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24 Jun. 1962
Dumb Martian
An Earthman on a solo tour of duty on one of Jupiter's moons, buy a Martian woman as a companion. He mistreats her, assuming her to be just a "dumb martian". He learns, to his cost, that she has more intelligence than he gives her credit for.
30 Jun. 1962
The Yellow Pill
A strait-jacketed homicidal maniac is brought to see an eminent Psychiatrist. But which of them is actually deluded?
7 Jul. 1962
Little Lost Robot
When a robot is supposed to obey every command, what does it do when a technician tells it to "get lost"?
14 Jul. 1962
Cold Equations
Lee Cross is a teenage stowaway on rocket ship hoping to see her brother on another planet. However her extra mass was obviously not accounted for, leaving the ship with not enough fuel to reach its destination.
21 Jul. 1962
Earth is at war with the Outspacers. Security officer Maj. Peters believes that an Outspace robot bomb is masquerading as top scientist Roger Carter. Condemned to death, a horrified Carter tries desperately to prove his innocence - or is Peters right?
28 Jul. 1962
Botany Bay
Bill Sheridan believes that the patients at the criminally insane institute he works for are being controlled by aliens.After killing one of 'the possessed' he finds himself in the same institute, this time as a patient.
4 Aug. 1962
Medicine Show
A medicine show revisits a small American town this time under new ownership. The new owners require seeds as payment in return for miracle cures.
11 Aug. 1962
Pictures Don't Lie
Radio research worker Nathen picks up signals coming from a spaceship hovering near Earth and succeeds in communicating with his 'opposite number' aboard the ship. Speech and pictures are received showing that the occupants are humanoid - and friendly. But can they trust us?
18 Aug. 1962
Vanishing Act
Edgar Brocklebank a third rate conjurer, becomes a sensation after buying the vanishing trick box from the estate of the 'Great Vorg' a once famous magician. However what Edgar cant explain is exactly where his assistants or objects are going once they have entered the box- as they don't return.
25 Aug. 1962
Divided We Fall
It's 2033 and Eddy the world's most respected supercomputer is detecting strange rebellious thoughts in 'The Syns' which are synthetic human beings.
1 Sep. 1962
The Dark Star
A mysterious disease is sweeping through London, giving its victims superhuman strength in the early stages. Most alarmingly, however, it seems to be selecting targets, with each link in the chain leading a step higher in status. Where will it end and how did it start? Scotland Yard chiefs and scientist Dr Howard must find out-fast.
8 Sep. 1962
Bishop is sent to investigate the planet Kimon, which selects only the brightest as immigrants, who make great wealth to send back to their families- but the immigrants themselves are never seen again.
15 Sep. 1962
Target Generation
A belief handed down through the centuries that when the Tremor comes it signifies the beginning of the End; a community where reading is heresy; and a letter marked 'to be opened only in an emergency'. These elements come together for Jon Hoff who can read and must decides whether the beginning of the End is enough.
22 Sep. 1962
The Tycoons
Oscar Raebone a keen tax avoidance investigator for the Inland Revenue, is sent to look into the affairs of a company making novelties. He finds a strange group there calling themselves 'The Tycoons'.


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