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A high quality little gem that dispels a lot of myths regarding Creation.
Richard Maurer (ram-30)24 November 2007
Many people, even some Christians, consider Creation as told in Genesis a myth. If you believe that all scripture is the inspired word of God, then you have to see the Creation story as truth based. This well made animation gives a valiant attempt to dispel some of the early myths.

First of all, did dinosaurs exist? Well, if you read the book of Job, the Leviathan and the Behemoth are clearly like no animal alive today. This cartoon indeed shows Adam naming the animals and a dinosaur is clearly visible. Kudos to the animators for having the courage to show this.

Second of all, what was the fruit with which the snake tempted Eve? Well, it was clearly not an apple as many modern myths say. It was from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Kudos to the animators again for showing this fruit to be unique fruit, something like an orange, heart shaped onion.

Thirdly, the serpent has feet, making it look more like a dragon than a snake. This is also a nice variation as it shows that the serpent was not really a snake but Satan in disguise. Perhaps the snake had feet before it was cursed and made to thread on it's belly.

These are just three of the brave additions that make this cartoon educational and scripturally accurate.

The quality of the animation is also at a high level. It is done by Hanna-Barbera (Yogi Bear, Flintstones) and stars some of Hollywood's finest. Adam is voiced by Canadian star Marc Singer(from mini-series "Roots: the Next Generation" and "V"); Eve is voiced by Stephanie Zimbalist ("Remington Steele").

IMDb credits Melissa Sue Anderson ("Little House on the Prairie") as the voice of the Serpent but if you watch this cartoon you will know it's really Tim Curry who plays the evil one. I guess that means Mary Ingalls plays God. Her TV dad would like that.

This cartoon is quite a treat and any parent or educator that wants to show their children a version of Creation that maintains it's scriptural integrity, this is the one for you.
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