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While it's possible to have a great time with the movie without having any interest in Kiss, it should be noted that the band does make an appearance.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Truly raunchy but it's more sweetly stupid and silly than anything.
TV Guide
A very sweet, very funny coming-of-age story, featuring Kiss as the Great White Whale of adolescence.
It's crude, sexist, ear-splittingly loud and a helluva lotta fun for anyone suffering from past or present testosterone overload.
Detroit Rock City possesses three characteristics: an irreverent attitude, a high energy approach, and a loud soundtrack. While these qualities don't necessarily add up to a good movie, they keep the proceedings from becoming dull.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The tuneful melodies of their favourite band grace the soundtrack, but let's not confuse this with a rock 'n' roll movie -- the music is just the blank canvas awaiting the higher art of the gross-out.
If you love KISS, you'll probably see this movie anyway. If you don't, there's no point.
Austin Chronicle
A mildly diverting comedy but has little of real substance to recommend it.
Entertainment Weekly
It's an utterly fake nostalgia piece -- stupid and pandering, a bad-boy teen flick that plays less like a loving look at the late '70s than a terrible movie from the late '70s.
A rock 'n' roll film should be funny-crazy -- not just a big, dumb promo for some over-the-hill dudes in makeup who are trying to sell today's kids on yesterday's glory by championing deliquency.

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