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Wonderful characters keep the movie from gagging on sweetness.
USA Today
The movie-calendar equivalent of last July's "Six Days, Seven Nights," this star-powered romance overcomes a shaky start to outpace that passable confection by several runaway laps.
New York Daily News
It's no Runaway success, but Gere and Roberts still glow.
A movie drunk on its very existence, one that misses more frequently than it hits and couldn't care less.
Entertainment Weekly
The difference between "Pretty Woman" and Runaway Bride is that we can no longer buy Roberts in her tearful romantic-melancholy mode. It seems vaguely patronizing now.
Chicago Sun-Times
After seeing Gere and Roberts play much smarter people (even in romantic comedies), it is painful to see them dumbed down here. The screenplay is so sluggish, they're like Derby winners made to carry extra weight.
Chicago Tribune
A shiny bauble full of dead weight, gloppy good feeling and airless cliches. And every time you try to grab onto "Bride's" characters, they run away. [30 July 1999]
Christian Science Monitor
The screenplay provides enough cute one-liners and love-struck speeches to give the comedy intermittent charm.
A clumsy motion picture that strives so hard for the perfect romantic ending that it triggers a gag reflex along the way.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Other than a few gratuitous montage sequences, plus a patently clumsy echo of the shopping scene in "Pretty Woman," Marshall refuses to pull his share of the load, forcing his beleaguered cast to fend for themselves.
New York Post
A runaway bore.

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