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Jane Pauley Will Succeed Charles Osgood as ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ Anchor

Jane Pauley Will Succeed Charles Osgood as ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ Anchor
Nearly 30 years after she left NBC’s “Today,” Jane Pauley will return to a morning news anchor slot as the successor to Charles Osgood on “CBS Sunday Morning.”

Pauley has been a contributor to the show since 2014. “CBS Sunday Morning” typically airs long-form feature reporting in a signature style, a mix of lifestyle and personality features as well as in-depth takes on cultural trends and innovations in medicine, business and science. The show was created for CBS News by Robert Northshield and host Charles Kuralt in 1979. Charles Osgood, who has anchored the program since 1994, said on the Aug. 28 broadcast that he intended to step down as anchor after 22 years.

Pauley is set to formally take over anchor duties on the Oct. 9 broadcast. She will be only the third anchor of the show to date.

Pauley has been cited in CBS News circles as a potential replacement for Osgood, 83, since word surfaced in January that he and CBS
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Charles Osgood Says Goodbye After 22 Years With ‘CBS News Sunday Morning’

  • Uinterview
CBS News Sunday Morning anchor Charles Osgood, 83, will be leaving the show on September 25, after 22 years. Osgood To Leave CBS News Sunday Morning After 22 Years Osgood assured his fans that he will be making occasional appearances on the show. Osgood is only the second man to have held the position as host of […]

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Jane Pauley to Fill In on CBS Morning News Shows in August

  • The Wrap
Jane Pauley to Fill In on CBS Morning News Shows in August
Jane Pauley will spend much of August in familiar territory: morning television. The former longtime “Today” show host will have a run on CBS’ morning news shows in August. See video: Matt Lauer Celebrates 56th Birthday With Bryant Gumbel, Jane Pauley, Meredith Vieira Pauley's guest run will begin on Aug. 10, filling in for a vacationing Charles Osgood on “CBS News Sunday Morning.” The next day, she'll take up a week-long stint on “CBS This Morning,” filling in for Gayle King during her vacation. Pauley, who co-hosted NBC morning show “Today” from 1976 to 1989, signed on in April as an occasional contributor.
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There Are Other Roles to Play & Ways to Earn a Living in Hollywood. Consider the Location Scout...

Earlier today, I published an item on foley artists (read/watch here). Continuing with the series highlighting those behind-the-camera positions that rarely, if ever, get much *love* for the work that they do, even though it's very important work (if only to inform and maybe even inspire), here's a profile of another *thankless* but crucial behind-the-camera job - the location scout. First, in the video that immediately follows, "CBS News Sunday Morning" with Charles Osgood, sheds some light on those who do that specific work. And below it, NPR does the same in an unrelated piece. As I did with the foley artists piece, I post this in part because I think location...
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Jane Pauley joining CBS News

Jane Pauley joining CBS News
Veteran NBC journalist Jane Pauley is joining CBS News Sunday Morning as a contributor. The network’s chief Washington correspondent Bob Schieffer made the announcement during his annual Schieffer Symposium on the News at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth on Wednesday evening.

“She is reinventing herself and is coming to work at CBS News,” Schieffer said during the event. “We couldn’t be happier.”

Pauley joined Schieffer on the panel, which also included CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley, editor Bob Woodward of The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan.

“Bob has been tormenting me
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CBS Eyes Start of New Events Business

CBS is banking on the Beatles to help it start a new line of business.

On February 9, CBS News is slated to hold a live event to mark the 50th anniversary – to the day – of the band’s first American television appearance on CBS’ “The Ed Sullivan Show.” A two-hour symposium held at New York’s Ed Sullivan Theater will feature CBS News’ archival coverage of key Beatles moments as well as experts moderated by CBS News Senior Business Correspondent Anthony Mason, who is known for his profiles of musicians on “CBS News Sunday Morning.”

The event will also mark the launch of what CBS hopes can be a sustainable business offshoot. Through a series of what the company is calling “CBS News Live Experiences,” the company expects to burnish its vast news archives while making use of its local TV and radio stations to reach out to consumers who
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Mary Steenburgen opens up about newfound musical passion on 'CBS Sunday Morning'

  • Pop2it
You know Mary Steenburgen as an Emmy-nominated and Oscar-winning actress -- she's starred in everything from "Wilfred" to "Joan of Arcadia" to "Melvin and Howard," the latter her Oscar role. Recently, though, she's added "singer and songwriter" to her list of accomplishments.

