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Season 13

9 Nov. 1982
Intensive Care
When Denis Midgley's father is rushed to hospital, Midgley drops everything to be by his side. They've never really got on, so Midgley wants to be sure he's there if his father ever regains consciousness. As he hates his job as a schoolteacher, and his home-life with his wife, her senile mother and their insolent teenage son, he has no qualms about lingering around the hospital. But as days turn into weeks, his father obstinately refuses to 'slip away', and Denis' motivation for staying by his father's bedside has more and more to do with Valery, a young nurse.
23 Nov. 1982
John David
After giving birth to a Down's Syndrome baby, Judith decides she doesn't want to keep him. Obliged to register the birth she arbitrarily chooses John David as the name. A few months later she learns the baby has died.
30 Nov. 1982
14 Dec. 1982
Another Flip for Dominick
Sequel to Play for Today: The Flipside of Dominick Hide (1980). Now a respected teacher of temporal observers, Dominick has not visited the past for several years. He is content with his lot, resigned to the idea that he will never again see Jane, the lover he left in 1980, or their son. Then his boss gives him a new mission: to find out what has become of one of Dominick's students, Pyrus Bonnington, who has gone missing in 1982. Pyrus, who idolises Dominick, is attempting to emulate his exploits in the past. Dominick's search reunites him with Jane who now lives with a musician (conveniently on a six-month stint in ...
15 Mar. 1983
Wayne and Albert (TV Movie)
Wayne goes to live with his grandfather Albert. Initial generation gap hostilities between them are eventually overcome as a mutual respect develops through a their shared love of carpentry and snooker.
10 May 1983
A Matter of Choice for Billy
It's 1978, a year on from when we last saw the Martin family, and Ma has died. So, everything erupts again when Norman returns from England for the funeral.

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