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Season 1

12 Sep. 1998
Escape from Bastille-12
The evil warlord Lotor has escaped from prison. Although the Voltron Force is forbidden to pursue him by Amalgamus, Lance defies orders and takes Red Lion to pursue Lotor himself.
12 Sep. 1998
Red Lion Breaks Loose!
While fighting Space Pirates in pursuit of Lotor, Lance is eventually captured by him. Against Amalgamus' orders, the Voltron Force flies to Lance's rescue.
3 Oct. 1998
Building the Forces of Doom
While fighting Space Pirates in pursuit of Lotor, Lance is eventually captured by him. Against Amalgamus' orders, the Voltron Force flies to Lance's rescue.
10 Oct. 1998
Lost Souls
Lotor travels to the Dream Dimension to retrieve Hagar. Lance, having tailed Lotor to the Dream Dimension, is trapped by Hagar in his own "dream delusions."
31 Oct. 1998
A Rift in the Force
Amalgamus replaces the Voltron Force with androids trained to fly the Robot Lions. When they quickly prove themselves incapable against Lotor, can the Voltron Force save the Robot Lions?
7 Nov. 1998
Shades of Gray
When the Voltron Force's ship is badly damaged by radioactive space lice, Lotor launches an attack on the Castle of Lions. The Voltron Force tries to piece together a new ship with spare parts in order to defeat Lotor.
14 Nov. 1998
Bride of the Monster
Hagar casts a spell on Hunk that turns him against his friends and Yellow Lion into a destructive Gray Lion. To make matters worse, Lotor has kidnapped Amalgamus.
21 Nov. 1998
28 Nov. 1998
Voltron vs. Dracotron
Dominus, a gigantic creature, is destroying planets by feeding off their energy. The Voltron Force finds out that Dominus is just a baby creature and is simply trying to feed itself. They try to return Dominus to its proper dimension, but Lotor has other plans for Dominus...
6 Feb. 1999
Descent Into Madness
Lotor kidnaps an important alien diplomat, Judge Armistice, and lures Allura into Castle Doom. Lotor demands that Armistice marry him and Allura in exchange for his safe return.
13 Feb. 1999
Pidge Gets Iced
Hagar traps King Alfor's spirit inside a Crystal Robeast. When the Alfor Robeast disables the Robot Lions in battle, Allura tries to free her father's spirit and faces the Robeast unarmed.
27 Feb. 1999
The Big Lie
Pidge goes to Planet Glacia to examine the Alpha-Ice, the coldest matter in the universe. When Zarkon employs a new Battle-Borg named Igor to freeze Pidge and Green Lion it is up to the Voltron Force to save him and find the Alpha-Ice.
1 May 1999
The Trial of Voltron
Amalgamus proposes to the Galaxy Garrison High Council that the Voltron Force be permanently disbanded. With some members of the council in favor of Voltron, what will its ultimate fate be?
15 May 1999
Biography: The Voltron Force
Amalgamus goes to the Galaxy Garrison High Council and argues that the Voltron Force be permanently disbanded. When other members of the High Council come to Voltron's defense, the most exciting adventures of the Voltron Force are retold in flashbacks.
22 May 1999
Queen Ariella
Voltron returns in an all new dimension in this Emmy winning CGI animated series! The Voltron Force join a reformed King Zarkon (Kevin Michael Richardson) to defend the universe once more against the threat of Prince Lotor and Witch Haggar. Featuring the original voice cast including Neil Ross (Transformers), Michael Bell (GIJoe) and B.J. Ward (Scooby Doo) alongside Tim Curry (Clue) as Lotor.

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