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Chicago Tribune
A rare example of a literary film that preserves the best of its source while creatively filling up on it.
Christian Science Monitor
Egoyan's cinematic brilliance shows up intermittently in this atmospheric thriller, which gains most of its punch from Hoskins's surprisingly subtle performance.
Baltimore Sun
Compulsion, self-deception and the slippery nature of evil are explored with fidelity and supreme control .
Philadelphia Inquirer
In this, Alfred Hitchcock's centenary year, Felicia's Journey so startlingly channels the obsessions of the late director that it might be the greatest Hitchcock movie the master of suspense never made.
Chicago Sun-Times
You leave Felicia's Journey appreciating it. A week later, you're astounded by it.
Entertainment Weekly
Like a dowser who can divine hidden sources of water, Atom Egoyan has a talent for locating the dream-state perversity that runs just under the surface of everyday life;
San Francisco Chronicle
There's tremendous maturity and skill in Felicia's Journey but also a sense of impending horror that's bound to repel some audience members -- even though the violence is all implied.
USA Today
A chilly oddball that's easier to admire than love.
New York Daily News
Seems like a genteel "Psycho."
Miami Herald
All of Egoyan's movies have revolved around characters with damaged, fragile psyches, but rarely have they been illustrated as deftly -- and as gracefully -- as in Felicia's Journey.
Mr. Showbiz
It's yet another serial killer movie, a plot element that by this point in time, far from being disturbing or fascinating, is just plain dull.

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