Steenburgen, who is married to "CSI" star Ted Danson, was profiled on "CBS News Sunday Morning" this week and says that after a recent surgery on her arm, "the music started." She began hearing music everywhere and felt the need to start writing down what she was experiencing.

"At one point I kind of looked in the mirror and said, you know, you're a mom, you're a wife, people count on you, you can't go off the deep end into this kind of crazy, musical swirl," she says.

But she started to pursue it, and she's now written some 40 songs -- and even signed a songwriting contract with Universal Music.
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John Mayer and Katy Perry making wedding plans?

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Just days after engagement rumors started because John Mayer gave girlfriend Katy Perry a ruby ring for Valentine's Day, sources are saying the two are making wedding plans.

Yahoo is reporting that inside sources say the two want a "really intimate" wedding ceremony and that even though ruby ring was not a proposal, the singers have been discussing tying the knot near where Katy grew up in Santa Barbara.

"Katy and John want to have a really intimate traditional ceremony with only their closest friends and family. They're both from fairly traditional families and don't want a big party," says a source.

"While this might not be the official ring, it's a symbol of their commitment. Katy and John's relationship has become very serious very quickly. Katy always swore she wouldn't rush into marriage again, but they get on so well and she really thinks he's changed," the source continues.
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Watch: Liam Neeson: The Musical, Monster Rick Baker Profile and the Inevitable 'Back to the Future' Remake

Welcome to Morning Watch, our daily roundup of  funny/interesting/bizarre/creative/informative videos for you to start your day with. It's about damn time Liam Neeson got his own awesome online musical. (P.S. Go see Taken 2 this weekend.) [via Vulture] Here's a very cool profile of monster guru Rick Baker for CBS News Sunday Morning from the '80s, back when monster movies were making a comeback and Baker was right smack in the center of all of it. [via Playlist] Finally, with Looper a success, look for studios to seek out more time-travel stories, or reboot the ones that are already successful. No Back to the Future remake has been announced yet, but if it ever comes to be, we should expect one scene to play out like this... [via College Humor...

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60 Minutes Legend Mike Wallace Dead at 94

60 Minutes Legend Mike Wallace Dead at 94
Pioneering 60 Minutes journalist Mike Wallace, who spent four decades on the venerable CBS newsmagazine, has died. He was 94.

The news was announced this morning on CBS News Sunday Morning by anchor Charles Osgood.

Wallace, who was one of 60 Minutes‘ original correspondents when it debuted in 1968, retired in 2006 but still contributed to the program. His final appearance came in 2008 when he interviewed baseball legend and accused steroid-user Roger Clemens.

More to come…
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On the Peninsula

How Robert Lipsyte, author of the new memoir An Accidental Sportswriter, stood athwart the sports page yelling, "Stop!"

When a young man on the make tells me he wants to be a sportswriter, I tell him to read one book. It's called SportsWorld by Robert Lipsyte. Starting next month, I'll tell him to read another: An Accidental Sportswriter, which is functionally Lipsyte's sequel. In sportswriting's cosmic baseball card set-Jimmy Cannon! Dan Jenkins! Charlie Pierce!-you can find men who wrote as pretty as the former New York Times columnist. But Bob is the five-tool sportswriter. His beat is the ballpark, the '60s, African-American history, women's lib, Muslim theology, sports as metaphor, and-most interesting for you, young sportswriter-the craft of sportswriting itself.

Related story on The Daily Beast: Four Missing New York Times Journalists

Lipsyte is the guy who makes us ask the pencil-stopping question: Are sportswriters wasting their careers?
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Do You Prefer To Do It In The Theater Or At Home? (Survey)

A sign of the times perhaps? I was watching CBS News Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood earlier today, and this poll (with results) was presented…

The question asked was: Where do you prefer to watch movies? The results: 20% said at the theater; 74% say at home. Granted the audience for CBS News Sunday Morning are likely older, so those numbers would reflect that. However, there are a few of us young’uns who are up early enough on Sunday mornings to watch the program.

Regardless, I thought I’d use that as a platform, as, I think a lot of us would agree that we are indeed experiencing a shift in movie-watching habits across all groups.

