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Top-Notch, Warm-Hearted Christmas Movie

Author: Chris Winston from Fairbanks, U.S. Territory of Alaska
3 June 2002

This was the second time I've seen this in the past six months and this 2nd time was just as good, maybe even better, than the first. What a wonderful movie. Yep, Connie Selleca is made-for-tv royalty but here she comes out above average and country music singer Randy Travis fits right in without missing a beat. Only drawback to this movie is South Carolina, where this takes place, is in the south and doesn't get *that* much snow, even in the upstate. (Maybe it was an irregular year?) Other than that, overall this had some decent acting as well as very smart writing. The runaway kid was definitely the little scene stealer. Just about everything that came out of his mouth wasn't too corny and was excellently executed. He was what held this story together. Rue McClanahan's nice, likable performance added to this like a piece of a puzzle that needed to be there. Easily this could have been, not really a disaster, but another drab & dull piece of work but it wasn't, it really did shine. Like I said, Randy Travis fit right in, he was the southern gentleman, another very likable character. Come to think of it, just about everyone who's important to the story in this, you could easily have a liking for... there wasn't a bad guy or anyone you rolled your eyes or really despised. Even the one person who'd be closest to that I kind of felt for. She didn't get the guy in the end of the romance part of this story, but then again, without even watching this you know she wouldn't. That's the nature of TV movies like this, they're usually not full of twists and surprises which is often a TV movie's downfall. This was predictable but had no downfall, nothing to make me yawn and everything to feel good about Christmas and coming together, helping those less fortunate, and being with those you love. Make a list of 500 not so great Christmas movies then make a list of the 50 best. This one'll be on the list of the best! My grade: A

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I remember...

Author: logoguy905 from Canada
13 January 2007

My Grandfather was in this production. For those interested.. some back story....

Somewhere between 1994/95, a film crew came to my Grandparent's small town of Box Grove - Markham, Ontario, Canada.

Box Grove is a picturesque setting (at least until the sub-divisions came in about 6+ years ago) with big trees, large lush properties, friendly smiles and an old-fashioned sense of community.

My Grandparents have lived in Box Grove for over 50 years. For many years, they attended a 5-minute-walk-away quaint little church simply entitled "Box Grove Church". At this Church my Grandfather faithfully, and with much love and affection for others, entertained the congregation with his organ playing. With his wonderful smile and impeccable dress, the movie production decided to cast him as the organist within the film -- also using the same Church he used to perform in.

It's not without a sense of irony that the film is entitled "A Christmas to Remember", for 2 reasons. First, my grandfather suffers from memory loss and remembers nothing of meeting "Randy," as he called him... and little from anything from day to day now. For me though, when I watch this one movie he was in in the future, it will always remind me of him... his wonderful smile, his kindness to others... certainly a Christmas to remember.

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Once again, a holiday winner for the romance-loving crowd and beyond

Author: Amy Adler from Toledo, Ohio
7 February 2011

Carolyn (Connie Selleca) has just gone through an extremely painful divorce. A therapist who has been residing in Los Angeles, with her pre-teen daughter Jordy, Carolyn is anxious to move on. Therefore, she tells her only child that they will be leaving SoCal and moving back to Mayville, North Carolina, her hometown. Jordy is less than thrilled. When the two females arrive, their house, once Carolyn's grandma's abode, is in need of many repairs. Not only that, Carolyn soon runs into a former flame, Clay (Randy Travis) whom she left at the alter years ago. He's still mad as a hornet. But, his loving aunt (Rue McClanahan) is delighted to see Carolyn and meet Jordy. One night, hearing noises, Carolyn discovers that a young, homeless boy is living in her basement! He won't tell anyone where he is from or who his parents are. Soon, Carolyn is befriending the little lad, much to the chagrin of the town's social worker, who also happens to have her eye on Clay. With a possible romantic triangle brewing, two energetic kids, a Christmas pageant, and more, what will happen next in Mayville? This is a darling holiday winner that fans of romantic comedy will take to like a duck to water. It has comedy, sparring flames, old biddies and cute kids, as well as good sets, costumes, a clever script and a zesty direction. Looking for a mood setter to re-capture the holiday spirit? Remember to look for this one!

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A wonderful feel good movie!

Author: Kenny Smith from Mesquite, Texas
3 October 2003

A great movie to sit down with your family during the holiday season. We love to share family time with this kind of movie. It was great to see Randy Travis in this part. We hope to see it on VHS or DVD real soon!

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Slightly predictable, but nice Christmas film

Author: daniel-611 from United States
21 November 2012

The film will appeal to those who understand the struggle of starting over as well as those who remember some drama in their Christmas. I think our heroine was aware that she wasn't running away but ultimately running home instead. Connie Sellecca in that role is believable (and strikingly beautiful) and Randy Travis is believable too, though he starts out timid he is soon redeemed as a strong compassionate male. The orphaned boy is as priceless as can be and, as one reviewer said, he holds the film together. There are a few moments where you will definitely know what's coming next, but it doesn't harm the film overall which evokes a nice sense of heart felt Christmas spirit that will lift you up while drawing you in to the meaning of Christmas. It's a nice film, and worth watching if you enjoy sentimental journeys.

