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10 Jan. 2000
Party Favor
Doug's cousin Danny is getting married but Danny does not have a best man. Carrie volunteers Doug as the best man. So now Doug is on the hook and worries about giving the speech and has to set up a bachelor party. Sadly Danny doesn't have too many friends so the party has many empty seats, and to top it off the stripper isn't 100% either!
17 Jan. 2000
Block Buster
Doug invites his old high school championship football team to his house to have a party. Doug tells Carrie that he got a huge block to set up the winning touchdown. While talking to a reporter about how they won the game, the team remembers Doug's teammate Tom Busterman, who is confined to a wheelchair, making the block. Doug gets the game tapes from the attic, and has the team watch the play. Doug was given Busterman's jersey by mistake that game, and that's why they got the players mixed up. Doug was the real hero.
24 Jan. 2000
Frozen Pop
Because it's very cold, Arthur gets to sleep in Carrie's office, which is right across Doug and Carrie's bedroom. Doug doesn't like this and can't wait for some warmth so Arthur can get back to his basement.
7 Feb. 2000
Fair Game
At a board game evening Doug finds out Carrie cheats. Carrie doesn't come clean about this to Doug which makes Doug a bit edgy, especially since there's another board game evening planned.
14 Feb. 2000
Meet By-Product
Its Valentines day and Doug and Carrie reminisce about the first time when they met and how it really wasn't love at first sight.
21 Feb. 2000
The Shmenkmans
Doug and Carrie make new friends and are afraid if their other friends, Deacon and Kelly are moving in on them. Arthur gets a shipment of his old favorite, salty cereal.
28 Feb. 2000
Surprise Artie
Arthur's 75th birthday is coming up and Doug and Carrie decide to throw him a surprise party, but their in for a rude awakening when two of the invited guests are at each others throats and they can't find Arthur!
6 Mar. 2000
Wild Cards
Though he has promised Carrie to go to the theater, Doug goes to Atlantic City with Deacon to gamble.
17 Apr. 2000
Big Dougie
Carrie accidentally tells the wrong Doug she loves him. Doug volunteers to be a Big Brother.
1 May 2000
Soft Touch
Doug and Carrie have dinner with their annoying neighbors and Doug gets involved in a pyramid scheme when Tim starts convincing him on how much of a great idea it is.
8 May 2000
Restaurant Row
Doug and Carrie go to a new Italian restaurant where Carrie gets a wrong order and causes chaos there. Doug gets very upset because he loved the food and he wanted that place to be his and Carrie's new restaurant. Carrie bans Doug from there, so Doug has to start sneaking behind her back to eat there.
15 May 2000
Flower Power
When a colleague has gotten flowers (which she initially thought were for her), Carrie is disappointed and Doug tries to show his romantic side. Meanwhile, Arthur has jury duty.
22 May 2000
Whine Country
Doug sees someone driving an R.V. and decides he wants to buy one for himself and Carrie's vacation, however Carrie is planning a trip to Paris for their vacation. So in deciding where to go, they flip a coin.
2 Oct. 2000
Do Rico
When Doug does the voice of a new co-worker, he feels that Carrie will only listen to him if he does the voice. Doug now wonders if Carrie is still attracted to him.
9 Oct. 2000
Roast Chicken
When Doug's boss sees what a comedian he is, he asks him to "roast" him at his banquet. However, Doug finds that he is not as funny as he first thought. Will Doug be able to "roast" his boss?
16 Oct. 2000
Fatty McButterpants
When Doug learns that Carrie is buying him clothing from the "Big and Tall Shop", he is now determined to lose weight. While he is on his journey to lose weight, he tells Carrie that she needs to make some changes to her lifestyle as well. Meanwhile, Arthur is trying to keep the family safe by getting a safety dummy.
23 Oct. 2000
Class Struggle
When Carrie spends a night out with some of her colleagues, she finds out that they are more successful then she is. Carrie never went to college. Now, she is trying very hard to get back to school and get a good education to become more successful. But will she be able to balance work, school, and family at the same time?
30 Oct. 2000
Strike One
While Doug's company is in strict negotiations, he decides to buy a brand new SUV. When Carrie finds out, she demands him to take it back. At this time, IPS has gone on strike. Now Doug is out of work.
6 Nov. 2000
Strike Too
It is week two of the IPS strike, and Doug still has not gotten a job. To get back on his feet, his sister Stephanie get him a substitute teacher job at her school. However, it is a high school, and the kids are not so nice. Can Doug survive?
13 Nov. 2000
Strike Out
It is week three of the IPS strike, and Doug has just been hanging around the house for all three of them. Deacon has also been out of work and Kelly has had enough of his laziness. Carrie and Kelly decide to have Arthur, Doug, and Deacon spend the whole day together. However, their plan backfires, because the three of them become uncontrollable delinquents. In the end, the strike is ended.
20 Nov. 2000
Dark Meet
Doug, Carrie and Arthur are thinking about the first Thanksgiving they (and Arthur's second wife Lily) spend together.
27 Nov. 2000
Twisted Sitters
When Kelly's great aunt dies, both Deacon and she have to go to Chicago and they have no one to watch their two kids, so Doug and Carrie offer to watch them while they're gone. When they first start watching the kids Carrie was terrified of the idea, but soon after they began to love the idea, up until Kirby catches Doug and Carrie being intimate in their parents' bed.
4 Dec. 2000
Work Related
When Arthur goes to Carrie's work he is offered a job there, which really begins to irritate her. Doug competes to be Mr. April for IPS but Deacon is in the way of him getting it.
11 Dec. 2000
Better Camera
It's the Christmas season and the Heffernan's see that they have a new neighbor who happens to be Lou Ferrigno. Arthur wants Lou to read his screenplay to get it produced. Doug decides to buy Carrie a camera the only problem is that her boss at work also bought her a camera which happens to be nicer.

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