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It's a mix
Op_Prime13 January 2000
With this show it's a mix. It's good, yet it's bad. To start with the bad stuff, animation was really down here. Super Mario World fared okay, but Captain N was really bad when it came to animation. I can't recall the Captain N segments as well, but with Super Mario World, I remember there always being an annoying song that slowed down the show. Stories for both were okay, some lacking, but overall okay. It's good and bad.
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Yoshi Rocks
Colony14 May 2003
I don't remember this show very much, but I remember it a little bit. I remember thinking that Yoshi was cool. In fact, I still think that.

There's one episode in particular in which we learn that Yoshi is afraid of water (in the video game, however, Yoshi has no problem with water. Also, all of Koopa's kids have completely different names than they do in the video game. Why?). But, he overcomes his fears to save a pirhana plant trapped in a melting ice cave. Isn't that cool.

I think there was an episode where Yoshi and Mario played football against Koopa's kids. That was cool too.

From what I remember, this show was good. Some episodes are available on DVD, along with a couple Legend of Zelda bonus cartoons. Mind you, those bonus Zelda cartoons are pre-Link to the Past, and for some reason Link is portrayed as a wisecracking jerk, trying to woo the princess. I prefer the quiet guy who just went out to save his country from evil. I even prefer the big-headed, cel-shaded Link.
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Captain N, what a joke
Mike Hunt16 May 2006
The Mario World show itself wasn't all that great, but they seemed a lot better then those stupid cartoons of Captain-N they showed in between the episodes. They're just bad, bad, bad, bad... not to forget lame, lame, lame, lame.

Also the names of the Koopa kids seem to be different from the games. I cant remember them, but I thought it was weird hearing different ones as to what I was familiar with. I loved Mario World on SNES, but this cartoon doesn't do it any justice.

It may entertain the young-in's but it's nothing to be excited about seeing.

The DVD's for Mario World are available from (region 4) but there not worth it I don't think unless you a re a super die hard fan of Mario.
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That's Mama Luigi To You, Mario! *wheeze*
JayP12910 January 2009
I've only watched half of the episodes on YouTube and this show is great! I hope i can get the DVD, i'll treasure it. Oh also the Mama Luigi episode is the one that started YTP. "You Know What They Say In Brookyln, Early To Bed Early To Catch The Worm...Or Is It The Bagel?", "Koopa Football Players Took The Princess.", "That's Mama Luigi To You Mario *wheeze*". Watch YouTube Poop People! I am promoting it! It's easy to do! Just search it on YouTube! C'mon! Watch It! Please! They're Funny! Why am I Writing so much?! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Search It! Just Making Sure! Are you still reading this still?! This has nothing to do with the Super Mario World show, does it?! l*_*l Super☆Mario☆World.
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Terrible television series that exists solely as a tie-in for the North American release of the video game of the same name
webberrules30 November 2017
Super Mario World is a terrible television series that exists purely as a tie-in for the North American release of the video game of the same name. Captain N is a terrible series as well.

The Bad: 1. The animation and character designs are ugly. 2. The voice acting is abysmal, with Walker Boone and Tony Rosato as horrible voiceovers for Mario and Luigi respectively, but the voice acting in Captain N is no better. 3. The dialogue is really corny and cringeworthy, in both Super Mario World and Captain N, particularly in the latter, with the basketball episode having atrocious hoop puns. 4. The musical numbers in Super Mario World are some of the worst musical numbers I have ever heard, they are earsoringly bad, and worse, they have no place in a Mario licensed series. Also, they make the songs in Disney direct-to-video sequels sound like Oscar nominees for Best Original Song. 5. The series has a strong American cultural bias, especially for a video game they are promoting for in the series is a Japanese creation. The series would be better if it was produced by a Japanese animation studio. 6. The writing is clichéd and hackneyed, with modern day concepts being introduced to the cave people as well as Yoshi confronting his fears in a clichéd way. The writing in Captain N is not good either. 7. While I despise South Park for its unapologetic crudeness and vulgarity, Super Mario World has the opposite problem, where it has unapologetic dumbing-down and sugarcoating.

The Good: Absolutely nothing

In conclusion, I would recommend that you skip this series.
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