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MPAA Rated R for violence, drug content and brief language

Sex & Nudity

  • A little sexual innuendo.
  • A woman wears a cleavage-revealing bra underneath a transparent shirt.

Violence & Gore

  • Three people are shot repeatedly: two victims' shirts are bloody and two victims presumably die.
  • A person is stabbed in the stomach (the person later removes the knife, which is fairly bloody).
  • A person's eyes are stabbed with knitting needles (we briefly see the bloody sockets with the needles protruding).
  • After being beaten, a slightly bloody person is seen sitting in a chair; when touched, the person's head falls off and rolls on the ground (we briefly see the bloody neck stump and the head rolling).
  • A person douses self with gas and lights a match, which is blown out before a fire starts; later, a lighter is purposely thrown at the person, who is then engulfed in flames (in a later scene, we see the scorched ground and a body bag being wheeled from the area).
  • A person regains consciousness in the driver's seat of a car that is heading the wrong way on a bridge; the car hits the side of the bridge, and the person is able to escape before the car explodes and falls into the water below.
  • Two people in two different scenes are hit by cars (we see then fly up onto the windshield), another person is nearly hit by a car, and a car tailgates and then hits the side of another car.
  • A child is lured into a van, then the door is shut and the child is presumably kidnapped; in a later scene, we briefly see the child's body being lifted out of a lake (we see a close-up of the child's arm, which has a large symbol burned/carved onto it).
  • In two other kidnapping scenes, a person carries a child into car and drives away. We learn that several children have been murdered.
  • A child is placed on a building's ledge and told to jump; also, a person holds the child partially over the ledge for a little bit.
  • A person is hit from behind, grabbed by several others, thrown onto a subway track, then nearly hit by a train; a person is chased by several others, then beaten with sticks and kicked repeatedly.
  • A person is thrown down a staircase and repeatedly kicked and hit with sticks; a person is grabbed from behind and a cloth is held over the person's mouth until consciousness is lost
  • A child bangs her head against a wall with a loud thumping noise
  • A person is punched; a person slaps another; a person is grabbed and dragged into a room; and a person appears to be injecting another with drugs.
  • A person dreams that hundreds of rats are crawling around a room, surrounding a crying child on a bed; the rats try to bite and jump on the person.
  • A bird flies into a window pane and nearly dies.
  • Some threatening with guns; also, a large knife is held to a child's neck, and in another scene, a person with a scarred face appears ready to stab a child, but nothing happens.
  • Smoke bombs are thrown through windows of a building; people inside panic and run, knocking down some candles that start a fire.
  • A building becomes engulfed in flames and starts collapsing, nearly hitting a few people.
  • A couple of times we see a bulletin board with a few police photographs of a bloody torso and corpses' arms with symbols burned/carved on them.
  • Lots of needle marks are visible on a person's arm while a nurse draws blood (we see the needle pierce the skin).
  • Some blood is visible on the street where people are poking something (probably an animal) with sticks.
  • We see some blood on a person's coat and some small scratches/bites on a woman's palms.
  • A couple of times we see demons with red eyes and frightening expressions flying in the sky.
  • A large demon appears and roars, lots of rats crawl around a room
  • A person's face turns into a gray, demon-like face.


  • Two F-words, some scatological references, a few mild obscenities, and a few insults.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Religious cults, drug use, good vs. evil, religious faith, Satan worship, murder of children.

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