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Two brothers emigrate for better life, fall into disfavor with local crime boss
cjrock122 April 2000
Also starring the Infamous Chen Sing, veteran kung fu action star of many 70's martial arts classics from Hong Kong. Most Definitely one of the BLOODIEST kung fu films of the genre. It most certainly lives up the the title. Alan Tang is a pretty boy (I hate that!) and the fight scenes aren't choreographed with the grace of say a Bruce Lee or Sonny Chiba film but have more of a raw anything goes street fight feel to them; as evidenced by the WIDE array of weapons used in this film as well as the standard hand to hand sequences. Very nice makeup effects!
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A film that lives up to its title
Leofwine_draca5 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
THE BRUTAL BOXER is an early, contemporary kung fu thriller shot in Thailand and clearly modelled on Bruce Lee's THE BIG BOSS. The heroes are a couple of bland guys who are new in town and quickly run afoul of the brutal crime boss as played by the inimitable Chen Sing, at his scowling best. Breakneck action sequences follow, all of them pretty routine, but the story is so straightforward and determined that it doesn't really matter too much. The film certainly is brutal when it comes to the climax, which has some shocking gore effects you don't normally see in such films. Watch out for the familiar faces of Tien Ni and Mars in early roles, and Jackie Chan as a henchman who takes a beating.
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Who was that Thai guy?
ckormos130 May 2015
There are only three reasons to watch this movie. First, you were fooled into thinking Jackie Chan was the star. Nope. That's him sliding across the floor on his belly in the restaurant fight. Hi Jackie, good-bye Jackie. The second reasons are Chan Sing and Mars. Feel free to fast forward through all the other boring stuff until you see either of them. The third reason is the Mystery Man of Thailand. He shows up about 45 minutes in during a fight. He sits down briefly and does an excellent job of defending himself while seated. Then he gets up, I assume, to stretch his legs a bit or possibly to kick some butt. He displays excellent real fighting skills. I can tell from his posture he's the real deal. The fight ends and he is introduced as (depending on the translation) the greatest undefeated fighter in world history. Nice to meet you and sorry I must be going. That was it. So who was he? What else did he do? Is he Tony Jaa's father? Even Google does not know the answer.
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i had hopes ...
jayef25 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
i am a big fan of Jackie Chan and saw almost all his movies ... and thought i wanna see some older movies of him, however i watched the whole movie but didn't find Jackie Chan at all ... i don't know if he had just a small role playing one of the bad guys or something, those who get beaten up, however if that's the case then there were no close face shots so i didn't recognize him ... the movie is not really that bad ... and really really bloody at the end. however i hoped to see a Jackie Chan movie, but it was just a martial arts movie from the 70's ... i didn't know anybody of those actors in there ... however i really didn't like that movie so much but i still give it a 4 out of 10 !
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