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Season 6

1 Oct. 2003
Doug Less I
Doug takes Carrie out for a romantic holiday to a place they visited ten years ago.
1 Oct. 2003
Doug Less II
After Doug loses some major weight, he decides to take Carrie to the same vacation spot he did 10 years ago. The only problem it wasn't Carrie he took there. So now Carrie is upset with Doug, and to add on to that they get lost in the woods and can't find their way back to their hotel.
8 Oct. 2003
King Pong
While Spence isn't happy with Denise's new job waiting tables, Doug can't handle the fact that Arthur and Carrie are better at ping pong than he is.
15 Oct. 2003
Dreading Vows
Doug and Carrie want to renew their vows.
22 Oct. 2003
Nocturnal Omission
When Doug hears from Carrie that Deacon's ex-wife wants to reunite with him after a two-year separation, he can't decide whether or not to give Deacon the heads-up. When Deacon informs Doug that he just met a beautiful stewardess and is spending the entire weekend with her, Doug decides not to tell him about his ex-wife's plans to reunite with him. But when Carrie discovers this, she demands that Doug tell Deacon so he doesn't ruin his chances of getting back with Kelly.
29 Oct. 2003
Affidavit Justice
When Carrie drags Doug to her business picnic, Doug plays baseball with Carrie's fellow co-workers and Carrie's boss notices his great play out in the field. So he asks Doug to pretend to be a lawyer so he can play on their real team, which gets Carrie nervous. Arthur begins to feel uneasy around Deacon when he finds out that his ancestors had slaves.
12 Nov. 2003
Secret Garden
Carrie finally has a good gynecologist, but she's afraid she'll lose him when Danny - whom he hired for some garden work via her - overprices him.
19 Nov. 2003
Eggsit Strategy
While Carrie is worried she might lose her job, Doug lost the koosh ball Deacon got from his son and tries to get it back.
26 Nov. 2003
Thanks, Man
At Thanksgiving, a shabby looking man asks Doug if he can use their telephone to call a friend because his car broke down. Carrie doesn't trust the man.
3 Dec. 2003
American Idle
When Carrie is having trouble getting a new job, she decides to take some time off to find herself. But Doug notices that Carrie begins to become very lazy and does not do one thing that she said she was gonna do.
17 Dec. 2003
Santa Claustrophobia
It's Christmas and Arthur wants to have a Christmas card sent out with a photo of him and a few close ones, but he is having trouble finding someone to take a picture with. Carrie begins to feel extremely bored because she still has no job, but when she hears that their is an opening at Doug's IPS job she decides to try it out. When she tells Doug, he doesn't feel comfortable with the idea of Carrie on his turf.
7 Jan. 2004
Dougie Houser
When Doug wants to buy a chainsaw, Carrie reminds him that, when she says "No" about something, Doug can't argue on it due to the first house they bought when he and Carrie first married. It was a complete disaster.
14 Jan. 2004
Frigid Heirs
Arthur has won $2,500 and wants Doug and Carrie to buy a new refrigerator.
11 Feb. 2004
Switch Sitters
Doug and Carrie babysit Major and Kirby every once in a while and feel it's only right if Deacon and Kelly watch Arthur every now and then.
11 Feb. 2004
Cheap Saks
While at an art gallery, Carrie bumps into a woman and they start talking. It turns out to be an ex of Doug.
18 Feb. 2004
Damned Yanky
Doug's in the hospital. When Carrie visits him, he's asleep. He's dreaming of and talking about a whole bunch of girls.
25 Feb. 2004
Multiple Plots
On his new route, Doug has to deliver to a man who always opens the door wearing only a towel. Carrie starts out as a dog walker. Arthur has a grave to sell.
3 Mar. 2004
Trash Talker
Without knowing it, Deacon becomes friends with Doug's elementary school arch-enemy.
17 Mar. 2004
Precedent Nixin'
Doug and Carrie go on spring break holiday to Doug's parents. Carrie however wants to sleep in a hotel.
24 Mar. 2004
Foe: Pa
Arthur makes a fool of himself while Carrie has a job interview and at home Carrie calls Arthur a lousy father.
7 Apr. 2004
Tank Heaven
While Doug tries to sabotage Carrie's plans to befriend her new colleagues, Spence and Danny nurture Arthur to tempt girls.
5 May 2004
Alter Ego
Doug, Deacon, Danny and Spence are headed for Memphis so Spence can tell Denise, who's about to get married, they belong together.
12 May 2004
Icky Shuffle
Arthur and Doug are participating in a shuffleboard tournament.
19 May 2004
Awful Bigamy
Holly has been kicked out of her apartment and gets to stay in the basement with Arthur. Doug sees the advantages of having two women in his house.

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