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8 Jan. 2002
Jackie Says Cheese
Kitty brings Eric a lollipop, sex pamphlets and condoms to the men's disgust; yet when Kitty is home only one night and Red is out, he tries to steal some back; Eric thinks he thus found the basement stash with Hyde's dope, so the two desperately avoid each-other. To Fez' despair, the new exchange student Thomas, although not much brighter, is instantly popular because of his good looks; so Fez dumps him at the Michigan border. Jackie is broke, expects Kelso to get a job to keep her in cosmetics, but the only one available, at the Cheese Palace, is girls only- as her ...
22 Jan. 2002
Eric's Hot Cousin
Eric's cousin Penny, who he used to tease a lot when they were kids, comes over for a visit. All the guys think she's very hot.
5 Feb. 2002
Tornado Prom
It's the the day of the Snow King election ball. Jackie expected to compensate her lost wealth by excelling popularity, so she was friendly -to some- for two whole weeks. Michael is elected king, but when vice principal Cole announces a tornado red alert his admirable efforts to preside over emergency measures, the royal leadership is hardly taken as seriously as it deserves. Jackie is crushed to be mere runner up for queen, so Kelso's girl, not the other way around. Hyde came with some of 'his best', to build a party his style in coach's office, gets caught in the ...
5 Feb. 2002
Donna Dates a Kelso
When the school paper prints Eric's election as most eligible player of the Vikings team, he imagines being a love-machine like Kelso and tells Donna it's time they start dating other people, while only gullible dog Emily actually dates him. Fearing ridicule by association, Jackie sets up a date for reluctant Donna with Michael's elder ex-con brother Casey, just out of military service, a political mismatch but a hit at first sight, who reminds Eric 'Foreplay' he's still a measly nobody and lost Donna. Fez can think of nothing but fat Rhonda's promise to 'share ...
12 Feb. 2002
Kelso's Career
As Valentine's day approaches, Fez has bought a big box of candy for his Rhonda, but can his horny body wait for her without eating the sweets? Jackie, who now learns the value of money, tells Michael Kelso to earn some for a neat gift; Eric suggests a clinic in Madison pays for 'manly donations', a job he excels at naturally... Donna has the hots for Michael's 'cool' big brother Casey Kelso and actually gets a date, but his Trans Am car is hotter in his eyes. Eric and his delighted ma Kitty are stunned when Red tells his son he loves him, but only because...
19 Feb. 2002
Leo Loves Kitty
The mall owner gives Kelso the chance of a lifetime: the beautiful boy is recruited as model for his magazine, and almost immediately promoted to the most prestigious underwear, briefs. Vicious 'girlfriend' Jackie shows her jealous nature by first pretending it's not true, then it's not important, finally trying to make him give it up 'because modeling is her dream', and when that fails turning to her Cheese Palace boss, Todd. Fez begged till Hyde gave him a driving lesson in his El Camino, but by the time he gets to drive a few meter- that's too far, being backward, ...
26 Feb. 2002
Jackie's Cheese Squeeze
Jackie kisses Todd, a colleague of her, and Eric accidentally sees it.
19 Mar. 2002
Class Picture
When their class is having their pictures taken for the yearbook, Kelso concentrates on his coy look, but Jackie insists a meaningful personal quote is even more important. Eric's suggestion to put in something about them all starts a lot of memories since their early days when they met as little kids or at school. Eric has another big zit. Donna finally deals with Kelso's frustration to be the only one who never saw her bare-breasted.
26 Mar. 2002
Prank Day
Kelso welcomes everyone with 'Presents day' treats, but they soon discover that's just the first phase of his hilarious invention 'Prank day'. The girls invite Leo to their girls night board game. When the bad sports prepare a mean revenge on Kelso, it accidentally falls on Red, who naturally would come down hard on dumb ass Eric, but decides instead to enlist him for a 'good prank' against the others, and announces so at dinner, but phase two, again aimed at Michael, goes really wrong...
9 Apr. 2002
Eric's Corvette Caper
Kitty drags Red to her class reunion, so Eric takes his chance to use his prize Corvette, against strict instructions, just to impress Canon, the foxy girl who always put him down, and now takes the wheel, with a smashing effect... While Casey is away, Michael takes his frustrations out on big brother's cloths and bed, so when the nosy girls 'accidentally' snoop there Jackie's way and Donna forgets a school-book...
23 Apr. 2002
Hyde's Birthday
After Red grossly insults Hyde trough a misunderstanding on his birthday, Kitty decides to throw him a real surprise party for his 18th, at neighbor Bob's place, but Steven seriously tries to make clear he doesn't want to celebrate the end of his youth, and maybe moving out. The kids think up a cool gift, and Kelso had the winning idea: a stolen street sign, but steeling it is hell even on his beloved van. Red enjoys pointing out to Hyde the cumbersome duties of manhood...
