Detroit Rock City (1999) Poster

Plot Keywords

kiss band
concert teenager
high school period piece
long hair music group
hit in the crotch face painting
classic rock music car
alcoholic drink wine
volvo virgin
virginity van
vandalism urination
underwear topless female nudity
thief theft
test tube baby telephone call
teenage girl teenage boy
teacher tape recording
tampon swedish
subjective camera student
stripping strip contest
strip club stoned
stolen car station wagon
stage fright st. bernard
split screen sparkler
song smiley face
slow motion scene singing
singer sex in a confession booth
school bus rock 'n' roll
roadie rifle
restaurant reference to tom laughlin
reference to the village people reference to the journey the band
reference to the jamestown suicide reference to the carpenters
reference to the bay city rollers reference to steve martin
reference to sonny and cher reference to richard pryor
reference to richard nixon reference to reo speedway
reference to patty hearst reference to mark spitz
reference to leif garrett reference to lee majors
reference to lassie reference to kool and the gang
reference to kent state reference to k c and the sunshine band
reference to john travolta reference to john belushi
reference to jimmy jay walker reference to jimmy carter
reference to henry winkler reference to general motors
reference to freddie prinze reference to farrah fawcett
reference to erma bombeck reference to elvis presley
reference to donny most reference to donny and marie osmond
reference to donna summer reference to deney terrio
reference to club 54 reference to chippendale's the nightclub
reference to cheech and chong reference to carly simon
reference to burt reynolds reference to bobby kennedy
reference to blue oyster cult reference to billy jack
reference to andy warhol reference to american bandstand
reference to albert einstein recording
reckless driving radio station
radio contest prodigal son
priest poster
porno movie porn magazine
polka police
policeman pinched butt
pinball machine pimple
penis panama red
older woman younger man relationship obscene finger gesture
ob gyn nun
nudity nose
nose drops nerd
mushroom mother son relationship
mother daughter relationship money
microphone menstruation
marijuana lsd
loudspeaker listening to music
lie liar
lava lamp knocking heads rogether
knights in satan's service kneed in the crotch
kiss the band jewish
i.d. hustler magazine
homosexual homophobia
handcuffs hallucination
gynecologist gym class
guitar guard dog
girls' bathroom geek
gay gay slur
gargoyle frisbee
friend friendship
floating hand fire
film projector fight
female nudity father son relationship
father daughter relationship family relationships
erection enema
elevator ejaculation
drums drug use
drink drinking
dog disco
disc jockey detention
day glo crucifix
cross crossing self
comic book cleveland ohio
class classroom
church chase
chain smoking catholic
catholic church car radio
car accident cafe
cafeteria bubble gum
brother brother relationship boy
boy band bong
blood bell bottoms
belch beating
bare breasts backstage pass
auto theft apology
acne bathroom
sex in car religious parents
religious mother red dress
pokies pizza delivery boy
female sitting on a toilet bra less teen
black bra rock concert
painted face music concert
face paint concert ticket
cult music band reference to the hulk
rock band place name in title
four best friends city name in title
box office flop cult film
female to male foot in crotch wetting pants
record player cigarette smoking
attempted robbery title based on song
detroit michigan coming of age
premature ejaculation 1970s
orff carmina burana confessional
chop shop loss of virginity
rock music pay phone
drugs 8 track
striptease vomit
hot tub pizza
domineering mother sex
bar heavy metal
flatulence title spoken by character

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