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Wall Street Journal
It's classic animation wedded to modern technology -- painted pictures that move in magical splendor.
Entertainment Weekly
An animated fairy tale made with simple, elegant conviction.
Chicago Sun-Times
The film is short at 82 minutes, but surprisingly moving, and has a couple of really thrilling sequences.
A poetic and lovely tale, told as a silent picture with music and narration.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A cartoon that's truly cinematic in scope, and a story that's compelling and heartfelt - even if the heart belongs to a big, four-legged herbivore.
A welcome family film that extols noble values and offers first-class animation.
Those for whom Spirit was made will find this to be a thoroughly enjoyable production. As a "kids' movie", Spirit is a resounding success.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Visually the film is a knockout. I'm not sure this will matter to the young adult audience, but the film is philosophically confusing.
New York Daily News
Popcorn-buyers, beware: This is no "Shrek," with raucous adult humor sailing over the heads of wee ones. This is "Sesame Street"-level, with white hats, black hats and simple moral messages.
Baltimore Sun
Spirit lacks that essential emotional resonance, and suffers because of it.
Despite its good intentions, Spirit is more self-conscious and uninspiring from a dramatic point of view than one might have wished. Still, whenever it threatens to get bogged down in earnest dramaturgy, a stirring visual sequence -- rouses us.
The result is a mishmash that is sometimes moving, sometimes absurd and most of the time just oddly off balance.

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