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8 Sep. 1996
Snack Time
Today we're using charts to measure all sorts of things. Mr. Salt needs to figure out what everyone's favorite snack is so he can make them, so we make a chart to help him out!
23 Sep. 1996
Mailbox's Birthday
It's Mailbox's birthday! Let's have a party!
30 Sep. 1996
Blue's Story Time
It's story time at Steve's house!
7 Oct. 1996
Blue's Favorite Song
Today is a perfect day for a song.
25 Nov. 1996
Adventures in Art
Today, Steve and Blue are having fun with art!
2 Dec. 1996
Blue Goes to the Beach
What clothes do you need for the beach?
23 Dec. 1996
A Snowy Day
Blue and Steve need help figuring out what clothes to wear outside in the snowy weather.

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