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Film acting debut of singer Aaliyah.
When Trish dumped her bodyguard at the record store and hides in the cab, the bodyguard comes out and yells, "Trish! I'm gonna find your Aaliyah-lookin' ass!" "Trish" was portrayed by late vocalist, Aaliyah.
While in the record store we see many posters of different artist (such as R. Kelly) after Trish leaves the store Maurice stays and when he realizes that Trish has left, it shows him running towards the door and there is a poster of Aaliyah (the actress/singer that plays the character Trish) by the window.
The golf scene is filmed on the same golf course where Bob Barker beat up Happy Gilmore in the film Happy Gilmore (1996).
In one scene, Han breaks into apartment number 2600 by picking the lock. The number 2600 comes from Computer Hacking subculture, and is a symbol for the type of technical insight involved in circumventing security measures (such as picking a lock).
Jet Li came up with the idea to have Aaliyah fight the lady on the motorcyle during the chase scene.
Jet Li, DMX, and Anthony Anderson also star together in the action flick "Cradle to the Grave". Aaliyah was also set to star alongside them until her untimely death. Her role was later given to Gabrielle Union.
The famous football action sequence in the film was filmed on a overcast day but with the help of background lighting and the camera angles chosen by the director, it seems like it was a sunny day.
Despite the fact that the movie claims to take place in California, most of it was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. Only a few shots were filmed in California.
The x-ray "bone-breaking" sequences in the film are similar to a famous scene in Sonny Chiba's The Street Fighter[Gekitotsu! Satsujin ken (1974)]. However, the ones in Romeo Must Die are far more advanced, presumably through the use of CGI.
A similar scene where Han is using a fire hose as a weapon of choice is used again by Jason Statham's character Frank Martin in Transporter 2 (2005).
Directorial debut of former veteran cinematographer Andrzej Bartkowiak.
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Han flies from Hong Kong to "California" and yet the airlines they show is China Airlines, the flagship carrier for the country of Taiwan.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

An alternate version of the ending was filmed in which Han and Trish kiss. It was reported that this ending was not liked by the test screening audience who were uncomfortable with an interracial romance. But according to Jet Li, it was deemed inappropriate for Han to be too romantic after seeing Chou's suicide so the ending without the kiss was used instead.
Joel Silver gave Jet Li the leading role in this film for his praised performance in Lethal Weapon 4 (1998).
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