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The 10 Hottest Grown-Up Former Kid Stars

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You heard the prompt: The 10 Hottest Former Child Stars. Can I confess something? It's harder to think of these than you think!

Let's face it, everybody's looks peak at a certain point, and if you're a child actor, there's a distinct chance you'll look your best at age 11. That's not the case with these 10 gents, who've grown up into seriously studly creatures. Here they are, ranked and ready for scrutiny.

10. Jonathan Lipnicki

The Jerry Maguire kid apparently enjoys the gym. The onetime kid star's body is basically an adamantium sheath, and he's also perfected his photogenic stoicism.

9. Chad Allen

Yes to gay child actors who come out, and Yes specifically to alums of the 1990 TV movie Camp Cucamonga, which I consider the Gone With the Wind of summer camp movies featuring G. Gordon Liddy in a supporting role. Chad's hot, out, and readily shirtless. Phew.

8. Devon Sawa

The onetime Casper
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Today’s Birthdays 4/07/11

Billie Holiday would have celebrated 96 today. Her melodic voice can be heard on a lengthy list of film soundtracks including Schinder’s List, Slaves Of New York, Harlem Nights, Watchmen, Angela’s Ashes, The Green Mile, August Rush, The West Wing , The Notebook , Sex In The City and Capote. The films she acted in are The Emperor Jones and New Orleans.

Actor and comedian Bill Bellamy turns 46 today. He started his career as a stand-up comic and parlayed that into a hosting gig at MTV Jams. Love Jones and How To Be A Player are probably his most memorable films. He’s also appeared in Any Given Sunday, The Brothers, Royal Pains, Lottery Ticket and was the voice of Skeeter on Cousin Skeeter.
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Milk Carton Alert – Cousin Skeeter (and other black tween shows)

Where are the DVD releases for Cousin Skeeter, My Brother And Me and The Famous Jett Jackson? If you were pre-teen or teen in the 90s then these shows may (or may not) have been on your radar. Once upon a time Jurnee Smollett had a TV show called On Our Own that starred her alongside her siblings. It was short-lived but it was cute at the time. Are these shows getting played on TV Land, Bet, TVOne or any of the other black cable stations? Or are they lost in the ether of Hollywood doesn’t care about 90s black nostalgia?

Of all the shows mentioned above, The Famous Jett Jackson is probably the most successful of black tween shows during the 90s (this is pre- That’s So Raven). The Disney Channel even aired a made-for-tv movie giving Jett Jackson a proper farewell. Maybe these shows are too obscure,
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