Now, I’ve already shared my own preference on this web site (Sergio has as well); specifically, currently, I’d say that I do the bulk of my movie watching at home. It’s rare
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The Life Of A Movie Location Scout… (Props)

They rarely, if ever, get much love for the work that they do, even though it’s very important work! Earlier today, CBS News Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood, shed some light on location scouts; and yesterday, NPR did the same. The CBS piece immediately follows (if it doesn’t play, click Here); the NPR portion is underneath (and if you’re a scout yourself, let us know below):

NPR On Location Scouts by Shadow And Act
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'United States of Tara' new Season 3 trailer; Lifetime celebrates soldiers 'Coming Home'

In Zap2it's Wednesday (Feb. 16) helping of TV Snacks, one of our favorite shows reminds us why we love it and a bunch of stars will be making appearances on talk shows and TV specials.

Oh, the wait for Season 3 of Showtime's "United States of Tara" just got more manageable with the first trailer! The show comes back on March 28 with Tara (Toni Collette) going back to school, plus guest stars Eddie Izzard and Frances Conroy. [TVLine]

Lifetime is premiering a new reality show called "Coming Home" documenting families as they welcome their soldiers back. "American Idol" Top 12 finalist Matt Rogers will host the 13 hour-long episodes. It premieres Sunday, March 6 at 10 p.m. Et after the season premiere of "Army Wives." Obviously. [Lifetime]

"Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane will be helming the laughs on the "Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump," which tapes live in New York City on Wednesday, March 9 and airs later that month.
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Morgan Spurlock Continues to Recruit Advertisers, Draws Plagiarism Charges

  • IFC
Morgan Spurlock Continues to Recruit Advertisers, Draws Plagiarism Charges
I've interviewed Morgan Spurlock a few times. He's funny, charming, smart, and a very good salesman. That last part's the key to his new project, "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold." It's about the rise of product placement in Hollywood and includes Spurlock's attempts to monetize the project by recruiting advertisers, including an above-the-title presenting sponsor (technically speaking, the movie is now called "Pom Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold"). Sounds like a great meta-movie to me, and a good match of star and subject. When "Tgmes" premiered at Sundance last month it received mostly good reviews; you can hear Alison Willmore talk about it on our Sundance podcast.

Even though Spurlock has already sold "Tgmes" to Sony Pictures Classics, the sales continue. Advertising Age reports that Spurlock is selling the naming rights to his talk at the upcoming Ted Conference on eBay. On the auction page, Spurlock promises that
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Katie Couric Confirms Glee Cameo

Los Angeles, California (X17online) - Katie Couric will be the next celebrity to join Glee's long list of star cameos, her spokesperson confirmed Thursday. The CBS Evening News anchor will appear on a special episode of Glee set to air Feb, 6 after the Super Bowl. No word yet on weather Couric will lend her singing voice to the hit show, Fox declined to comment on the cameo. Couric's interview with Glee star Matthew Morrison for a CBS News Sunday Morning segment, will air this weekend.
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Susan Sarandon's Rep Denies Boyfriend Rumors

Susan Sarandon's Rep Denies Boyfriend Rumors
Immediately after Susan Sarandon and partner Tim Robbins announced their split on Wednesday, rumors surfaced that the actress is dating her 31-year-old business partner, Jonathan Bricklin.

See more couples that called it quits this year

"The rumors are absolutely untrue," Sarandon's rep Teal Cannaday told

Bricklin, an aspiring filmmaker, co-owns the hip ping pong club SPiN New York with Sarandon. This month, the two appeared in a segment about SPiN on CBS News Sunday Morning
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New TV on DVD releases this week

  • Aol TV.
Here are the new TV DVDs, in stores tomorrow.

Why didn't somebody tell me that they were going to release The Guardian on DVD? I really liked that show. I don't know if the show is being released because Simon Baker and The Mentalist are a hit or if it has been in the works long before that, but it's a nice surprise.

The Barbara Stanwyck Show - Vol. 1 Battlestar Galactica - The Plan CBS News Sunday Morning - On The Road with Charles Kuralt: Set 1 The Diary of Anne Frank - Miniseries

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Remembering Walter Cronkite: What to Watch

CBS will pay tribute to the late Walter Cronkite with two programs airing on Sunday.

CBS News Sunday Morning, airing at 9/8 C, will remember the news industry's elder statesman with archival footage of his work and personal memories shared by journalism's best and brightest.

View photos from Cronkite's life and career

Then on Sunday at 7 pm, the CBS News special That's the Way It Was: Remembering Walter Cronkite celebrates the venerable newsman with remembrances from peers Mike Wallace, Morley Safer, Andy Rooney, Charles Gibson, Katie Couric, Ted Koppel, Diane Sawyer and Brian Williams.

Also reflecting on Cronkite's legacy will be President Barack Obama, former President ...

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