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Madison Clark makes a submissively erotic "Betty Boop" type object of vampire desire

Author: djexplorer from Manhattan
11 May 2001

I agree with krobyn that this one was not really a horror movie, and almost entirely an erotic one. Of course, the same is true of many or most vampire type movies. It has fewer vampire and plot pretensions than most though.

What carries the movie and makes it pretty good as erotic is entirely Madison Clark. She plays a sultry yet essentially innocent brunette, who is trying to make a go as a performance artist, but becomes the object of vampire attractions, along with others of course.

Kobryn says she thinks its really pretty good erotica, though she says from her female perspective. Here's my male perspective. It sure isn't a hard core pump movie, or even really soft-core porn. But it is pretty hot erotica. What entirely carries the movie erotically is raven haired Madison Clark's intelligent and very soulful sexual submissiveness, just beneath the surface, which is the juice of the flick. The girl's got heat. She's a sort of "Betty Boop" type.

As for explicitness, it isn't much there. A good deal of partial nudity, and erotic "performance art" dancing though. The underlying soft S&M is what creates the interest. Though the thinness and slowness of the plot makes it hard to sustain unless you're seeing it as a fooling around with your sweetie sort of movie, or while surfing the net between periods on interest, or whatever.

Madison Clark has definite potential in erotica though. She seems to have mostly played bit parts as a dancer type so far, before this movie. Hey, Shannon Tweed isn't my type and is rather long in the tooth anyway. Make room.

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Title speaks for itself

Author: yojimbo999 from Earth
22 March 2001

You've got "Embrace" and "Darkness" in the title, and it's made in the '90s, so what else can it be but a soft-core vampire flick? But unlike a lot of "vampire romance" movies, this one is actually pretty damn sexy. It is NOT a very good movie if you take out all the sex, but taken for what it is -- a softcore vampire flick -- it delivers in spades. Although, I could use a little less of the male vampire playing the piano to soothe away his vampire thirst -- or for whatever nonsense he was playing it. A great fast-forward movie, with plenty of opportunity to press the "play" button, since there's plenty of flesh to be spotted.

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This is horror???

Author: krobyn from MN
4 February 2001

Yeah I saw this movie. I'm only admitting it because I wrote a comment on Dracula 2000 about fans of the genre. Immediately after doing so, I noticed this was on, so I decided to give it a chance to be fair as well as to see it attempt to be horrific in any way. I'd like to start by saying that I will NEVER understand how this gets listed as a horror flick. It should fall under the adult or mature category because it's nothing more than soft porn. That being said, as soft porn goes, it definitely has more of a story line to it than most. As a HORROR film expect the cheapest, most over dramatized(and used) effects. I swear they used red paint in a tube for blood. One victim had blood spots on his neck that looked exactly like red versions of chocolate chips complete with the little swirly bit on top. If this were horror, it's pure cheese. As for mature, one of the best I've seen. Seriously. For horror-a 1 on a scale of 1-10. For soft porn-I'd say about an 8. Very sexy. Not the murderous bit, but the truly sexual stuff. I am a woman, so a man may not agree with the thought.

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Embrace sex and vampires

Author: augustian from United Kingdom
3 September 2009

Embrace the Darkness is the first in a trilogy of sex and vampire films which makes up a three-DVD box-set. The other two films are called, unsurprisingly, Embrace the Darkness 2 and Embrace the Darkness 3. They all come under the Playboy brand and so they naturally contain a fair quota of sex and nudity. This first film is from Mystique Films while the other two are from Indigo Entertainment.

The action starts in a hospital with a bloody murder and the theft of the hospital's blood supply. Moving on from there to LA, we find Miranda (Angelia High) and Galen (Kevin Spirtas) have taken up residence in a run-down part of the city. While Galen spends his time playing his piano, it is Miranda who is the one who actively searches for new victims and brings them back to their apartment. Across the street lives Jennifer, (Madison Clark) a dancer who captures Galen's attention when he sees her dancing almost naked. Into this mix comes Ryan, (Brad Bartram) Jennifer's old flame who wants to restart their relationship. When Ryan finds out what Galen and Miranda really are, they are all set for a showdown but who will survive? There are twists and the outcome is not a foregone conclusion.

