining mystery series with a touch of class...
cascade_ice27 March 2004
Dame Diana Rigg is as smooth as a glass of brandy, but don't let that fool you. She's intelligent and clever in the role of the thrice-divorced Mrs. Adela Bradley in the Mrs. Bradley Mysteries series. Adela solves mysteries in a variety of interesting places- from a haunted house to a lovely seaside resort- along with her sidekick/chauffeur George (Neil Dudgeon). Bradley has the best of advice and sarcasm to offer to those involved in her cases, and the audience too. The series of mini-mysteries is very enjoyable to watch- the 1930s period costumes, props, and cars bring out the best in this sexy, savvy series that keeps you on the edge of your seat in pure fun.
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Short-lived but enjoyable period-mystery series
gridoon20189 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
An IMDb user who went to the trouble of writing a brief summary for this series describes Mrs. Bradley as "a naughty Miss Marple", and I think that's an accurate description. Mrs. Bradley is just as observant and intelligent as Marple, but certainly a lot more adventurous, blunt and forward-thinking. Dianna Rigg is an excellent choice for the role - I cannot think of another actress that could possibly do a better job with it. She is accompanied by her chauffeur, George Moody, who also doubles as her resourceful crime-solving partner; he is certainly a more useful sidekick than Captain "Good Lord!" Hastings is to Hercule Poirot. The series starts on a high note with the terrific "Speedy Death", which would not suffer in comparison to most Poirot and Marple stories, then it takes a slight dip with the next two episodes, "Death At The Opera" and "The Rising Of The Moon", but picks up again for a strong finish with "Laurels Are Poison" (the darkest episode) and "The Worsted Viper" (the most unpredictable). In all 5 episodes, the reconstruction of the late-1920s era is beautiful (antique car buffs, in particular, will have a lot to admire), and the jazz music that plays throughout is simply wonderful. The Region 2 DVD containing all 5 episodes (the first one runs 90 minutes, the others about an hour) can now be bought for a price lower than a single movie, so if you are a mystery fan, do the right thing and add it to your collection.
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A most entertaining series of whodunnits
jnvalente24 September 2002
Diana Rigg is back in top form as the larger than life (but firmly grounded on human misdemeanours) character of Mrs. Bradley. Neil Dudgeon and Peter Davison provide a solid counterweight to her flights of fancy and intuition, which is a bit ironic for Davison - who made part of his career out of playing Margery Allingham's super-sleuth(and upper class to boot) Campion. I have only had access to three episodes, but they are lengthy enough for characters to develop and for the interplay between them to become a given. I think the acting, art direction, sets and music will take anyone to heaven. This is way above (& beyond) any Agatha Christie screen adaptation - and Diana Rigg *is* Mrs. Bradley, much in the same way that Jeremy Brett *was* Sherlock Holmes. Bravo!
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'I'm going to bed with Sigmund Freud...' - One of the best mystery series ever.
rhysmann200819 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The Mrs Bradley Mysteries is based on the series of novels by Gladys Mitchell; a contemporary of Agatha Christie. The show's title sleuth, Mrs Bradley, is elegantly and wittily played by the fantastic Diana Rigg, and ably assisted by chauffeur George, played by Neil Dudgeon. There is fantastic chemistry between the two, and the relationship between them brings up many laughs in the series!

The mysteries themselves are somewhat altered from the novels, but they are still excellent. The first, 'Speedy Death', (90 minutes) is a very Agatha Christie-like country house puzzle. The conclusion is startling and very clever, along with a very good subplot involving George and a housemaid. The rest of the series is four 60 minute episodes. The first, 'Death at the Opera', is very funny indeed, although it is a little far-fetched. This is followed by 'The Rising of the Moon', a better story but not quite as humorous. 'Laurels are Poison' is the strangest of the series, an episode involving ghosts and affairs. However, the series ends with the fantastic 'The Worsted Viper'. The plot may be a little odd, but you will never see the murderer coming, and it is the funniest of the series, with Mrs Bradley giving us some very good one-liners.

