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23 Aug. 1998
That '70s Pilot
Point Place, Wisconsin, May 17, 1976. Nerdy teenager Eric, who smokes weed with some classmates in the basement, is in heaven when his dad Red decides to hand him the keys of his flashy Vista Cruiser, at the price of extra chores and forbidding him to take it out of town, knowing that won't be obeyed anyway. The gang, which just adopted foreign exchange student Fez, is excited about a Todd Rundgren concert- Jackie uses her female charms to make sure skirt-chaser Michael Kelso would take her too.
30 Aug. 1998
Eric's Birthday
Eric is turning 17 and made very clear he wants no more childish 'surprise' party and a cassette player, not an outdated 8-rack player, but ma Kitty is as subtle as a herd of elephants preparing exactly what he dreaded. To make it worse, Eric's nasty sister Laurie, in college, is home and makes the gang boys' heads spin, Kelso even imagines her to be madly in love with him. Pa Red cheerfully gives Laurie the keys to his new car plus $30, Eric nothing except that damned 8-track and his usual chores, while barring the only escape route from Kitty's eternal baby-party; ...
6 Sep. 1998
Point Place is buzzing when it's announced that President Ford is coming to town. Meanwhile, the guys want to do something to show their opposition and decide to go streaking.
20 Sep. 1998
Battle of the Sexists
Donna keeps beating Eric at games, which isn't very good for their relationship.
27 Sep. 1998
Eric's Burger Job
Eric gets a job at Fatso Burger and can't spend time with Donna, who's planning a party at the end of the week.
25 Oct. 1998
The Keg
The gang finds a keg and decides to throw a party in the pool of an abandoned house.
8 Nov. 1998
That Disco Episode
The gang decide to go to a disco. Hyde can't dance and secretly gets lessons from Kitty.
15 Nov. 1998
Drive in
Fez's host parents think the group has a bad influence on him and Eric and Donna are going to a drive-in movie.
22 Nov. 1998
Laurie brings a friend home for Thanksgiving which could be a problem. When they arrive it turns out that Kate is hot, and Eric has a hard time controlling himself, much to Donna's concern. Meanwhile Bob offers Red a job.
29 Nov. 1998
Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Red's overcritical mother goes to church with the Foremans, torturing Kitty, who has just quit smoking.
6 Dec. 1998
Eric's Buddy
Eric starts hanging out with his rich chem lab partner, Buddy, and they become best friends, to the chagrin of Fez and Hyde.
13 Dec. 1998
The Best Christmas Ever
It's Christmas and Eric wants to give a party in the basement, with beer.

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