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5 Jan. 2005
Don't Lie to Me
At a bridal convention, Jackie who has a bad row with Hyde presents herself as bride Donna, and Fez as fiancé Eduardo, prince of Mexico, who is planted with the other superfluous grooms. Kelso rubs in with Hyde he and Angie are all over each-other, and their pact protects him against reprisals. Eric also wants a pact, and is promised one 'after' getting Hyde out of his- Eric makes the family tell Angie anecdotes about Michael's craziest stunts, like gluing himself to the fridge and inventing 'car skiing' till she dumps the innocent boy, whose miserable reaction ...
12 Jan. 2005
Can't You Hear Me Knocking
Donna takes Jackie to her karate class, Kitty joins Red when he goes ice-fishing and the boys think the FBI is after them after Kelso accidentally threatened the president over the phone.
9 Feb. 2005
Street Fighting Man
Donna has six tickets to the Packers game, exactly enough for the gang. However, Eric wants to take Red. Hyde says not to worry because he has a ticket switch plan.
16 Feb. 2005
It's All Over Now
Kelso enjoys rubbing in he's doing Hyde's sister. Donna is jealous her new, music-ignorant radio station assistant 'Sizzling Sarah' is a sex symbol far sooner then she got a nickname, yet refuses to promote on a billboard in bikini a Tom Jones signing session, most popular with the local females. When Sarah offers to do it, station manager Stan fires Donna. Jackie and Hyde want each-other back but don't dare tell so, except she to Fez, who has an even hotter dream. Eric thinks up a nasty revenge. Kitty was too emotional to go for an autograph and delegate Red too ...
23 Feb. 2005
On with the Show
Angie proves it's possibly to be worse at mastering the art of 'burns' then her lover Kelso at anything intellectual. After another ass-aimed lecture from Red about wasting an entire year, Eric hits on great with fellow comics- and SciFi-erudite unemployed coach potato Stew Bailey, but is turned off seeing Stewie's ma is his best friend at age 36. Jackie has her TV 'news' show with Donna behind the camera, who get her freaky nervous just before it goes on air, so it all goes horribly wrong. After a pep-talk from fellow screw-up Eric she tries again, guest-starring '...
2 Mar. 2005
Down the Road Apiece
Eric announces he finally knows what to do after his year off: make documentary movies, so he sets off by car. Given his limited skills at anything, everybody is worried, and rightly: Eric doesn't even get outside Point Place without a flat, has no spare and is just lucky -lost- Leo passes by, alas without any money, not even for the diner, while Eric paid his last $20 to a fake mechanic. His parents, Donna and 'trained cop' Kelso set out searching for the lost boy. Meanwhile in the basement, Fez tries to mend the nasty atmosphere between Hyde and Jackie.
9 Mar. 2005
Oh, Baby We Got a Good Thing Goin'
Brooke has finally entrusted their baby daughter for a whole day to Michael. He can't keep the baby with his brothers as Kelso boys plays darts using each-other as target board. He proudly brings the 'bundle of joy' to the basement, where nobody is good at baby care and Fez just obsessed with breast milk. First Michael worries when the baby cries in his arms, fine in everybody else's except Leo's. Later he panics when the baby goes missing - Bob took it from Leo, who fell asleep in Bob's new hammock. Meanwhile Red and Hyde take their girls to a car event, but, besides...
23 Mar. 2005
Who's Been Sleeping Here?
Kelso chooses godparents for daughter Betsy; someone keeps breaking in to the record store.
30 Mar. 2005
Gimme Shelter
Red finds out Fez is living at his place, so finding a flat with Michael becomes urgent. Alas Fenton, the only good building's queer landlord, has a feud with Fez. Realizing he wasted an entire years, so everyone is ahead of him in life, Eric takes the chiropractor course Kitty recommends, but his first attempt to imitate Dr. Don wrecks Donna's neck. Nobody agrees to attend Jackie's high-school graduation party, not even for free champagne. Red has a surprisingly fruitful talk with Fenton. Kelso finds Eric's calling: teaching.
27 Apr. 2005
2120 So. Michigan Ave
Michael and Fez move into their apartment, but can't agree who gets the room with direct bathroom access. Red visits to give them a taste how rude guests can behave, like the kids put 'his' basement trough. Now Eric wants to become a teacher, he finds out he can only graduate and get his diploma after summer classes in gym, having failed that course. Coach has been succeeded by Kelso's older brother Casey, a man to Kitty's taste. Eric 'Foreplay' manages to insult him after failing a single pull-up so his dumped ex Donna is told a date-bribe would do instead. The room ...
4 May 2005
2000 Light Years from Home
Michael has decided it's time to dump Angie, but doesn't know how to do it less insensitively then the many other times he dumped girls, so he chickens out. He could have spared himself the trouble: she dumps him because her dad has decided to promote her to manager of his Milwaukee record shop, although she hasn't learned anything about the business, so Hyde is not happy - or didn't she get that right? Eric finally has the paperwork ready to study, but now Red announces his college fund is now lost on the muffler shop, and student counselor Mr. Bray is only ...
