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Yet more Garfield brilliance

Author: Shawn Watson from The Penumbra
8 February 2005

I totally love the Garfield TV specials. You can always rely on them for intelligent and classy humor and 'In the Rough' is no exception. In this one Garfield, Odie and Jon go camping in the Lake Wobegone forest. But there's a massive escaped Puma on the loose and it's looking for lunch.

Brilliant songs, a clever short story and undeniable cuteness make this one of the best Garfield TV specials (well they all are really). Catch it on TV whenever you can or just go out and buy the DVD. And I know I say it all the time, but if only the terrible Garfield movie was this good..

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A very nice animation special starring Garfield.

Author: Thanos6 from Newberry, SC
7 June 2002

Even after 18 years, "Garfield in the Rough" holds up very well. One of the reasons is a strong script by Jim Davis, Garfield's original creator. He deftly weaves humor and tension.

Excellent voices help this production, too. Garfield, everyone's favorite overweight house cat, is voiced as always by the late, very talented Lorenzo Music. Thom Huge does the voice of his owner, Jon Arbuckle, a role he performed in every Garfield special (sadly, to date he has not found any success elsewhere). Gregg Berger, voice acting veteran, plays both the brainless but loyal dog Odie, and the first Ranger. The other Ranger is played by George Wendt, better known to millions as Norm on "Cheers." Woodland creatures Dicky Beaver and Billy Rabbit are played by highly respected actors Hal Smith and Orson Bean, respectively. And several girl cats, existing only in Garfield's fantasies, are played by Desirée Goyette.

Goyette, along with Music, and no less a figure than Lou Rawls himself sing several lovely songs in the show (and of course, Huge sings a couple as well). The music does a good job of setting the mood. Special notice must go to a song which is briefly heard on the radio, after the news report about the deadly panther. Not only is it an excellent joke (it's described as "Fun Music" but sounds like the most depressing song in the world), but the brief seconds we hear of it, combined with the report, do an excellent job of turning the frivolous atmosphere into one of foreboding.

The animation is perhaps the one area where it could have used some work. Occasionally it gets a bit rough, and not very detailed. But most of the time it was great.

Oddly enough, the rough look was the only possible look that would have worked for the show-stealer: the panther. If it was *more* detailed, it wouldn't have been as scary. And let me tell you, to children, that panther is terrifying. Even adults get chills down their spines from that beast. Garfield's attack on it is almost certainly the most selfless thing he's ever done.

All in all, "Garfield in the Rough" is a very good animation special that anyone can view over and over again.

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A another average Garfield TV movie.

Author: emasterslake from United States
24 October 2006

After 2 successful TV movies, Garfield's already on a roll in animation.

Garfield on the Rough is about Garfield and Jon Arbuckle are both bored and then came up with an idea on a vacation trip.

Garfield became excited over the idea, and kept picturing himself at exquisite locations. But Jon Arbuckle decided that they go camping. Which Garfield doesn't at all consider a great vacation trip.

When they made it to the wilderness Jon and Odie find it exciting, while Garfield already misses civilization.

But within time, Garfield soon excepts that the wilderness is a sight of beauty. Meanwhile, a new report on the Radio reported an escape Panther on the loose and gave warning for everyone in the area to remain indoors. Jon Arbuckle has no worries about it, but they must beware, when the Panther lurks around their camping grounds.

This TV movie has the same level as the previous 2, same animation in all. It still has some humor and good moments to it. And another look at for the fans.

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I will forever love this Garfield special!

Author: ( from Crestview, Florida, USA
18 September 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was a little boy the first time I saw this animated special. It appealed to me back then as it still does today. Garfield cartoons are always immensely enjoyable and funny. Garfield in the Rough (1984) is easily the best out of the travel adventure specials.

In this vastly amusing program, Jon, Garfield, and Odie decide to go on a camping trip. Jon, especially, is all psyched about taking this little vacation. At first, Garfield is not to thrilled about going camping; it takes some time for him to get settled in once they get their equipment all together. Jon brings his battery-powered radio and decides to relax to some music with his pets. As soon as he activates the appliance, a special news report bulletin comes on explaining that a vicious panther has escaped from a local zoo and has been sighted near Lake Wobegone. Garfield panics and suspects that the creature is nearby. After stating that they will be alright, Jon performs a song that his parents used to sing entitled "Camping is My Life". This moment is clearly one of the highlights from the special. The song is incredible, no doubt. I also really liked it when Garfield ventures through the woods and meets Dicky and Billy, a beaver and a rabbit, respectively. Before he meets these two friendly animals, a nature song can be heard while the cat feasts his eyes on the glory and wonder of the beautiful scenery that is being shown to all. The nature song really touches me, so every time I play this program I make sure that this moment has my full attention. The final highlight of this Garfield story is the one where our heroes fight off the hostile panther while waiting for the park's rangers, who shoot a tranquilizer dart at its neck, dropping it unconscious. Our story has a pleasant ending and the boys head back home again where they'll be safe.

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My Favorite Charater

Author: Scott Tellep from Belle Mead, New Jersy
21 October 1998

I liked this tv show because I like Garfield. Garfield's my favorite cartoon character.

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Once of the best animated cartoons!

Author: Movie Nuttball from U.S.A.
13 February 2003

This Garfield animated short is a good one! It is quite spooky once Garfield,Odie,and their master,John get to the great outdoors.The Panther is really neat.Lou Rawls' song(s) is good.I think this is really a good cartoon and its for any age!

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Author: Mike from Erie, PA, USA
18 May 2002

Did Desiree Goyette sing the songs for all the Garfield episodes? I'm just curious. I remember the voice for the shows, but haven't found any credits for the singing. I did notice, however, that on this site she is credited as a composer as well as an actress.

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