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26 Jun. 1999
The Grateful Living
With Jackie still comatose, Billie and Dave meet her Deadhead mom and struggle with their sobriety. Elsewhere in the hospital, Trudy is in the ER with a broken toe and Tish in tow.
3 Jul. 1999
One Birthday at a Time
After Jackie awakens from her coma, Dave issues an ultimatum. Meanwhile, the Frank family await the birth of Tish's baby.
10 Jul. 1999
And Now a Word from Our Sponsor
Billie finds herself without a sponsor after Chad "fires" her while Dave devotes himself to the program which drives his sponsor, Milt crazy.
17 Jul. 1999
To Bris or Not to Bris
Trudy plans a party to celebrate Baby Oral's bris despite objections from Tish who doesn't want him circumcised.
24 Jul. 1999
The Fix Up
Trudy fixes Billie up with another former child star. Dave visits Jackie in rehab and falls for her roommate who Jackie has feelings for. Trudy wants Martin to look younger.
31 Jul. 1999
Between a Rock Star and a Hard Place
Nobby Clegg, the lead singer of The Bums, enters Addictions Anonymous in hopes to quit drinking...only to his anonymity broken by Billie when she blabs to Trudy who wants to relive old times while Tish wants to save Nobby's soul.
7 Aug. 1999
Dude Awakening
Dave becomes a sponsor to a clueless surfer named Zach, who soon catches more than a wave when he finds himself falling for Billie.
14 Aug. 1999
Powerless Over the What?
After the Zach disaster, Milt confronts Dave that he is powerless over Billie's..charms and suggest he go to another meeting. But when Billie finds him at an exclusive meeting, she and new sponsor Clark, things turn ugly.
21 Aug. 1999
Bite Me
Dave and Billie make peace and vow to see other people. But things don't work for them when Billie finds herself losing her touch with the man she's seeing while Dave gets involved with a lady who has a love for kittens...and a whip.
28 Aug. 1999
Trude Awakening
Trudy starts going to Addictions Anonymous to get even with Billie for saying too much about her in the program. Dave's attempts at making amends goes horribly wrong and lands him behind bars...jail bars.
4 Sep. 1999
Bosses, Burglars & Back Street Babes
Billie tries to prove to her new boss that she's worthy of job. Trudy thinks her maid is stealing from her and tries to catch her in the act. Dave becomes Nobby Clegg's new sponsor.
11 Sep. 1999
Trying to come up with some quick cash, Billie starts a phone sex line which doesn't sit well with Dave who makes a bet with her. Meanwhile, Trudy gets sued by her maid and seeks legal aid from Martin Crisp who takes a liking to Trudy.
18 Sep. 1999
The 35-Year Itch
Max asks Billie to make a toast for his and Trudy's 35th wedding anniversary; only to find herself harboring the secret that Trudy is leaving with Martin on a cruise. Dave has an open mic night at the coffee shop.
27 Nov. 1999
Bad Will Hunting
With her parents away, Billie uncovers the family safe to find that in their will everything is to be left to Jerry and Billie will receive nothing. Dave and Jackie place a bet on bedding a new member of the program.
4 Dec. 1999
Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Billie meets a new man and decides, on Clark's advice to wait four dates until she sleeps with him. But that doesn't stop her from backsliding with Dave. Meanwhile, Clark goes to Milt for dating advice when he starts seeing a Marine.
11 Dec. 1999
Jackie Oh...
Dave is looking for suggestions for the coffee shop while Billie is constantly making excuses and lying to Sydney. But their petty problems are nothing compared to Jackie's.
18 Dec. 1999
After losing a fellow member of the program, Billie dives into her work helping out with the production of Sydney's new movie. Elsewhere, Dave seeks solace at Milt's apartment.

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