Why this film has got such a low vote is a bit of a mystery. More blood in the bloodsucking scenes would have been welcome but overall production values are quite high. The actors acquit themselves well enough and there is a good script with a contemplative ending. The women are what you would expect from a Playboy production with Madison Clark being naturally beautiful, and a welcome appearance by the statuesque Jennifer Ludlow. A good attempt at vampire erotica, so 5 stars.

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Vampire love

Author: Dr. Gore ( from Los Angeles, California
1 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


A vampire couple moves to L.A. The female is very horny while the male vampire wants to lay low. After a century or so together, cracks are starting to show in their relationship. She wants to party, he wants to play the piano. Soon a hot dancer who lives across the street will come into their lives. The guy thinks he's in love with her while his girlfriend just wants another conquest. It's a battle for true vampire love in between a lot of sex scenes.

This was decent. The female vampire, (Angelina High), had a very interesting look. She had an extremely short haircut with touches of white in it. It was certainly not the normal hairstyle for women in these movies. Usually every woman has flowing blonde hair that snaps back as they're having sex. Angelina's hairstyle works for her, probably because she has such a tight body that you don't spend too much time looking at her head. The dancer girl was good too. She got to have sex with everybody except for the blonde bartender. I could have sworn that scene was coming. It didn't though. The blonde was too shy. Angelina wasn't shy though. She had plenty of opportunities to get undressed and she made the most of it. Overall, I was pleased with this vampire romp. It's worth a look.

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A softcore vampire flick in "the city of old factories".

Author: David Brown from USA
22 December 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Warning. This review contains spoilers.

Good softcore from Playboy/Image. You've got a guy and a girl vampire. The girl is perfectly happy being a vampire, and just wants to hunt, feed, and have sex. The guy is unhappy, and just wants to feed and have sex. He's content to get his blood fix from robbing blood banks. Apparently blood blank blood isn't as good as fresh blood since the girl vampire wants nothing to do with it. Maybe the preserving solution they add to it isn't what she likes?

The guy vampire gets puppy dog eyes for this girl who lives in the old factory building across from the old factory building that he lives in. I think this attraction is due, in no small part, to the fact that the girl likes to take off all her clothes and practice her "performance art" (which looks a lot like masturbating) in front of her open window.

There's also a bar that's located inside an old factory building and the girl gives her "performances" in another old factory building. Whatever city this is in sure has an abundance of old factory buildings.

There's also performance girl's ex boyfriend and some blonde runaway girl who becomes vampire food.

The sex is frequent and good. Most of the scenes involve performance girl and vampire girl. Blonde runaway girl has one scene. I think there were eight scenes total. One of them was girl/girl, one was girl solo, one was guy/girl/girl, and the rest were guy/girl. The music was a little too loud for my taste, but you could still faintly hear the actors underneath it.

Performance girl gave the best, well, performances. Her "orgasms" were the back arching, fist clenching, almost seizure like displays of passion that I really like. I'd give second place to blonde runaway girl. Too bad she only had one scene. Vampire girl was more subdued, which was actually in character for her, but doesn't make for the best sex scenes. She was real nice to look at though.

This doesn't rank with the best that Playboy/Image have given us, but it's still good and will be getting repeat viewings from me in the future.

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Angelina High

Author: ( from New York
18 April 2002

It was Angelina High who brought this movie beyond its pedantic writing. When was the last time you saw a short haired lady with fangs? Maybe it was the director's choice but her lovely appearance (and decidedly "un-vampire" attire) made me dispose of some preconceptions and see she and the role for what they were: a better than average job - especially for the genre.

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Author: kosmasp
19 September 2012

Oh the irony. While Vampires can not date, movies about them can date. And if they're as bad as this (probably not been received well back then either, although it did spawn two sequels), they date even worse. While Kevin Spirtas is known for other movies and might be able to bring some gravitas to the movie (for some), the rest of the cast does stumble around (and on) their lines as if they've never seen or heard about things like scripts.

On the other hand, maybe there wasn't a coherent script to begin with. Wouldn't be surprising this being a soft-core movie (sometimes it does make sense reading the synopsis before watching a movie, solely based on the title) and all. It is produced by Playboy, so you should know what you're letting yourself into ...

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Author: bazdol from THE MIDWEST
1 May 2001

A very nice soft core sex/vampire film. Kevin Spirtas does a fine job as the master vampire; convincing acting without going overboard (it would have been easy to do so in a film like this). I'm disappointed that Angelia High has not appeared in more movies; I thought she was also quite convincing and looked the part of a female vamp.

A realistic ending.

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