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5 Jan. 1997
The Mystery of Winna-Bango Falls
When Jane Kangaroo insists that the citizens of Lake Winna-Bango cease sliding around on Fruzzle-Floom Fruit peels and instead discard them, the mighty waterfall mysteriously stops falling. It's up to our hero, Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose, to piece together the ecological chain and restore the water source.
Feb. 1997
Almost There
Fox in Socks and Mr. Knox have won a free trip to far-off Gazir! However, they must first claim their prize at the bureaucratic Travel Center, where they must endure Yertle the Turtle, dozens of civil servants, and worst of all, the Travel Poobah.
Feb. 1997
Oh, the People You'll Meet
It's moving day, and no one is more bummed than Julian Jeremy Jaroo Jalloo. But when the Cat in the Hat appears, Julian is whisked away on a magical elevator ride to meet all (or as many as we can meet in 24 minutes) of the interesting and whimsical people who may be in his future.
Mar. 1997
The Blag-Bludder Beast
The people of Troomph are the most frightened people around, and their biggest fear is the oft- discussed-but-never-seen Blag-Bludder Beast. So when Yertle unknowingly "conquers" this mythical creature, he has the Troomphians in the palm of his little webbed hand.
Mar. 1997
The Muckster
The "House and Home Show" is coming to feature the super-tidy Jane Kangaroo, but young Junior has made their house an absolute mess. Enter the Cat in the Hat with the mighty Muckster, a cleaning machine that gets more powerful with each click of its dial (but never turn it to 6!). Jane naturally obeys the law of comedy, and nuttiness ensues as she turns the dial...
Mar. 1997
Norval the Great
Binkham Tamino McDoyal the Third (but everyone calls him Binky) spins a mighty yarn about the many adventures he has had with his amazing goldfish, Norval. Of course, such tall tales couldn't possibly be true, could they?
Jul. 1997
Max the Hero
Max, the Grinch's dog, has saved a baby's life and won the hearts of everyone. Mayor Stovepipe invites the new hero to live in the mayoral mansion, leaving the Grinch alone, interviewing new candidates for a pet and not missing Max at all...maybe.
Jul. 1997
The Road to Ka-Larry
Sue Snue is sent on an important mission: to deliver a box filled with precious gifts to Regina, the Queen of Ka-Larry. With Fox in Socks and Mr. Knox as her escorts, she must do whatever it takes to get the box to the Queen...even if it means getting there with a slightly lighter box.
Jul. 1997
Yertle the King
Yertle's Aunt Myrtle (a bona-fide queen!) has left Yertle temporarily in charge of her kingdom while she is away. Big mistake.
Aug. 1997
Horton Has a Hit
When Yertle hears Horton singing a lullaby to Morton, he knows that Horton has what it takes to make it to the top (and to take Yertle with him). Horton must leave the suddenly-popular Morton in the care of his Uncle Norton as he goes on tour. Is all of the fame and fortune worth it?
Aug. 1997
The Grinch Meets His Max/Halfway Home to Malamaroo
The Cat in the Hat has left Little Cats A, B, and C alone with a nifty storytelling machine.
17 Aug. 1997
The Cat in the Hat Takes a Nap
The Cat in the Hat has left Little Cats A, B, and C alone with a nifty storytelling machine, and when they insert a backscratcher, they hear the story of how the Grinch and his dog Max came to be friends. When they insert a half-eaten cake, they are told the story of Alvin, an alien from Malamaroo. Alvin is as sweet as can be, but he drives Jane, Junior, and Thidwick crazy when he never finishes what he starts -- including his trip home!
24 Aug. 1997
The Cat in the Hat Cleans Up His Act
In the very messy Cat?s Playhouse, when the Cat in the Hat loses his bow tie, it?s cleaning time! That is, if he and the Little Cats ever get around to it? In the Wubbulous World, we meet Matthew Katroom, who battles his messy room. And Yertle the Turtle sells Jane Kangeroo a new kind of mess-free Turtle Tree.
31 Aug. 1997
The Cat in the Hat's Big Birthday Surprise
In the Cat?s Playhouse, it?s Terrence?s birthday, and he thinks that everyone has forgotten. Actually, they?re all planning his surprise party? In the Wubbulous World, Felix Finkledooper celebrates an extra-special 8th birthday, while Princess Tizz is sad because all of her birthday presents are too rare and precious to play with.
7 Sep. 1997
The Sounds All Around
In the Cat?s Playhouse, Terrence has a nasty case of the hiccups...what to do? In the Wubbulous World, Sarah Hall-Small has a hard time choosing what instrument she wants to play in the Seussville band. And when Horton and Morton go exploring in the jungle, Morton learns that scary sounds aren?t always scary things.
