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21 Sep. 1998
When Carrie's father Arthur burns his house down, she and Doug let him stay in their house. If Arthur wants to live in their house, Doug has to give up his downstairs paradise. Carrie's sister Sarah also moves in with them.
28 Sep. 1998
Fat City
When Doug finds out that the women on Carrie's side of the family become overweight in their lives, he tries to keep Carrie from being overweight.
5 Oct. 1998
Cello, Goodbye
When Carrie keeps skipping softball games with Doug and the guys, Doug wonders what's going on. Doug finds out that Carrie is working late for her boss. Doug starts to wonder why Carrie fell for him. Doug tries to make it up to Carrie by going to a cello concert with her.
12 Oct. 1998
Richie's Song
When Doug finds out that Richie's girlfriend cheats on him, he must confront him with the news. However, Doug has some trouble telling his friend about his girlfriend.
19 Oct. 1998
Paternal Affairs
Doug and Carrie throw a wedding anniversary party for themselves. Doug invites his aunt, and finds out that his aunt and uncle are having problems. When Arthur meets Doug's aunt, he falls for her. Can Doug stop their relationship, or let it be.
26 Oct. 1998
Head First
Doug tries to get Carrie to pay more bedroom attention to him by becoming Arthur's "playmate". Can Doug withstand Arthur's crazy amusement?
2 Nov. 1998
The Rock
When Carrie and Doug cash in her wedding ring, they wonder if they did the right thing. They buy a satellite dish and a hot tub with the money they got with the ring. They soon find out that they get bad karma from the selling of the ring. Did selling their most prized possession give them their bad karma?
9 Nov. 1998
Educating Doug
Carrie decides that she and Doug are getting dumber everyday, so she signs them up for a classic literature class. Doug is not very happy about the decision, and tends to goof off in the class. They are given an assignment to read the novel "Jane Eyre", and then answer questions on what they read. Doug never reads the the book, and is desperate for the answers.
16 Nov. 1998
Road Rayge
While Doug is taking a driving test, he runs into Ray Barone. Ray seems to have trouble with a few of the questions, and asks Doug for the answers. Doug is caught by the instructor, and loses his license. Ray makes it up to Doug by bringing him to a New York Jets game. Ray's brother Robert goes with them. Ray lets Doug drive, and Robert finds out that Doug does not have a license. Robert, being a cop, tells Doug to pull over. Doug finally gets his license back. Look for an appearance from Peter Boyle play Ray's father Frank Barone.
23 Nov. 1998
Supermarket Story
Doug, Carrie and Arthur have an extraordinary day in the supermarket while shopping for Thanksgiving.
14 Dec. 1998
Noel Cowards
Its the Christmas season and Doug and Carrie have their eyes on a new car, but when they find out they can't afford it Arthur surprises them with something quite unexpected.
21 Dec. 1998
Fixer Upper
Carrie arranges a blind date for Spence with Jenny, one of Carrie's co-workers.

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