30 Apr. 2002
That '70s Musical
The others all react blasé, except Kitty, when Fez reminds them tomorrow is the spring musical he has been preparing for enthusiastically for weeks. In his innocent dream, Fez is a real star, and everybody gets his or her place, but in reality his music teacher, Mr. Wilkinson, punishes the eager beaver for 'imitating my accent' by putting him on the last row, with losers and ugly kids. When the big day looks like it's a total bummer, Fez is surprised to see...
7 May 2002
Eric's False Alarm
Michael Kelso overheard his abusive big brother Casey say he's about to meet and probably do it with Donna in "Le Motel"; Hyde insists everybody keeps quiet to Eric, Fez spills the beans. Bob is officially divorced, yet marriage doesn't appeal to Joanne, Red assures her Bob and she are right for each-other. Kelso is determined to stalk Jackie now he believes she's doing it again with a Cheese Palace guy, actually rather sweet. Eric couldn't burst in at the hotel, just wined to Leo in the other honeymoon suite, but after he left someone pulled the fire-alarm...
14 May 2002
Everybody Loves Casey
Hyde is so sick of the other boys wining about girls he starts throwing things at them each time, and nicknames wimp Eric Daffy Duck. Kitty wins a year's supply hot dogs, so she gives a neighborhood barbecue, against Red's wishes. Eric thinks he can outshine Casey there and win Donna back, but the 'cool' ex soldier rather makes him look immature. Michael, who learned after consulting Cosmo Magazine together that Jackie won't apologize properly for her infidelity, tells Eric his big brother Casey is always bad news for girls, and finally realizes he has no reason to ...
21 May 2002
Love, Wisconsin Style
Jackie finds a way to make up with Michael Kelso who dumped her: he may kiss another girl; Jackie reserves choosing her 'rival'; when she finally leaves the choice to him, his is surprisingly romantic, and yet... Eric is delighted to catch Donna drunk as a skunk in bright daylight because of Casey; Bob is a walkover who lets her get away with everything, regardless of Joanne, but when it gets too gross Red steps in, and Casey seizes the opportunity to dump her, publicly. Just now she comes crawling back, Eric's pointless pride makes him refuse to be her 'second choice...
17 Sep. 2002
Going to California
Eric goes to California to express his love for Donna, meanwhile Kelso tries to talk Annette into bed.
24 Sep. 2002
I Can't Quit You Babe
Eric and Donna are severely punished for their trip to California: Eric loses his car and Donna has to go to a catholic school.
29 Oct. 2002
What Is and What Should Never Be
Kitty drops a bomb by announcing she's pregnant, while Kelso feels as if a bomb has been dropped on him when he sees Hyde and Jackie kissing.
29 Oct. 2002
Now Michael Kelso has found out about Jackie and Hyde, he's crushed and out for vengeance - alas his attacks on friend Steven have the same sad result as always, a black eye for poor Kelso. Kitty is walking on clouds because of her pregnancy, so she invites her parents over, alcoholic Burt Sigurdson and commands-shouting Bea Sigurdson, but the gynecologist changed her big news: she's not expecting but entering menopause; one day too late for otherwise relieved Red: his 'baby' the Corvette is already sold.
12 Nov. 2002
Ramble On
Donna gives Eric a 'man ring'. Eric doesn't say how much he loathes the ring and even loses it.
19 Nov. 2002
Over the Hills and Far Away
Red considers Kitty's menopause the worst threat since the Korean war. For college orientation day, the Foremans drive the boys -Michael Kelso brings a note from his parents pinned on his lapel, but spent the $30 on a video-game- to state college UW, Bob decided Donna must go to private Marquette with Jackie. Being apart is a depressing prospect, but while Red is shocked by the 'hippies' the kids love the colleges, only Hyde and Jackie are miserable as they play stupid power games. Donna decides to go to UW just for Eric's sake.
26 Nov. 2002
Hot Dog
Kitty's menopause still makes life at the Forman house miserable, so Red gives her an orphan lap dog. In no time Schotzie is her favorite 'baby', making Red even more miserable. Eric is so grateful for Donna being prepared to join him at college for the next four years that he decides to get her a cool gift, and after some hesitations even considers a wedding ring. The other basement gang boys decide that thought deserves wearing the stupid helmet. Yet, when Donna drags out of him what his intentions were...
3 Dec. 2002
Thank You
It's Thanksgiving day and Eric can't tell Red about failing math or about his secret engagement to Donna. Red may reward Eric's (alleged) maturity at dinner and Kelso's 'dating' Eric's math teacher. Kitty's Mom and Dad add to the chaos.
10 Dec. 2002
Black Dog
The news Jackie's dad councilman Burkhart had to resign after embezzlement charges convinces Kelso she'll soon be running back to home for a comforting shoulder, as Steven's remains as cold as his heart. 'Perfect couple' Eric and Donna finds they disagree whether the way to go is closeness or giving space, and asking the equally divided Forman parents only causes another menopause-crisis... Fez enjoys bossy boss Nina giving him a stern lesson in fingerprints-taking, but the ink leaves its black mark on her and a part of him he normally only touches, a lot... Kelso has...
17 Dec. 2002
The Crunge
Eric takes drastic measures when he learns that everyone in the gang, including Kelso, has higher SAT scores.

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