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San Francisco Chronicle
Stir of Echoes is much more down and dirty (than "The Sixth Sense"), and the thrills are more visceral.
Chicago Sun-Times
Kevin Bacon stars in one of his best performances.
USA Today
The economical, fast-paced style and creepy mood are reminiscent of "The Twilight Zone."
Philadelphia Inquirer
The effectively creepy Stir of Echoes, is enough to make your blood chill.
A horror movie with a Hitchcockian veneer of the everyday, a story that taps into our fear not only of the paranormal but also of insanity and the secret evil that may lie beneath ordinary lives.
New York Post
Studded with potent fright scenes and built on a rock-solid performance by the ever-dependable Kevin Bacon.
Mr. Showbiz
Elevates the horror genre with a refreshing intelligence and humor -- too bad it's not half as good at generating scares.
New York Daily News
Little internal logic and too many signposts. It's easy to see who in the neighborhood knows more than they're letting on, even without X-ray vision or ESP.
Miami Herald
A scream-out-loud movie, upsetting and deliriously effective. Problem is, Koepp relies almost entirely on the isolated shocking images, ignoring the human element at the center.
Rolling Stone
Compared with ("The Sixth Sense"), there's no contest. Stir of Echoes has been outrun and outclassed.
Entertainment Weekly
Offers tricky fragmentation without mystery or mood; it's a mosaic of fear that grows less and less unsettling as it comes together.

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