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true story that breaks your heart but has a happy ending.

Author: anonymous from Ontario, Canada
5 February 1999

The movie was a little slow at times. I think different music could have been used on occasions when Richard Grieco's character was scheming, or during the end knife scene. The scene with the little boy that 'Terry' (Yasmine Bleeth) rescues from walking near the combine should have perhaps had some music that indicated something was about to happen, just to keep us on the edge of our seats. The fact that this was a true story was a real heart wrencher. Good acting by Yasmine, her waitress friend and the woman who played her mother-in-law. The actors portraying the distraught husband, and his father, were not convincing in any of the emotional (crying) scenes. Overall, the movie kept my attention and I would rate it a 6.5 out of 10.

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liked it

Author: Andrinia from Kishinev, Moldova
5 June 2002

Saw this movie just yesterday and had a nice time watching it. Good script. The best thing is that it keeps you tensed till the very end.. Watch this one if you want to see a cold-blooded murderer and a perfect husband together in just one person. But that was sick love..Or was it love at all?

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The Ultimate Outrage **

Author: edwagreen from United States
27 January 2007

Richard Grieco gives a convincing performance as quite a sick character in this television movie.

With quite a record, Grieco marries an unsuspecting girl and when she wants a baby so badly, he concocts quite a plot to steal one, and get plenty of loot for himself in the process. This leads to an unbelievable tragedy with a family friend's wife losing her life as Grieco commits the ultimate crime-murder.

Gradually, the wife finds out that her husband isn't the sweet loving guy that he has pretended to be. There is the house that wasn't bought but is being rented. The job that doesn't exist, the lawyer that doesn't exist as well. I could go on and on. Where was the wife to immediately confront him as his lies unravel?

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sad however for her.but glad the END she get her true love happiness i still cry at end showing the baby bigger now,but is where she BELONG.

Author: ShaKaarii Melendez from United States
5 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

watching again as i type this with friend today.we both get chill watching some the rest is just downright GREAT. not good but just a GREAT film. he start looking so much more suspicious as time went on she was so in love but finally said as most do not hey something is not right here and i was happy she find the TRUTH. i love that. but i was still sad for him as her. just a real tear jerker all around. not GREAT acting by other characters but sexy grieco and Bleeth

carry the film.they were so cute together so IN LOVE.just sad how the man bobby whose still in PRISON sad he did this when there were OTHER option to do what is right. one of my top ten all time true movie story of the week as other people here i have watch as my closest friends a few times if that a year! i love her with the baby angel but it was not her baby to keep so sad.

i was so sad in tears when the end establish he was involve had to tell the wife then rightfully so she is now feeling guilty because if she was not well basically begging almost him for a baby even though they try a long time if she was so hell bent on having her baby adopt one legally etc. in my honest opinion she made him go well straight LOCO! to do this i mean i want to say he truly LOVE HER in love etc. i do not know but he went crazy to kill the younger mother poor thing left in a ditch not found for week or longer then took her sweet baby he name of ANGELA as in"angel"he say to his wife.i feel bad just thinking about what the young lady went through very sad. but Richard SEXY grieco as his real life ex girlfriend from the soap world and t.v.acting world YASMINE Bleeth was BOTH very incredibly convincing in this true to life film. i will eventually buy it on DVD in 2010. great movie,sad but great film so sad.i feel sorry for all involve. rip to the mother of baby girl angela who they call angel if not for the wife beggin him for a baby each minute of the day he would have not kill for her loving wife who was so hell bent on just having a baby when clearly they were happy without it or just go illegally adopt but to kill the innocent mother who was happy wit her OWN baby a friend of the family at that to kill her like this to make his WIFE happy is sad in its own right beyond sad and rip to her and bobby is where belong even if i believe as friend here she did drive him to this by just each minute imploring bobby for a kid etc. just sad all around but is a great TV movie as all 90% true story of week are.

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Ultimate Deception

Author: maggietayl from United States
24 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thought this was movie was great, Richard Greico and Yasmine Bleeth have great chemistry in this movie. Yasmine Bleeth's character plays a women who has fallen head over heals in love with Richard Greico's character. They end up getting married and everything seems perfect except Yasmine Bleeth wants a baby more than anything, however she has a hard time trying to conceive. Richard Greico will do anything to make her happy, and will go to extreme measures to make her happy. I thought the acting was great in this movie, and it keeps you guessing. It shows how naive one can be when they have fallen in love. Yasmine Bleeth is a good actress in this, and I wonder why she never made it further in her career. Richard Greico is very impressive as the deceiving husband, and plays the evil part very well. I wonder why certain actors make it and certain ones don't. All and all a great movie that I would recommend.

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Fairly Good film but with some silly stereotyping

Author: Nicholas Rhodes from Ile-de-France / Paris Region, France
24 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film is not bad, indeed I have always enjoyed movies with Yasmine Bleeth in them ! On the critical side, there is nevertheless a small point that needs to be addressed. There's some typical silly American stereotyping in this film especially about smoking. Need I add that smoking is neither a crime nor immoral ! On the contrary it's one of life's pleasures ! I certainly wouldn't give time of day to a woman who chucked me out of the house for smoking indoors as we see in the film. And, making only the "bad guy" smoke is both unrealistic to start with and a very very poor reflection on an increasingly sanitized and neurotic society. That point made, there is quite a bit of suspense in the film but also some plot holes and incoherences. It does seem highly unlikely that the husband could hide his real life completely and make his wife believe it. I had a lot of sympathy for the husband because he really did love his wife and had a problem admitting his own sterility. He therefore needed to find a child because he feared that if he did not, he would lose his wife and he couldn't envisage life without her. If obtaining a child could only be done through murder, I can see why he did it even though technically the murder was wrong. Anybody trying to cover up the truth about their life will eventually get found out, even if it takes time. Typical of today's American films, this one is very moralistic and the husband is caught by the police and imprisioned for life, which seemed a bit harsh to me, given that the motive was love for his wife and not some awful thing like sadism or cruelty to others. But I assume these sort of films are made to please a certain type of audience, generally the sanitized North American liberals ( the 'politically correct' ) and I suppose that if you consider the work in this context, it does its job perfectly.

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Excellent Film

Author: katy_mccarthy from United Kingdom
22 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really enjoyed this film, it definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat. It was very well directed. I think it was important that they showed the other couple's life as well as Terry and Bobbys and show them as people with emotions. As this film needed to show Bobby as a cold and vindictive person.

I agree with another review it was sick love, not true love. He didn't need to go to great lengths as murder to give his wife a baby. He should have been honest with her and told her that he was sterile and decide to adopt a baby together. Some reviews say that she was naive, I think she was when it came to the adoption, however best actors all round. Great movie to watch!!

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One terrific movie!

Author: home_cat_tabby from United States
9 April 2006

It was a terrific movie! I like to watch it again and again. The actors were awesome. The movie kept me on the edge of my seat. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I wish Lifetime would put this movie on DVD. I would most definitely purchase a copy. This movie just proves that you should be very careful about who you get hooked up with. You may think you know someone, but you never know. My daughter watched the movie with me. She thought it was great. All I know is, I will watch this movie every time Lifetime airs it. It's the kind of movie that keeps you glued to the t.v.I wish Lifetime would redo the movie, but use the same actors, and bring it to the big screen.

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