11 May 2005
Take It or Leave It
Donna is still furious with Eric over his decision to spend a year in Africa. Jackie announces she's been offered a job in Chicago - and demands Hyde decide whether they should get married. Red introduces Charlie, the son of a fellow war vet, who unwisely invites the gang to visit his father's beer warehouse. Hyde makes his choice - but Jackie has already left.
18 May 2005
Short and Curlies
Hyde hints he was willing to marry Jackie to stop her leaving for Chicago. New guy Charlie is in the doghouse after turning up drunk and dressed as a schoolgirl. Fes and Kelso discover Jackie is still in Point Place. Donna tries to come up with a leaving gift for Eric, who departs for Africa in three days. Charlie accidentally sees Kitty naked, but it's Red who gets into trouble. Eric's present turns out to be Donna, dressed as Princess Leia. Hyde doesn't know how to react when Jackie repeats her ultimatum, and lets her walk off, angry. Kelso offers to give her a ride...
18 May 2005
Till the Next Goodbye
Red and Kitty explode when they discover the guys smoking pot in the basement. Eric finally leaves for Africa, but not before he can get a hug (and a penknife) from Red, declare his love once again for Donna and survive a leaving party organised by Kitty. Later, Hyde turns up in Chicago to get back together with Jackie - only to discover she's just had sex with Kelso.
2 Nov. 2005
Bohemian Rhapsody
It's a month since Eric left for Africa and Hyde disappeared in Chicago; Kitty is preparing a tape to send to Eric. She confesses to sampling some of the guys' stash. Kelso now claims he didn't actually have sex with Jackie, who's just back and furious with him. Hyde returns and punches Kelso. Charlie falls from the water tower - and dies (eliminating himself from the role of replacement Eric). Jackie hears Hyde was intending to propose in Chicago, and tries to make up. He says he's not ready to get married yet - just in time for the arrival of Sam, who announces she ...
2 Nov. 2005
Somebody to Love
Now Steven has discovered to be married in Las Vegas, airhead Sam(antha)'s profession there, stripper, is as nightmarish to Kitty as it seems every (straight) man's dream come true to Kelso, who bumbles with handcuffs. Leo has held a weed orgy with strangers in the record shop, but Hyde can't fire him, even hires fellow youngster Randy Pearson who applies because Leo put a sign up. Randy proves too inventive to let go. Getting drunk, 'scorned' Jackie shows the whole bar both her stupid arrogance and too much anatomy. Fez also gets seduced but not really.
9 Nov. 2005
You're My Best Friend
Hyde's de facto deputy, college guy Randy, convinces the gang to have a post-wedding bachelor party in the basement, which Kelso clears by reminding Kitty Red hasn't taken her to dinner for ages. Alas the plan to be 'arrested' by a stripper-cop is crossed by real officer Ron, so the civilian boys land in jail with abusive female sergeant Davis. When the Forman couple returns, Leo has brought the strippers to the living room, while the girls are bored at their hen night without boys. Kelso's attempt to spring his mates goes completely pear-shaped, for him even ...
16 Nov. 2005
Kelso shocks the boys by saying the reason for his unhappiness is that he's no longer together with 'his only true love' Jackie and intends to propose to her. Jackie feels 'she has nothing else good in her life', never mind Donna's objections he'll never grow up. Next morning Michael is cured, after getting his ultimate dream job: security guard at the Playboy Mansion in Chicago, where he used to get kicked out after every visit to his daughter, thanks to security chief Vic, his kind of peeper. Alas Fez must confess he already told the girls; Fez and Hyde feel it's ...
30 Nov. 2005
Stone Cold Crazy
Donna has very adult photos taken to send to Eric in Africa. At the same time habitual daydreamer Fez,imagines what sharing an apartment with Jackie would be like.
7 Dec. 2005
Long Away
Bob convinced the veterans to admit National Guardsmen like him to their annual reunion, which Red was looking forward to, and promised they would supply a photographer. Hyde convinces Red the cheap yet decent man for the job is Leo, but when they enter, 'Leonard' is the generally acclaimed Purple Heart war hero, Red and Bob had no idea and hear the next morning what turned him hippie in 1945... Donna isn't forthcoming about Eric's latest letter from Africa, then admits he broke up with her. Fez and Jackie confess to Hyde they wrote him about her falsely assumed ...
14 Dec. 2005
Fun It
The basement bunch is bored, so Randy buys them Fatso burgers, only Fez tries not to look pleased. When the owner Mr. Visotsky scolds them for using several ketchup containers, they decide to exact revenging by kidnapping his orders-taking 'talking' emblem, clown Fatso. Missing Eric, Donna gets excited by the kick she gets out of crime, Hyde wisely calms her down. When Red discovers what they have done, for once he smiles, as he hated the stupid clown (Jackie was traumatized by them since the age of 5). Kitty, however, is behind the 'save our monument' campaign, so ...

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