The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) Poster

Plot Keywords

ring battle
king middle earth
army of the dead journey
gate city
fate suspicion
quest orc
eye drinking game
drinking drunkenness
homoerotic final battle
41st century b.c. 5th millennium b.c.
prehistoric times prehistory
emaciation end of trilogy
fear kingdom
last stand disarming someone
bow and arrow staff
shot with a bow and arrow sword and fantasy
axe fight battle axe
hand to hand combat showdown
battlefield husband wife relationship
lifting a male into the air slow motion scene
lifting someone into the air lifting an adult into the air
macguffin main character dies
motion capture forced perspective
blood spatter love triangle
third in trilogy paralysis
dream ensemble cast
pirate flashback
fictional war ancient race
journey shown on map finger bitten off
falling into lava shot back to back
part computer animation gore
invented language witch
undead race against time
mission christ figure
no opening credits peril
melodrama magic
ancient sword alliance
famous score skull
river sequel to cult favorite
cult film cult director
warrior race tragic hero
idealism brotherhood
warrior woman honor
wilhelm scream tragic villain
dying words tied up
hope destiny
abyss dark hero
light lava stream
harbor part of trilogy
vision split personality
song ship
retreat princess
plain horse
horn exhaustion
departure defense
attempted murder wedding ceremony
survival sorcerer
pub monster
marriage lava
greed fire
dragon bow
boat arrow
female fighter warrior
soldier female warrior
female soldier corruption
blockbuster trampled to death
tragedy strangulation
stabbed in the side stabbed in the neck
stabbed in the mouth stabbed in the leg
stabbed in the back stabbed in the arm
spirit shot in the stomach
shot in the shoulder shot in the neck
shot in the head shot in the forehead
severed nose nightmare
loss of friend loss of father
loss of brother insanity
disfigurement deception
darkness broken leg
broken back self immolation
gardener wraith
wound wedding
walled city volcano
volcanic eruption unrequited love
underwater scene uncle
tunnel troll
tower tomb
temptation sword fight
suicide stairs
staircase singing
signal fire siege
severed head sailboat
rescue pyre
prologue presumed dead
premonition person on fire
old age murder
madness loss of son
invisibility impalement
giant bird ghost
fortress forest
fishing fight
father son relationship father daughter relationship
falling from height elephant
eagle disguise
decoy death
curse crystal ball
crushed to death coronation
combat cocoon
cliff cavalry
catapult betrayal
battering ram archery
animate tree animal attack
third part returning character killed off
wizard good versus evil
friendship sequel
halfling heroism
dwarf decapitation
throat slitting sword
bravery elf
castle giant spider
courage severed finger
loyalty sword and sorcery
beowulf epic
hobbit death of father
based on novel surprise ending

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