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11 Jan. 1999
Best Man
Doug, Carrie, Arthur, Deacon and Kelly are going to the wedding of Todd, an old friend of Carrie and Kelly. Just before going to the wedding, Doug finds out Carrie once had sex with Todd.
18 Jan. 1999
Dog Days
The dog of the new neighbors keeps Doug and Carrie up all night. Arthur thinks Charles Schultz based Peanuts on him.
1 Feb. 1999
Crappy Birthday
Doug has planned to watch a wrestling game on the same day Carrie turns 30.
8 Feb. 1999
S'ain't Valentine's
Doug is planning to take Carrie out to dinner on Valentine's Day. Before he takes Carrie out, Doug, Deacon, and Richie go to Spence's house to wish him a happy birthday. Spence's mom is throwing the party, and has had a little too much to drink that night. Spence's mom embarrasses him so much he leaves. The boys can not leave because Spence's mom is very unstable. In the mean time, Carrie has dinner with a man she met at the restaurant's bar. Can Doug make it out in time?
15 Feb. 1999
Court Date
Carrie gets a ticket and since it's her fourth, the car insurance will be doubled. Doug is cross with Carrie about this and when the cop who gave Carrie the ticket wants to go out with her, Doug insists she goes out with him.
22 Feb. 1999
White Collar
Doug gets a promotion. Carrie is thrilled with this, Doug however doesn't like the job.
1 Mar. 1999
Rayny Day
At the same moment he has Richie over to talk about his divorce trouble, Ray Barone calls Doug to play golf. This is a tough call for Doug.
15 Mar. 1999
Train Wreck
Doug doesn't like that Carrie isn't jealous when Doug's new trainee is a very pretty girl. Meanwhile, Arthur has his own millennium problem...with a tombstone.
5 Apr. 1999
Hungry Man
Carrie's boss invites Doug and Carrie to a cocktail party. Doug, plagued by enormous hunger since he hasn't eaten all day, behaves far from perfect.
26 Apr. 1999
Time Share
Tim and Dorothy from next door offer Doug and Carrie their house at the beach because they are divorcing.
3 May 1999
Where's Poppa
Carrie and Doug began to realize how much they miss spending time just the two of them, so they try to get Arthur out of the house as much as possible.
10 May 1999
Art House
Arthur almost gets Doug fired and because of that Doug says how he really feels about Arthur. Arthur then decides to move out.
17 May 1999
Maybe Baby
Doug and Carrie consider having a baby.
20 Sep. 1999
Queasy Rider
Doug wants to buy his own motorcycle after riding Richie's. Carrie finds out, and won't let Doug get one. He eventually gets one anyway without approval from Carrie. When Carrie finds out, she takes up one of her old hobbies of smoking. Doug then has to choose what he loves more: His bike or his wife.
27 Sep. 1999
Female Problems
Carrie is sad because she has no friends to hang out with her. Doug decides to introduce Carrie to a woman who just moved into the neighborhood. Carrie spends a lot of time with her new friend which makes Doug jealous.
4 Oct. 1999
Assaulted Nuts
Doug is messing around at work with a stapler gun and accidentally gets shot in an unlikely place.
11 Oct. 1999
Parent Trapped
Deacon and Kelly ask Doug and Carrie if they would be godparents of their two children, but Doug and Carrie are not sure if they're right for the job.
18 Oct. 1999
Tube Steaks
Doug gets very upset with Carrie after he sees that his big screen TV is stolen after Carrie left the garage door open.
25 Oct. 1999
Doug Out
Doug has to pick Arthur up from his job, because Carrie is working late. On the way home, Arthur talks, and talks, and talks. When Carrie gets home, Doug calls her father a "Demented Old Circus Monkey". However, Carrie went out of the house to get a beer. Arthur heard what Doug said about him, and does not talk to him. The only way Doug can fix this mess, is to take Arthur to a New York Mets baseball game.
1 Nov. 1999
Get Away
When Doug and Carrie go on vacation to celebrate their anniversary, they decide to take their friends Deacon and Kelly which turns out to be a big mistake.
8 Nov. 1999
Dire Strayts
It's double the havoc when Ray and Debra Barone (Everybody Loves Raymond) come and visit Doug and Carrie.
15 Nov. 1999
I, Candy
Doug's ego gets busted when he gets checked out by a waitress.
22 Nov. 1999
Roamin' Holiday
Doug doesn't want friends of Carrie to stay for the Thanksgiving weekend and convinces Spence he should get a place of his own and that he can stay with Doug and Carrie until he has found one.
29 Nov. 1999
Sparing Carrie
Doug, Carrie, Deacon, Spence, and Richie all are on Cooper's bowling team. Their team is mediocre. The new manager of Coopers (Robert Klein) tells Doug that he will drop the team unless they start to win some games. Doug knows that Carrie, the team's worst player, must be dropped in order to win. Now Doug has to decide what is more important: His wife or the game.
13 Dec. 1999
Net Prophets
The Christmas season is upon Doug and Carrie and they decide they should invest in stock, but they soon feel the joys and stresses of it. Arthur wants to decorate the house with more Christmas items.

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