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Best Kids show ever
Nannan2162 February 2001
I absolutely love Cousin Skeeter. I am only 13 so my review won't be as professional as others. This show is funny. But I would like to disagree with something in the other reviews. Skeeter is completely appropriate for kids. He does not wear pimp clothes as I have seen said. I love this show and I would recomend for parents to allow their kids to watch this show. It is a classic.
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Why are there so many haters?
rookiex200318 January 2005
I'd like to point a fact out to most adults.This was made for kids for God's sake stop giving it terrible reviews.The plot is aimed at making situations in everyday life look as cheerful as anything to give kids a lighter look at life.The same goes for many other Nick shows e.g Brother's Garcia and my brother and me.So i don't know why most adults and mature tend to be blind at this simple fact and are hell bent on burning down the hard work of hardworking black people like Nick Cannon and Shaq.So the star of the show is a puppet big deal so was the entire cast in Sesame street.Why because it was created to entertain kids.Please people try and understand that not all shows created especially Nick shows are aimed at a more mature audience.
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A Funny Show For Kids
Horror120 February 1999
This show is perfect for all those 6-12 year olds out there who are too old for Barney/Tellytubbies but too young for Friends or Seinfield. In the funny episodes, Skeeter always manages to get into trouble and his cousin Bobby always gets blamed. Somehow though Skeeter always comes through and saves Bobby's back. The show is funny, creative, and well written for KIDS. Teenagers might find some parts amusing but I would suggest a more grown up show. A Nick classic.
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Oh! i remember this show...
karma joynes22 July 2006
WOW it seems like it was more than 6 years ago..i was 10 or ll at the time and i remember my brother and i rushing through last minute homework and scrubbing dinner dishes to get to the t.v and catch this show. Even though the main character was a ~~puppet~~ (: That didn't matter after watching the show and it was just funny to see how cousin skeeter did things as if he were no different from anyone else and how the cast treated him as a regular teenager. That alone used to make me laugh for the half hour. Granted the show wasn't the best show that was on Nickelodeon, it is a definite stand out from my childhood and it would be crazy if this series along with "My Brother and Me" was released on DVD (NOW THATS AN IDEA AIN'T IT?)
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Nupe19 July 1999
I agree with the commentary that this is an excellant show for kids 6-12. Forget about the kids I like the show myself especially the themesong by 702 and I'm 30, but as a parent I'd like to see a mixture of shows. For example instead of Cuz'n Skeeter always getting into or causing trouble let him be positive thoroughout. Lastly, I was disappointed while our family went to Universal Studios (California) in the Nickelodeon store there was no Cousin Skeeter souvenirs or memorabilia. What up with that?
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Where the Crud Can I See This Show?
Benjamin Black14 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I have no idea why this show receives so many bad reviews and comments and blogs on this website. My family and I have always enjoyed this show; we were hooked when it first premiered in 1998. This was my favorite Nickelodeon show growing up. It's funny, clever, and heartfelt.

A teenage boy, Bobby Walker, and his family move from Los Angeles, California to New York City, New York. Not long after they make the move, Bobby's cousin from Atlanta, Georgia moves in with them as well. That cousin, as you've guessed, is Skeeter, a puppet voiced by Bill Bellamy. (And it's not like the Muppets, whose voice and puppeteering are provided by the same person. Bill Bellamy supplies solely the voice.) Bobby also develops a crush on his neighbor and classmate Nina Jones. With Skeeter by his side, however, his life is now full of chaos and trouble.

One of the things I really love about the show is the bond and friendship between Skeeter and Bobby. They really care for each other. They let the other know through their words and actions that they love one another. I think their comradery here is even better than the comradery between the main characters on "Kenan & Kel." While I do believe those two characters loved each other, keep in mind they that Kenan did use Kel as a ploy to get what he wanted a lot, and Kel would often be too dim-witted to realize the pain he caused Kenan. And while some of that happens on this show, we see a lot more of the boys respecting each other and staying together. That doesn't mean they won't get mad at each other at times, but their strong bond and brotherhood will eventually lead them back together again.

Something else I think this show did better than "Kenan & Kel" is the respect for adults. The kids do have some respect for those who have authority over them: their parents, their teachers, the law, etc. Yes they go behind people's back at times, but they do learn their lesson for it. They try not to be disrespectful, but often situations cause them to act a certain way. On "Kenan & Kel," Kenan goes out of his way to show little respect for his boss, teachers, and his parents. He'll lie even when he doesn't need to. Does this mean I dislike "Kenan & Kel?" Crud no, I love that show! I love its comedy! But in terms of how children actually treat adults, I can relate to this program a lot more.

So, why might people not like this show? Is it because it has a puppet? It could be, though I'd argue that shouldn't turn you away from this show. The fact that Skeeter's a puppet just opens the door for more possibilities and jokes. Is it the comedy? Well, it could be. I'll admit, a lot of the jokes aren't as funny now that I'm an adult. But they are still funny, and I still laugh. And, again, since I'm an adult I have a better understanding of some these jokes. Really, I think people just need to give this show a chance. If you like it, great! If you're not a fan of it, that's OK too. Even if you don't like it, though, trust me when I say it's not the worst show ever. There are worst shows Nickelodeon could have given us...and later DID give us!

Let me say two more things before I wrap up: 1) I wish this show was more popular. There have been other Nickelodeon shows people didn't like, but they still got attention and popularity. Even if you don't like this show, it's harmless and not the least bit damaging; give everyone else a chance to see it. 2) Where the crud can I see this show? Why aren't they playing it on TeeNick's "'90s Are All That?" I heard it ran on BET - did I miss it? In fact, I think it's currently playing in France. Why would Nickelodeon play the show in France and not here in the States?! I need my "Cousin Skeeter," too! I NEED MY "COUSIN SKEETER!!"

If you want a sort of realistic comedy with a surreal element and clever and funny moments, this show is for you! I love it, my entire family loves it, and hopefully you will too. Check it out, and judge for yourself. BOOYIKA!
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Thank god they cancelled this!
dootuss21 December 2001
What an atrocious piece of garbage this show is! Why would Nickelodeon put this trash on the air? Mainly to make kids dumber perhaps? The show stars this annoying puppet named Skeeter, who ends up living at his cousin Bobby's house in the big apple. Of course when Skeeter's around, there's always trouble, and Bobby gets in trouble for Skeeter's mishaps. So in the end Skeeter pulls off something bogus (and sometimes stupid) that saves Bobby from even more trouble. But the worst things about this show is how Bobby and his parents treat Skeeter like he's a human being, and Nina the boys annoying, fast talking friend (and whom Bobby has a crush on).

Thank god this show's dead. This show is a pure example of how Nickelodeon has gone downhill. These stupid shows they make keep getting worse, and worse as they come. Please when will it end?!
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