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I liked this
bryanthomas12 August 2003
It is quirky, yes, but I enjoyed it's offbeat sense of humor and unique storytelling. The characters were wacky, and so was the story, but I liked it. So it's not a total waste of time despite the other person's feelings. For some people anyway. I watched it because Wes Bentley and I worked together recently, and I am glad I did.
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An Quietly Entertaining Tale
kiddhowe7 August 2007
The White River Kid is an enjoyable movie. It is not an edge of the seat or nail biter, but the story is engaging. Bob Hoskins as Brother Edgar draws you into the story and as he begins to be interested in the other members of this story so do you. Antonio Bandaras brings a certain charm and sympathy to a character with less admirable ambitions. I would comment on each actors role but instead I will say that each one took hold of the character they played and caused you to see each one in an interesting way. I was particularly fond of Miss Eva Nell (Ellen Barkin) and Randy Travis as Sheriff Becker. All in all I really liked this movie.
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What Movies Are For
lpryor9 February 2002
When I go see a movie, or rent it, I am always hoping for a transcendent experience. I am happy enough to be entertained, but when a movie really moves me I am truly grateful. The White River Kid really moves me. It is truly transcendent. Someone once commented to Matisse that a painting of his, with a lady as it's subject, did not look like a lady at all. Matisse pointed out that the object in question, his creation, was NOT a lady- it was a painting. Movies are a form of art. A movie is a movie. Movies are at their best when they cannot be said to be in any way "realistic." So called "reality" surrounds us. It is, in fact, only perception, and actually no more "real" than is a movie. But a movie should be something altogether different than what we call "reality." It ought to offer an alternative, and equally valid, reality. This is what "White River Kid" does with unsurpassed excellence. It is touching, soaringly entertaining, uplifting, warming, encouraging, healing, and relieving. Having seen it, one's outlook is permanently altered in a small way. This is the hallmark of a great movie.
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what's wrong with it?
Zebrawoman25 December 2006
This movie was so much fun. I looked it up right away, once I recovered from feeling sad about a certain sad thing I won't give away-- and I'm so startled by the hostility in the comments. In fact this movie does contain a gang of hogs, some poor people who are happy and kind, and a prostitute, and these elements seem to trigger fear in many viewers that they are being conned by a derivative movie or if they are rural people, that someone is putting them down. Some movies aren't that kind of movie and anyway, they should try being black or Chinese if they want to experience rampant powerlessness of that kind. They don't know the half of it. Anyway, why are none of the "reviewers?" bothered by the presentation of this boy(the Kid) who's been abandoned and lived alone by the river all his life, I wonder? They don't say "Unfair to say that about rural life!" Or, "we don't treat kids that way in Arkansas!" Anyway, this movie is engrossing-- though nothing of the kind may have happened to you or me so what? I will never forget the huge hole where the factory was, and the way Bob Hoskins' keeps presenting himself as a ruthless conman but can't help himself if it would mean harming anyone else the tiniest bit. Isn't it always a bargain to see these good actors? Isn't it funny to hear about the Mile-High Pie? How can anyone say Swoosie Kurtz didn't look good in that Elvis pompadour wig which was taller than she was herself? I thought she was glamorous and I believe Beau Bridges did too, which was what made this movie great.
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skycreatoR8 November 2003
This is a great movie! Sorry, but the plot is inzanely weird, the acting is just funny and the style of the directing, editing and scenes is amazing.

I have never been so surprised over a movie, as i have with the White River Kid!
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First true portrayal of Arkansas
bison-35 February 2002
As a dyed in the wool Southerner bred in Arkansas, I am happy to see that someone has finally made a movie that portrays Arkansas like it is. Arne Glimcher has done a fine job capturing all of the nuances of Southern culture, and Bob Hoskins--whom has always been a terrific and often underrated actor in my eyes--does a great job adopting a believable Arkansas accent despite his thick British accent. In fact, I think Bob somehow managed to come up with an accent that transcends both cultures, and is uncannily unrecognizable as belonging to either. Mike Thomas, in particular, does a great supporting turn. The only thing this movie was missing is a buck-toothed banjo player and Tia Carrere, but I guess maybe Elie was divorced from her by the time it was made. (Okay, actually, we all know this movie is really just not that good, and if any of you want to explain how this happened--because I really am curious--please e/m me here in Los Angeles.)
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"The White River Kid" just came out on video in Bulgaria. It's usually a warning sign when an American movie is released on video in Bulgaria before its theatrical release in the USA. This movie is no exception to that rule, and the embarrassed actors are probably hoping that the movie never makes it back to its country of origin.

I'm not sure what the movie was about. Basically, it requires a group of somewhat talented actors to play ridiculous, one-dimensional stereotypes and interact with each other. A fake priest, a serial killer, a diner waitress, a money-grubbing wetback, a family of hillbillies, a country-singin' local sheriff, and so on. I should mention that a female hillbilly wears an enormous Elvis wig and claims to pray to Elvis. And a couple of "Deliverance" extras are eaten by a herd of killer pigs. I'm not making this up.

I think the filmmakers were shooting for "wacky", or "madcap", or "screwball"...instead, they didn't achieve anything more than "embarrassing for all involved".
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Very Entertaining
Tom4 May 2012
Some of my favorite people in real life are the quirky ones. They're what make life interesting rather than one gigantic bore. That's the main reason I love this film and can watch it over and over without getting tired of it. It's a rare film that can do that to me.

There are few characters, if any, of what most folks would call "normal" in this movie. Every character is quirky in one way or another. Even characters who only have a line or two then are never seen again are quirky in their own little way. That is taking a gamble by the director and sometimes fails, but it works to a tee here.

Read the list for the well known actors names and some not so well known, but one thing is continuous throughout the film; they all had a ball making it. What a pity it has so few fans.
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P U ! This movie stinks up the room!
JThomas-229 October 2001
Whoever green lighted this film should be canned immediately. It sucks! Not only is it terrible, but the acting is terrible. When a film is shelved for several years before finally being released in the U.S. (and even then only on cable and video) you know it's got to be bad. This film seems to be the Hollywood Squares of films: where once decent actors go when they're past it. Or in Wes Bentley's case: where overly hyped and overrated actors start out (watch out Wes, outside of American Beauty, you've done nothing but act badly in several rotten films).
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The worst movie I have ever seen.
emory-16 April 2001
This is honestly the worst movie i have ever seen the only reason i watched it was because i know Daniel Treat the actor that played Elvis Wood. If it weren't for that i would have changed it quickly. please do not waste two hours out of your life change the channel when it comes on The Movie Channel.
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