The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) Poster

Plot Keywords

ring army
middle earth mission
attack hope
orc hobbit
wizard tower
guide king
homoerotic 41st century b.c.
5th millennium b.c. emaciation
41st century b.c 5th millennium b.c
prehistoric times prehistory
colon in title eight word title
hand to hand combat combat
lifting person in air evil man
glowing eye macguffin
lifting someone into the air second part
motion capture forced perspective
love triangle axe in the chest
ensemble cast flashback
schizophrenia traitor
rescue from drowning evil wizard
dark fantasy fictional war
temptation righteous rage
presumed dead monster
last stand flooding
ancient race shot back to back
back from the dead gore
violence cult film
india maxwell talisman
star crossed lovers race against time
no opening credits peril
fear melodrama
magic nightmare
explosive ancient sword
stabbed in the chest stabbed in the back
stabbed in the leg stabbed in the arm
stabbed in the throat animate tree
suicide bomber warrior woman
warrior race tragic hero
soliloquy idealism
child soldier brotherhood
wizards' duel dragon
warrior honor
wilhelm scream tragic villain
shot in the neck sewer
funeral city in ruins
blood dark hero
evil shot in the forehead
part of trilogy gunpowder
river fight
camouflage dismemberment
axe murder sequel to cult favorite
sword fight reverse footage
part computer animation impalement
flaming arrow entrails
battering ram unrequited love
rescue mercy
banishment blockbuster
friendship rabbit
tracking mistaken identity
halfling battle axe
fortress crossbow
wilderness cave
cannibalism refugee
prince wraith
keeping watch escape
quest mountain
conscience dream sequence
nonlinear timeline thunderstorm
betrayal barbarian
waterfall elephant
elf horse
armor crushed to death
treason amulet
hero castle
conservation courage
madness loyalty
loss of son severed head
treachery falling from height
archery tyrant
cavalry alliance
abyss volcano
good versus evil scaling ladder
gate sequel
cemetery compassion
animal attack forest
fishing gardener
heroism dwarf
falling over a cliff horn
demon decapitation
resurrection impossible love
sword famous score
immortality loss of brother
bravery redemption
exorcism swamp
split personality swarm tactic
siege eye
ambush hostage
dam busting chase
sword and sorcery princess
ruins genocide
epic bad smell
map father daughter relationship
tragedy based on novel
number in title

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