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Season: 1 | 2
Year: unknown

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 2: Ready for Blast-Off


Willie Tyler ... Himself / Lester

Season 1, Episode 15: Mirrors Don't Lie


Carla Pinza ... Joey's Mother

Season 1, Episode 16: Playing the Game


Carla Pinza ... Joey's Mother
Didi Rosaly ... Master of Ceremonies

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 10: Chun the Kitemaker

Chun the Kitemaker: Chun Bo Fung tells a customer that his father was a kitemaker, whose skill rubbed off on him. He goes to Central Park to test a new kite one with a medallion painted on it. While testing the kite, he says that the medallion has been a part of Chun's life since he was a boy, and that a diary and a map that will assist in finding a medallion. Jimmy brings Edgar, Cynthia and Eleanor to Chun's shop, and talks of the medallion emblem. He gets his dog back just as Edgar, Cynthia and Eleanor recognize Bob and Robin. Storytelling Time: Animation tells a story based on the Japanese tradition of eating rice cakes for New Year's. Chi Chi Hoo Hoo Bogeyman: Lori and Mary Jo have to tell the truth when Cindy turns up missing. What they don't know is that they had seen a deaf mute. The girls' grandfather invites that deaf mute to their house. Make a New Friend: Eleven-year-old Blanca Parga of Los Angeles narrates a photo sequence, explaining how he teaches Spanish to the children in her neighborhood. Woody introduces a Japanese rice recipe called Onigiri.
Leonard A. Anderson ... Deaf Mute (segment: Chi Chi Hoo Hoo Bogeyman)
Carla Brave ... Cindy (segment: Chi Chi Hoo Hoo Bogeyman)
Rochelle Shaw ... Mary Jo (segment: Chi Chi Hoo Hoo Bogeyman)
Sherry Shaw ... Lori (segment: Chi Chi Hoo Hoo Bogeyman)

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