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A cynical and worthless waste of time
Red-Barracuda16 December 2008
The original Boogeyman was a silly but entertaining supernatural slasher flick. It was by no means a great film but fun in the right frame of mind. The third instalment in this series, Return of the Boogeyman, on the other hand, is simply atrocious. It consists of two things. Firstly, cheap and lifeless new footage. Secondly, LOADS of recycled bits from the first movie. The new material is unbelievably amateurish but not in an amusingly inept way, simply incredibly tedious. This footage has clearly been knocked together quickly and without any effort. It serves as a framing device for the endless clips from the first (and possibly second) movies. And boy, do they milk those clips from the earlier films; sometimes reusing sequences over and over again. The only new addition to these parts is a voice over that pointlessly describes exactly what we can see with our own eyes. The whole experience of watching this is truly mind-numbing.

Return of the Boogeyman is an example of the very worst kind of exploitation flick; the kind that exploits the audience in a highly cynical way. I want to keep this review brief and to the point because this film deserves no more. There is nothing here of value at all. This is worthless.
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Worse than garbage, a blatant rip off (0 out of 10)
andybob-316 December 2002
I won't waste a whole lot of time of this one because as far as I'm concerned it isn't really a movie to start with, just a careless mish-mash of borrowed footage and embarrassingly amateurish new footage made solely for the purpose of pasting the whole mess together and call it a "Boogeyman" sequel. Literally 80% of this film is stolen from its far superior predecessor "The Boogeyman", a film that the writers of this garbage apparently didn't even bother to watch because they couldn't even get actress Suzanna Love's original character's name (Lacy) right. And to add insult to injury the killer is invisible in the original footage and visible in the new footage, apparently they think their audience is as stupid as they are. 0 out of 10 and I wish IMDb's rating system went that low, the most callous and blatant attempt to rip off people's money I've even seen, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
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Sometimes there are films that while they look bad turn out to be great...
Sic Coyote11 December 1999
this, is NOT one of those films it is one of the biggest pieces of tripe I have ever scene, the camera work is trying to be flashy but it really just crap the whole thing looks like the red shoe diaries, but without the sex, the only reason I bought this was I wanted to try out dvd and this was the cheapest one I could find, possibly the worst buy of my life and could have put you off dvd forever, the soundtrack is REALLY tacky and most of the movie is made up of endless repeats of clips from the first two films, why anyone would want to make a movie as awful as this is beyond me, if they had really attempted to make an original movie and failed I would be nicer in this review but they don't they just got the rights to reproduce stuff from the first two and then edit it and repeat it into this film with about maybe under 1 3rd original footage which is about up to the standards of film school students, DO NOT buy this movie. the only entertainment this dvd can offer is if you were to stick it in the microwave and watch the flashing lights! UTTER UTTER UTTER UTTTER unbelievable GARBAGE! 0/10 if only the voting system would allow that.
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One of the worst horror movies ever
Katatonia21 September 2002
Don't waste your time on this one. This is one of the most boring horror films ever made. It looks like this wasn't even Low-Budget...IT WAS NO-BUDGET! The acting is just about as bad as you can get on celluloid. Pass on this atrocity because it's not even worth a penny.
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One of the worst.
TC-426 December 1998
This started like a low budget movie and only got worse. The acting was terrible, especially by the Dr. Everything about this total waste of my time makes me angry that anything this bad is sold to take up 2 hours of my life. I really think that Plan 9 From Outer Space was better than this. Any TV Movie would be a pleasure to watch after this turkey.
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How many times can we see the radio dropped into the tub?
MACREADY-38 October 1999
How many times can we see the radio dropped into the tub? Painful to watch. Felt like I was being punched in the face. Not worth the $5 for the DVD.
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Terrible movie, not worth watching (even to laugh at)
kkhs197611 March 2010
This movie was terrible! I am a huge horror film fan and really enjoyed the first movie. Suzanna Love should be embarrassed to even be associated with this film! The entire movie consists of flashbacks from the first movie with voice over narration giving a play by play of what we are seeing! They didn't even get the facts from the first movie correct. Her name wasn't "Natalie" it was "Lacey"! It wasn't 15 years ago, it was 20! They weren't "Natalie's mom and dad" they were "Lacey's aunt and uncle"! Come on!!! And, even though they keep calling her "Natalie" they didn't bother to edit out the part (in a flashback from the first film) where her brother Willie screams out "Lacey!". I also seem to remember the narrator "Annie" stating that the boy was going to harm the mother. Seriously, did they even bother watching the first film?
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shameless,incoherent rehash of its predecessor,The Boogeyman.
disdressed1212 August 2009
in fact,it's basically the same movie.and they couldn't even get the time line of events correct.maybe that was intentional due to laziness or not caring.either way,this thing is a real doesn't even deserved to be called a movie.i viewed this as a so called second feature on the disc containing the original The Boogeyman.i thought my head would explode,and i urge you to run as far in the opposite direction of this thing,if you should be cursed with the misfortune of combing across it's should come with a warning label like:Warning-may cause your i.q to drop several points if you are within it's vicinity.for me,there's no doubt this thing is a 0/10
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