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20 Sep. 1976
Holiday cheer abounds at Larkfield Manor as the Bourne family prepares their Christmas celebration, but the mood is tempered by youngest daughter Victoria, overwrought at the announcement that she must continue her education abroad.
21 Sep. 1976
Elizabeth meets Dr. Cropper's handsome young associate Dr. Brian Harrington, and the two grow closer as they share their mutual interest in medicine. However, Elizabeth is dismayed to learn a secret regarding Brian's private life.
27 Sep. 1976
Anne: Part 1
Middle daughter Anne prepares for a fancy dress party, and the family is shocked by the immodest costume she selects. When Arthur forbids her to wear the costume, Anne defies him.
28 Sep. 1976
Anne: Part 2
Anne's shocking defiance of her father's orders threatens familial harmony at Larkfield Manor. With the family's encouragement, Anne must admit to an icy Arthur that she was in the wrong.
4 Oct. 1976
A Question of Values: Part 1
Frank Chapman, head dairyman for the Bourne family, confides to Arthur that his son Alan has gotten his girlfriend Peggy into trouble. When Arthur and Helen intercede, Arthur finds himself threatened by Mr. Wickham, the local headmaster who misinterprets his motives.
5 Oct. 1976
A Question of Values: Part 2
Helen befriends Mrs. Wickham, and the two work in tandem to affect some understanding between Arthur and Mr. Wickham. Alan reaches a decision about marriage to Peggy and accepting the Bourne cottage.
11 Oct. 1976
Spring Fever: Part 1
Elizabeth returns from London insisting she's over her infatuation with Brian Harrington, but her feelings are reignited when Brian confides in her about his wife Kaye's involvement with another man.
12 Oct. 1976
Spring Fever: Part 2
Elizabeth's secret meeting with Brian is in jeopardy when Anne borrows her car without asking permission, and she has an accident.
18 Oct. 1976
One Come Down: Part 1
Against all odds, Anne enters a competition with her beloved mare Tallulah, while Elizabeth continues to pursue a seemingly futile relationship with Brian. Later, the Bourne family faces a crisis when Anne is seriously injured while competing.
19 Oct. 1976
One Come Down: Part 2
The Bourne family awaits word of Anne who has not regained consciousness and must undergo tests for possible brain damage. Meanwhile, the crisis brings Elizabeth and Brian even closer together.
25 Oct. 1976
Gerald: Part 1
Recuperating from the accident, Anne invites handsome but conceited actor Gerald Hope Langley to spend Easter with her at Larkfield Manor. Gerald's transparent interest in Phyllis appalls Helen and incites Anne's jealousy.
26 Oct. 1976
Gerald: Part 2
Anne and Victoria contrive to keep Phyllis and Gerald apart. Arthur's private word with Phyllis prompts a sincere apology and Gerald's just desserts.
1 Nov. 1976
The Quiet Side: Part 1
Following an embarrassing incident with Anne, Helen bans spoiled, boisterous Rex Burton-Smith from associating with the family. However, Victoria senses a quiet, very different side to Rex and makes plans to join him in a secret adventure.
2 Nov. 1976
The Quiet Side: Part 2
With help from Anne and Elizabeth, Victoria plans another adventure with Rex, but unknown to them all, his bravado obscures a devastating secret that is certain to break Victoria's heart.
8 Nov. 1976
Close of Play: Part 1
Hoping to enlist his participation in a local charity match, Arthur encourages Anne's new relationship with talented cricketer Sir Nigel Marsham.
9 Nov. 1976
Close of Play: Part 2
Anne and Elizabeth's beaus are on opposing sides as the cricket match gets underway. Later, Sir Nigel demonstrates an exceptional talent for bad sportsmanship at the after-party.
15 Nov. 1976
High Tides: Part 1
Elizabeth befriends newcomer Rachel Earnshaw who has moved to the village from London following a public divorce. The two share the bond of falling in love with the wrong person, but their friendship is threatened when Nanny reveals Mrs. Earnshaw 's scandalous past to Arthur.
16 Nov. 1976
High Tides: Part 2
When Mrs. Earnshaw suffers another nervous collapse requiring Elizabeth to look after her, Arthur invites her to the Bourne home, where she soon reveals more about her life than Elizabeth cares to hear.
22 Nov. 1976
Mice at Play: Part 1
With Arthur and Helen on holiday in Scotland, Victoria finds it unwise to invite a visiting Klaus for the weekend, until the girls decide to hold a house party with a London acquaintance of Anne acting as a chaperon.
23 Nov. 1976
Mice at Play: Part 2
The weekend doesn't unfold as planned for the Bourne sisters when Anne is a slave to the kitchen, chaperon Mrs. Walden attempts to seduce Klaus, and Elizabeth must dodge the undesirable attention of Mrs. Walden's deadly dull companion.
29 Nov. 1976
Fete Accompli: Part 1
Lady Alice sulks after she's offered the honor of opening the annual village fête, but is subsequently displaced by Earl Mulligan, a popular American film star from Hollywood. On the eve of the fête, Mulligan is involved in a highly publicized pub brawl.
30 Nov. 1976
Fete Accompli: Part 2
The Bournes are frantic as the fête gets underway, but their fears are allayed when Earl Mulligan proves a charming presence onscreen and off.
6 Dec. 1976
Moment of Truth: Part 1
Elizabeth decides to continue her education in a London teaching hospital, but just as she persuades Arthur to accept her decision, a phone call from Brian could change her entire future.
7 Dec. 1976
Moment of Truth: Part 2
Brian and Anne fail to understand Elizabeth's sudden reticence to accept a future with Brian. When Elizabeth suggests Brian would give up his Catholic faith if he really loved her, Anne counters that Elizabeth might not love really love him at all.
13 Dec. 1976
Cause for Concern: Part 1
Helen entertains wealthy new neighbors the Cartlands but is unnerved when she discovers that Arthur and Rosemary Cartland share a past association. Meanwhile, in London visiting Aunt Phyllis, Anne experiences headaches and double vision.
14 Dec. 1976
Cause for Concern: Part 2
A jealous Helen wonders if Arthur once had an affair with Rosemary. Arthur hires petty thief Jim Tapper to help Gates with the estate. Phyllis returns Anne to Larkfield Manor early and worries the Bournes with news that Anne's optical problems could be a symptom of serious illness.
20 Dec. 1976
Diagnosis: Part 1
Elizabeth returns from Wales, has a startling encounter with Jim Tapper, and learns that Anne is undergoing medical tests in London. An anxious Helen must wait as Dr. Cropper confers with Arthur regarding the results of Anne's tests.
21 Dec. 1976
Diagnosis: Part 2
Elizabeth learns more about Jim Tapper. After Anne's diagnosis, Arthur and Helen agree she must leave immediately for experimental treatment in Germany.
27 Dec. 1976
The Treatment: Part 1
As Anne and Helen prepare for their journey to Germany, Anne bids emotional farewells to her family. Elizabeth must face delaying her education in order to assume Helen's position at Larkfield Manor.
28 Dec. 1976
The Treatment: Part 2
Lady Alice secretly insists upon paying for Anne's expenses. While the Bourne family prepares for the Christmas season, a brave Anne begins her treatment in Germany.

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