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Not Overly Christmas-ey, But Still A Great Movie

Author: Jennie ( from Delaware, USA
25 December 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

**Possible Spoiler Alert!!**

I must begin by saying I can't truly be impartial, because I am a Connie Selleca fan. This is just a great movie! What can I say about this? Reconnected love, the chance at a new life, hey...even an adoption along the way! I think this is a great movie to watch, and although some of it occurs at Christmastime, I wouldn't exactly call this movie a Christmas movie. I really enjoy this movie, and I bet you will too! Just check it out sometime.

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Author: Stanton67 from United States
29 August 2016

Wow this is what I call a "Kitchen Sink Christmas Movie". It has everything. A single woman. An unhappy teen. An Orphan. Snow. A reignited former flame. However the best thing it does have is a very likable lead that lifts the film up from the depths of melodrama.

In this film it's Christmastime, Carolyn (Connie Sellecca) leaves the big city for her childhood village in the forest, with her daughter Jordy (Asia Vieira) in tow. Along the way, Carolyn meets the ex-fiancé (Randy Travis) she left at the altar years before, as well as a lost boy she'd like to adopt, though Jordy is unenthusiastic.

The film is never boring but it is predictable. I wish the story could of had some surprises.

Worth watching ONCE!

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Definitely more for romantics than for us die hard Christmas enthusiasts

Author: Ed-Shullivan from Canada
25 December 2015

Mrs. Shullivan and I did like this film which we watched on Christmas Day. Having said that it is more about second chance romance for the two stars Connie Seleca and Randy Travis as well as a second chance to find a new family for a little 10 year old runaway boy named Wiliam and his dog.

The film does take place during the Christmas season with a touch of the buh humbug I don't believe in Christmas theme, but as any film which wants to touch our hearts will do, everything falls into place by the end of this romantic family oriented drama.

If you are looking for a touch of romance and second chances then watch this film. If you want a real feel good Christmas themed film then stick to the old reliables like White Christmas (Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye) or It's A Wonderful Life (Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed). I give A Holiday to Remember a decent 6 out of 10 rating. Mrs Shullivan enjoyed it as well.

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Wat a Season...What a sensitive, fun movie...Where do I get a copy?

Author: ktbarton3 from Des Moines
23 May 2011

I have just read All of the reviews. I am already hooked on seeing this Christmas movie. I have a fair collection of Christmas movies that I just could not live without (or thought I couldn't). Many, (if not most) of my collection are out of print and some are just down right RARE.

Unfortunately, one of the reviewers has stated they are looking forward to its release on DVD. That means that the movie is not available at my local video store or BB's large box electronic store.O.K... so here I go again, hunting for a copy, as waiting for a studio to release it can take decades, maybe forever.Anyone out there that has made a copy off the small screen that they are willing to trade or whatever ?

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Author: HallmarkMovieBuff from United States
18 December 2011

Connie Sellecca plays a PhD.-holding psychiatrist who divorces her philandering husband and moves with her daughter to her family homestead in South Carolina, which has been sitting abandoned, presumably for years. Naturally, she encounters the boy next door (Randy Travis, from the next farm over), whom she left standing at the altar nearly two decades before.

There's nothing particularly wrong with the script or the acting. The faults of this film are in the casting and execution. I like both Travis and Sellecca, but have trouble seeing them as a couple. Indeed, Ms. Sellecca's appearance in this film was a prime reason for watching, but what we have here constitutes a serious flaw in the pairing of romantic leads.

Given that the rest of the cast seems fine for a film that is set in the rural south, one is sad to report that Ms. Sellecca seems to be the one miscast, as throughout the film, she appears from both nature and design to have just stepped off the pages of Vogue. Can you picture a high-tone model or a society chic, dressed in fashions and jewels, functioning comfortably in a dilapidated house in farmland?

And then there are the little things. Once a major flaw appears, one goes on alert looking for others. Start with the farmhouse.

When Sellecca's character and her daughter arrive, the first thing we see on a clear day is water dripping from a leaky roof into a half-full washtub. So who's been in there recently to manage the tub?

Next we have a working wall phone. Who bothers to pay monthly phone bills for an abandoned house? Or maybe she called ahead to have it hooked up…we don't know.

But wait, there's hope. Mr. Travis, whose character is now the local sheriff, mayor, and all-around Mr. Fixit, has been dating a local social worker who wants to marry him. They appear to be well-matched. In the end, will he do the right thing and make her an honest woman, or will he jump the shark to hook back up with his long-lost love? The 90 minutes of suspense killed my rating of this supposed-to-be feel-good film. To me, this was a holiday movie to forget.

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