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7 Jan. 2002
Food Fight
Carrie grows jealous when Spence's girlfriend recruits Doug to test her culinary work.
14 Jan. 2002
Double Downer
Deacon asks Doug to come along to Atlantic City for a weekend. Carrie wants to go salsa dancing with Doug but concurs and they go to Atlantic City. However, Deacon has send a message that he won't be coming. Doug's boss on the other hand, did come to Atlantic City and Doug and Carrie don't seem to get rid of him.
4 Feb. 2002
Dougie Nights
Deacon and Kelly are still separated and Doug takes a very depressed Deacon to some clubs. Doug really gets in the groove and makes a habit of it, with or without Deacon.
25 Feb. 2002
No Orleans
When Doug and Carrie find an old check in a wedding present, they need to invite Doug's annoying relatives to write them a new one. The Heffernans plan on going to New Orleans with the money. However, Doug's relatives say that New Orleans is "their town", and tell Doug and Carrie not to go without them. Doug and Carrie get to the "Big Easy", but can they get back without them knowing.
4 Mar. 2002
Missing Links
Carrie's work has an annual golf trip, but Doug and Carrie used to always take Deacon and Kelly. Now that Deacon and Kelly have split up, Doug and Carrie have to try and find another couple to invite to the golf trip. But Deacon later meets a woman and now he can go on the trip and bring his new girl friend along too. Carrie meets his girlfriend and has a hard time clicking with her. Holly agrees to watch Deacon's kids, but she has to bring a reluctant Arthur along.
18 Mar. 2002
Hero Worship
Uncle Stu is willing to pay for Doug's dream: his own sandwich shop! Carrie doesn't think this is a good idea but is afraid to tell Doug.
25 Mar. 2002
Screwed Driver
Doug's parents are visiting for a week while Carrie is on a business trip. At his work, Doug learns all personnel will have to take a test.
8 Apr. 2002
Lush Life
Doug discovers Carrie is much more fun if she drinks a cocktail, or two...
29 Apr. 2002
Bun Dummy
Doug and Spence have a high school reunion, but Spence doesn't want to go because he had a relationship that ended really badly. Doug is looking forward to it, until Carrie starts wearing a new hairstyle, which is a tight bun that looks like a librarian's hair. So now Doug is afraid that she will wear her hair like that to his reunion.
6 May 2002
Patrons Ain't
Doug and Carrie donate enough money to Kirby's school library to become patrons of it. However, on the plaque they're only listed as friends.
13 May 2002
Eddie Money
Doug and Deacon bet 100 dollars on a fight that they are not allowed to bet on. They win 5,000 dollars, and have to get rid of it quick or Carrie will know Doug disobeyed her orders not to take the money. Doug and Deacon decide to take off from work for a whole day and spend all the money. The money is spent on fancy dining, expensive cars, and a live living room performance by the 'money man' Eddie Money.
20 May 2002
Two Thirty
When it turns out that Doug's new dentist once had a crush on Carrie, Doug thinks he hurts him on purpose.
20 May 2002
Shrink Wrap
The fourth season concludes with Arthur visiting a psychiatrist and recalling via flashback a disturbing encounter with his dad that may explain Arthur's abrasive personality. Carrie and Doug decide to "validate" Arthur in everything he does. This leads to Carrie visiting the psychiatrist, who also has a flashback that makes her doubt her personality. Which leads Doug to also visit the psychiatrist and has his own flashback that makes him learn something about himself.
23 Sep. 2002
Arthur, Spooner
Holly asks Doug if she can get a raise for walking Arthur, while Carrie gets a promotion on being the project supervisor which changes her hours from 8 PM to 6 AM, so now Doug and Carrie get to hardly see one another. Doug also has trouble sleeping at night so he decides to use Arthur to solve his problems.
30 Sep. 2002
Window Pain
Doug and Carrie get new neighbors who are really clean cut and high class people. When they get to know them Carrie feels that she and Doug are below them. Carrie really begins to care on what they think about them. Arthur keeps thinking of sneaky ways to convince Spence in getting into the subway for free.
7 Oct. 2002
Holy Mackerel
After she gets the raise she prayed for, Carrie starts praying for all kinds of things. Doug can't help himself and starts praying for petty things as well.
14 Oct. 2002
Kirbed Enthusiasm
Deacon brings his son over to Doug and Carrie's house after foot ball practice, and Deacon begins to complain about how Kirby hates it. So Deacon asks Doug to help him teach the team. Doug begins to love the sport again...a little to much.
21 Oct. 2002
Mammary Lane
While Carrie has to babysit the boss's son, Doug flirts with an ugly girl at the bowling alley to make her feel better. Spence bought TiVo and can't wait to see what TiVo will record for him.
28 Oct. 2002
Business Affairs
Carrie and a guy (Curt) from her office get along well and when Doug finds out people at Carrie's office call Curt Carrie's 'work husband' he feels threatened. Even though he knows Curt is gay.
4 Nov. 2002
Flame Resistant
Doug and Carrie run into an ex-girlfriend of Doug from high school. She still has contact with Doug's mom, who's coming to town.
11 Nov. 2002
Flash Photography
Out of boredom Doug makes a very waggish picture of himself at a wedding and he let's Danny take the blame.
18 Nov. 2002
Connect Four
Carrie and Doug have four tickets for a month to the Knicks games and try to find the perfect couple to join them.
25 Nov. 2002
Loaner Car
Deacon wants to give his kids a great Thanksgiving but can't do it all by himself. Doug loans him Carrie. Carrie turns out to be more than Deacon bargained for.
16 Dec. 2002
Mentalo Case
It's almost Christmas and there is a lot of confusion about who's getting who a gift and what the gift may be.

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