The costumes, sets and casting is superb. Mrs Bradley's hats steal the show! What I cannot understand is why the series was not continued; it is simply marvellous. Funny, clever, witty and well acted-it is well worth viewing.
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Fun murder mysteries
Tweekums1 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This four part series, five if you include the pilot, features Diana Rigg as Mrs Adela Bradley; a detective with a penchant for addressing the audience directly; and Neil Dudgeon as her chauffeur George. She is stylish and clearly not short of a bob or two as she is driven around in a Rolls Royce. The cases she investigates are the standards of the genre; shortly after she arrives somewhere a murder will be committed and there will be a good variety of suspects who will either be cleared or murdered themselves before the real killer is exposed. While it is officially Mrs Bradley who does the investigating George inevitably helps and if there is an awkward situation to be got into he will! Their cases often involve Inspector Henry Christmas of Scotland Yard and his role grows throughout the series.

I really enjoyed this; Diana Rigg is great as the eponymous Mrs Bradley and Neil Dudgeon puts in a fine performance as George… it is rather fun seeing him being put upon considering how his character in 'Midsomer Murders' treats his sergeant in just the same way! Talking of Midsomer; I'm sure fans of that series will enjoy this too as they are very similar despite the 1920s setting for this series. Peter Davidson did a decent job as Inspector Christmas; it is a shame the role wasn't a little bigger. This was a lot of fun and I recommend it to any fan of traditional English murder mysteries, of course if you dislike that genre this probably isn't the thing for you.
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More depth on second viewing
lucy-1917 August 2004
I dismissed this series as shallow when it first came out. Maybe I was dazzled by the settings and costumes and didn't stick with it (though I love mysteries). I've just seen several repeats and I'm hooked. Mrs Bradley and George Moody are real, 3-D characters.

Much is suggested but not said. Rigg and Dudgeon are wonderful actors (also Phyllida Law in one episode) and Rigg has all the style of her Avengers days. Only Peter Davidson's character seems a little colourless. The plots are preposterous (the worsted viper????), but who cares? Why are Gladys Mitchell's books out of print? (By the way, folks, it's set in the 20s, not the 30s. The helmet-like cloche hats and waistless short dresses should be a clue.)
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Amazing! Like stepping into the Roaring Twenties.
martin-intercultural14 April 2015
I am puzzled by the negative reviews, not to mention the show producers' decision to pull the plug after airing just a handful of stories. Here we are in 2015, awash in much-acclaimed period costume TV dramas which serve up contrived, soap-ish plots and uneven dialogue - neither particularly at home in the prewar era they pretend to capture. By comparison, Mrs Bradley Mysteries sparkles. The exteriors and interiors alone are hypnotic. The acting is spot on. A great many feminist messages are shared but without rubbing the viewer's nose in it. There is wit and affection and murder mystery on par with Agatha Christie. I enjoyed every minute. Strongly recommended.
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Murder, Mayhem, and Ragtime
jimmullinaux18 September 2017
If you like your mysteries with style, grace, a touch of humor, and a dash of ragtime, then you're going to like "Mrs. Bradley Mysteries". This superb 1998 BBC production starring Diana Rigg ("The Avengers" & "Game Of Thrones") and Neil Dudgeon ("Midsomer Murders") is based on characters created by Gladys Mitchell and marvelously captures 1920's English society, complete with cigarette holders, flapper skirts, bobbed hair, and those marvelous vintage cars, including Mrs. Bradley's own Rolls Royce. The settings are elegantly English, the crimes are clever, and the suspects decidedly decadent. Particularly playful are Mrs. Bradley's observations on the moralities of the the day which she delivers directly to the audience. My wife and I have watched this series many times, discovering something new and entertaining with each viewing. If you like vintage mysteries, you will thoroughly enjoy "Mrs. Bradley Mysteries".
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Dreary, tired,predictable and lackluster
geordiesdad25 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Dianna Rigg is well beyond her sell-by date and it shows. She has no passion for the role and it is SO obvious she just mimed the part. Unfortunately her co-star is equally lacking in any spark and propelled by old predictable plots this makes for a set of VERY lightly entertaining mysteries. Peter Davison is completely wasted in a mixed-up multiple episode character who's demise is not worthy of his acting skills. If you were hoping for mystery entertainment of the quality of Campion....also starring Peter Davison with a TRULY interesting and well structured 'butler-chauffer' you will be greatly disappointed. Better to re-view Campion for some good writing and even better acting and leave this one where you found it.
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Sets and costumes are great
sonbyrd25 March 2017
..but sadly, i found the writing not nearly up to snuff of most BBC mysteries. Combined with directing at a snail's pace, I longed for Miss Fisher mysteries set in the same era where the pace didn't put me to sleep. The acting is good as you would expect from these veterans, but they just don't have much to work with in terms of script.
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