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Doug's birthday is 9 February 1965.
Arthur was about 44 years old when Carrie was born.
Kevin James and Leah Remini are the only two cast members that appear in every episode.
Doug's cousin, Danny, is Kevin James' brother in real life.
Kevin James' wife Steffiana De La Cruz, appears in four episodes and plays four different characters over the nine year run of the show.
Kevin James has portrayed his King of Queens character, Doug Heffernan, in episodes of three other popular CBS Network sitcoms: Everybody Loves Raymond (1996), Becker (1998) and Cosby (1996).
This was the last American live action sitcom to have premiered in the 1990s to end its run.
Doug and Carrie have pictures of children on their refrigerator, and have no idea who they are.
Leah Remini's visible weight gain was a result of her pregnancy.
Spence's mum, Anne Meara is actually Jerry Stiller's real wife and mother of Ben Stiller. Jerry Stiller is seen repeatedly flirting with her throughout the series.
Megan Mullally almost wound up in the role of Carrie. But she changed her mind and accepted a part on Will & Grace (1998).
Doug's parents' first names are Janet and Joe. In real life, Kevin James's parents' first names are also Janet and Joe.
In episode "Shrink Wrap" (episode #4.25) Ben Stiller guest-starred as his real-life father's father.
Doug was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
The rocket-pack that Doug wore in episode "Dougie Houser" is the same rocket-pack which starred in The Rocketeer (1991).
Executive Producer Michael J. Weithorn often sneaks his name onto the set. In one episode, Arthur attempts to sell the "Arthur's head screwdriver" to Weithorn Hardware and in another, Doug's dentist office is in the Weithorn Medical Center.
Angelo Pagan, who is married to Leah Remini, guest starred on the show six times as five different characters over the nine season run.
All of the exterior shots of the Heffernan house are stock footage originally filmed for Sibs (1991) seven years before The King of Queens was filmed. The house is located at 519 Longview Avenue in Cliffside Park, New Jersey.
After Season 1, Carrie's sister Sara is never mentioned again.
When Doug experiences a shock or pain, he occasionally blurts out "Yuspa!" This is the last name of one of his co-executive producers (Cathy Yuspa).
The 9th season is only 12 episodes long, while all the other seasons lasted for about 22 episodes.
Many of the voice-overs heard throughout the series were recorded by Nick Bakay, one of the show's Producers. Bakay also appears as a few different characters including Father McDaniel.
In several episodes throughout the series, famous video game icon, Sonic the Hedgehog can be seen on an arcade machine inside Cooper's bar, a setting frequently used on the show.
Arthur is seen wearing a wedding ring throughout the entire run of the series even though his character is not married.
Doug's middle name is Steven, Deacon's middle name is John.
There are pictures on the fridge of Don Geronimo and Mike O'Meara from the nationally syndicated radio show "The Don and Mike Show". The Reference to them not knowing who they were was an inside joke. They also guest appeared in the episode "Roamin' Holiday" (2.10).
Doug's pin number is the same as their street number, 3121.
Arthur's full name is Arthur Eugene Spooner.
Larry Romano left the show to work on Kristin (2001).
Doug's favorite number is 5.
Doug proposed to Carrie at a New York Jets game.
Victor Raider-Wexler has twice played the role of Carrie's boss. First as Mr. Kaplan in seasons 1 through 6 and later as Mr. Kaufman in season 9.
Richie's nickname for Doug is Moose.
Doug's favorite beer is Miller High Life. He is even shown in a picture during the episode "Kirbed Enthusiasm" drinking one and giving a thumbs up.
In Season 1, Carrie works in Manhattan.
Arthur wrote an unproduced script with the title "Reconsidering Sandy".
In Season 1, Carrie's boss is named Evan.
In Season 1, Carrie, Doug, Deacon, Richie and Spence are members of the "Brother's Pizzaria" softball team.

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