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  • The lucky winner of the national lottery is Ned Devine, so taken by his good fortune that he now can't be waked, because he died from the shock of it! News of the win spread quickly in the scenic little Irish village of Tully More, but not the secret news of Ned's demise. With lottery officials closing in to confirm the prize claimed by the deceased Devine, Ned's closest friends scheme to keep the prize money close to home, in memory of Ned of course! But as the plot twists humorously, they learn it is hard is to keep such a secret in a small town.

    - Written by OBGriffiths@yahoo.com
  • When word reaches two elderly best friends that someone in their tiny Irish village has won the national lottery, they go to great lengths to find the winner so they can share the wealth. When they discover the "lucky" winner, Ned Devine, they find he has died of shock upon discovering his win. Not wanting the money to go to waste, the village enters a pact to pretend Ned is still alive by having another man pose as him, and then to divide the money between them.

    - Written by Alexander Lum <aj_lum@bigpond.com>
  • Jackie O'Shea, a resident of the tiny Irish coastal village of Tully More, discovers that one of his neighbors has won the lottery - the question is, who? It takes some doing, but Jackie figures out that the lucky person is none other than his new best friend, Ned Devine. Unfortunately, it turns out Ned is in no position to collect the jackpot, which totals almost 6.9 million Irish pounds. So Jackie and his real best friend, Michael O'Sullivan, try to figure out a way to share in Ned's good fortune - after all, Ned would want it that way. But things get a lot more complicated than either Jackie or Michael could have anticipated.

    - Written by Eugene Kim <genekim@concentric.net>
  • When a lottery winner dies of shock, his fellow townsfolk attempt to claim the money.

    - Written by Alexander Lum <aj_lum@bigpond.com>


In the remote Irish village of Tullymore, someone has struck it rich, winning several million in the National Lottery...

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