14 Sep. 1997
Make Yourself at Home
In the Cat?s Playhouse, Terrence thinks that the Cat?s house is boring. How to convince him otherwise? In the Wubbulous World, Morton, wanting to be more bird-like, searches for a nest with Junior kangaroo, and Sarah Hall-Small draws pictures of where she might like to live.
21 Sep. 1997
The Cat in the Hat's Flower Power
In the Cat?s Playhouse, Terrence is having trouble with his flower, a purple and pink Happiola. In the Wubbulous World, Milo plants a tree and imagines all the wonderful things it will grow to do, and the Grinch plots to put a stop to the joyous Blinky Blossom Festival.
28 Sep. 1997
The Feed You Need
In the Cat?s Playhouse, Terrence is being a picky eater, only wanting to eat red birdseed brickle. In the Wubbulous World, the King of Didd has outlawed Bimple Beans, Milo?s favourite food, and Milo struggles to convince the king to keep the beans around. We also see what everyone has for lunch in the Wubbulous World.
5 Oct. 1997
The Cat in the Hat's First-First Day
In the Cat?s Playhouse, Terrence tries to fly for the first time, and does. But he?s scared to try again. In the Wubbulous World, Morton sleeps over at Junior Kangaroo?s house for the first time, and it?s very different from his house. And Sarah Hall-Small, after buttoning her sweater for the first time, imagines all the other ?firsts? she?ll have.
12 Oct. 1997
The Cat in the Hat Gets a Package
In the Cat?s Playhouse, a mysterious box has arrived. Terrence is dying to see what?s in it, but the Cat keeps him in suspense by stalling. In the Wubbulous World, Sarah imagines what it would be like to send herself to her Grandma?s house by mail, and a determined Morton takes over for a tired Delivery Bird by delivering a very important package.
19 Oct. 1997
The Cat in the Hat's Indoor Picnic
In the Cat?s Playhouse, rain spoils plans for a picnic, but the cat saves the day. In the Wubbulous World, Princess Tizz imagines where the most special picnic spot could be. Also, Morton and Junior?s plans to explore the jungle to find the Maputo Bird are squelched when Junior gets a thorn in his paw. So Morton and Horton bring the jungle to Junior.
2 Nov. 1997
The Cat in the Hat Builds a Door-O-Matic
In the Cat?s Playhouse, the cat and Little Cats are building a Door-A-Matic, a contraption that will open the door, but Terrence is skeptical. In the Wubbulous World, Matthew Katroom finds a stick and imagines all the things it can be. Also, Junior Kangaroo builds a sand castle and imagines what it would be like to live inside it.
9 Nov. 1997
A Bird's Best Friend
In the Cat?s Playhouse, Terrence is playing Hooble Ball by himself and won?t share the game with the Cat, who tries to convince him that things are more fun when shared by two. In the Wubbulous World, Yertle the Turtle is selfish and won?t share his prized nut collection, even if it means he doesn?t have friends. When he meets Earl a fellow nut-freak, Yertle learns about what friendship means.
16 Nov. 1997
The Cat in the Hat's Art House
Everyone in the Cat?s Playhouse is making art, but Terrence doesn?t think he?d be very good at it, so the Cats and Pam-I-Am help him create a masterpiece. In the Wubbulous World, Tizz and Milo make a mural that tells a wonderful story, and Sarah Hall-Small makes a collage for her mother?s birthday.
7 Dec. 1997
Talkin' with the Cat
In the Cat?s Playhouse, everyone awaits the arrival of Little Cat Fleep, who only speaks in ?Fleep.? How can they communicate? In the Wubbulous World, Junior Kangaroo gets a visit from his Grandpa Jake, who?s hard of hearing. Also, Matthew and Sarah hunt for Matthew?s dog, Goober, by asking for help from people who communicate in different ways.
14 Dec. 1997
Walkin' with the Hat
In the Cat?s Playhouse, the Cat in the Hat wants to try to be a bird. In the Wubbulous World, we see how different creatures get around. Also, Sarah runs in a Seussville race where people use all kinds of ways to get around, including rolling and bouncing.
21 Dec. 1997
The Cat in the Hat Helps a Friend
In the Cat?s Playhouse, Terrence wants to play a song with the Cats, but they get carried away and do their own thing. In the Wubbulous World, we see how people help each other in Seusseville, and Milo helps a dragon in distress when he?s sent to investigate strange smoke coming from a cave.

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