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This movie popularized the term "MILF".
It took four tries for this film to get an R-rating instead of an NC-17.
When submitting his script to studios, screenwriter Adam Herz titled it, "Untitled Teenage Sex Comedy That Can Be Made For Under $10 Million That Most Readers Will Probably Hate But I Think You Will Love". It was later changed to "East Great Falls High", then "Great Falls", and finally, "American Pie".
Alyson Hannigan went to her callback audition really having to pee. She ran to the bathroom and her name was called right after she got out. She went in without having calmed down so she read the part really quirky and with an over amount of energy. She credits that to her getting the part.
To replicate an erection in one scene, the crew cooked a sausage, stuck it on a pencil, and wrapped it in aluminum foil. It was still warm when it was placed between Jason Biggs' legs.
Seann William Scott's feature film debut.
When Jim was running down the road to get to his house, Jason Biggs got heatstroke. They had to pack his shirt with ice to cool him down while he was running. Afterwards, they rushed him to a doctor. In another incident, while at home Jason Biggs also took too many Zinc supplements and became ill, so Jim was completely written out of the scene where Kevin and Finch are talking to each other while Finch is playing golf.
Alyson Hannigan was initially offered the role of Heather, but after reading the script she asked to play Michelle instead.
The producers admit in the DVD Commentary that the Arabian Nights prom theme was intentionally chosen "to be the absolute lamest prom theme ever."
The "pale ale" Stifler drinks is actually beer with egg whites in it.
Members of the California punk band Blink 182 are shown during the Internet broadcast scene. Their song "Mutt" is playing in the background.
Was, alongside South Park: Bigger, longer and uncut, one of two explicit films released on the summer of 1999, with the highest number of reports of underage fans engaging in unsuccessful attempts to gain entrance and watch the film in theaters.
In Denmark the movie was rated "A", which stands for "Alle", which in English means "everybody".
Mena Suvari did her own singing.
Eugene Levy was told he could improvise much of the dialogue for his character, including the part when flipping through the pornographic magazines with Jim, forcing a noticeably muffled laugh from Jason Biggs with the "giant orgy" line.
The apple pie is from Costco.
At 26, 'John Cho' was the oldest male cast member to portray a teenager, while Alyson Hannigan and Shannon Elizabeth, both 24, were the oldest women playing teen characters.
The official website referred to Jim's Dad as Eugene, named after Eugene Levy himself. However, his name was revealed to be Noah in later installments.
In Mexico, this was the first movie to be rated B15 (for 15 or over), the certificate that now comes in between the B (for 12 or over) and C (for 18 or over) ratings.
Shortly after appearing nude in this film, Shannon Elizabeth went on to do a Playboy spread. After that, she decided to quit appearing nude in films, out of fear of being typecast. She later called her Playboy appearance "one of [her] biggest regrets".
The song playing when Finch is running to the bathroom is "Walk, Don't Run", by The Ventures.
"The Bible" is located under the Dewey decimal system section marked "Fluid Dynamics".
Adam Herz's High School (and the one upon which he based East Great Falls High) was East Grand Rapids High. Yesterdog is the real name of the hot-dog "hang-out spot" for many of the real-life students.
When Eugene Levy auditioned for this film, it's title was "East Great Falls High" and he was already shooting an independent film titled "American Pie". The indie had to change it's name to "The Secret Life of Girls".
The script featured a scene, never filmed, in which Jim's younger brother walks in on him in a sexual act.
The scene in which Finch's scooter breaks down in front of Dog Years hot dog shop was unplanned. Director's Pete and Chris Weinz thought the scene was funny so they decided to leave it in the final cut of the film.
The URL for the webcam broadcast that Jim emails (from jim@eastgreatfalls.edu) to his friends is (The IP address actually belongs to the Department of Psychology of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.)
Eliza Dushku was considered for a role in this film.
In the original script, Paul Finch's name was Paul French, and Stifler's first name was Ryan, not Steve.
Thomas Ian Nicholas canceled his audition when he read the first scene in the screenplay.
The exterior shots of the high school were filmed at Millikan High School in Long Beach, California while the interior shots were of Long Beach Poly High School.
The part when Jessica and Vicky are reading the Spanish work and Jessica says, "Is this right, "go away, you stupid bird teacher, I had enough" was an inside joke from writer Adam Herz when he was in high school.
Even though it is never said during the final cut of the film Oz's middle name is Dieter according to the original script.
The song playing when Jim is about to have sex with Nadia is, Anomaly (Calling Your Name) by Libra presents Taylor.
The working title was "Untitled Teenage Sex Project".
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The outside school scenes were shot at Millikan High School, located in Long Beach, CA.
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

The line, "Say my name, bitch," from the scene between Jason and Michelle was ad-libbed on the spot by Alyson Hannigan. The director and producer found it so amusing that it was kept in the final cut.

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