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New Orleans 1890s

Author: Carolyn Daily ( from Chicago, Illinois, USA
15 July 1999

This film is based on a real story of a century ago that probably is not in any of the New Orleans tourist brochures. Thirty thousand Italians were brought into New Orleans between the end of the Civil War and 1890 as a source of cheap labor to work on the docks and in the farm produce market. There is real money to be made and some of the most powerful men in the city resent the wealth of two Italians who have given their countrymen an incentive to be very productive. The police chief who won't go along with a takeover plot hatched by the mayor and the men who have put the mayor in power is assassinated. A group of Italians who are in the wrong place at the wrong time and the two wealthy Italian businessmen are framed. After the courtroom drama, there is an even more dramatic finale.

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Really enjoyed it

Author: Servo-11 from United States
12 May 2003

Although it has one of the more depressing endings ever filmed (and I normally don't like that kind of thing), I was unable to stop watching it. The story, no doubt simplified for the screen, was engaging and has me interested in seeking out Gambino's book to get the broader picture as well as the facts. :) Christopher Walken's accent was a tad iffy, but he wasn't the main attraction of the film. The collection of players were extremely well-balanced so that everyone had a chance to do their stuff and be memorable and they were! Darragh O'Malley as the Irish investigator was a pleasure to see after the days of Sharpe's Rifles and Joaquim de Almeida likewise captured interest with his diginified performance. Bruce Davison and Edward Herrmann as the warring attornies were also solid and interesting. I completely enjoyed this film.


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Nice Movie

Author: anonymous from Atlanta, GA
12 July 1999

The story is great, and the actors are very good too. I guess I like the story more than the acting. Though it has no happy ending, but it feels real. Wonderful movie.

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Italians in movies who aren't mafiosi?

Author: cobram-1 from United States
12 August 2003

No wonder this movie was never exhibited in theaters, after all, who would believe a Hollywood movie plot that doesn't portray Italians as belonging to the mafia? This movie is a good reminder that every group that has ever existed has had its problems and it's persecutors, and that the animosity usually boils down to economic reasons. Every group has something to be resentful about, the successful ones are those that put the past behind them and look to the future. I do have trouble with the title though, unless of course it was meant as an ironic title, since there was no Vendetta in the main plot. Christopher Waken stands out with another great performance, he is totally believable in his role, and his acting doesn't disappoint.

This movie could have been much better if it hadn't brushed over the personal lives of the characters, but I think the filmmakers had to decide on whether to concentrate on the factual story or an in depth character study of the immigrant experience. Had they decided to pursue both in this case it probably would have made an excellent mini-series

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Well done!

Author: buiger from Monaco
14 August 2011

A very good made-for-TV-movie.

A great cast , some good performances, but above all, a great story. As is almost always the case, the best stories are the true stories, the ones that actually occurred. Often they exceed our imagination, as is the case with this one. Hadn't I known that this was a true story, I would have deemed the plot to be far fetched, unrealistic... Goes to say...

Watch this film if you can, it will teach you a little about the past and how some great fortunes where made at that time, the movie is definitely worth it.

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Author: Amanda (major_margaret) from Kingston, Ontario
2 February 2002

I loved the movie! It had a great story behind it, and the acting was terrific! As a member of the City of Kingston, I was proud to have lived in the city during the filming period! but then again, thats just my opinion, go rent it, and judge it for yourself, not everyone has the same taste in movies. I was absolutly Superb! Enjoy the show!

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Any Italian that succeeds must be part of the Mafia.

Author: lastliberal from United States
19 September 2010

African Americans were not the only group lynched in the US. In the 1890s, there were six lynchings of Italians, three of them in Louisiana. This is the story of one such lynching in New Orleans.

After the emancipation in 1865, the power in New Orleans imported Sicilians to replace the African American. After a time, they came to regret this decision, as the Italian population grew to about 30,000 by 1890. They, particularly James Huston (Christopher Walken), set about trying to play the two factions of Sicilians (the Machecas and the Provenzanos) against each other.

It should be noted that politically correct terminology is not used for the two races.

Since the Sheriff (Andrew Connolly) wouldn't go along with the Mayor (Kenneth Welsh) and the other leaders, he was disposed of. Another policeman (Luke Askew) reported that "dagos" did it and riots ensued. Six men were pointed out by a "witness" that was intimidated by the police.

A "trial" was held, but the results weren't what the town expected, so they took matters into their own hands, stirred up by the Mayor with threats by Huston that it will be done "with you or without you." Of course, many more were murdered in the real event that took place, but this is a movie.

Huston got what he wanted.

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Hard to swallow, but a necessary part of history

Author: NateWatchesCoolMovies from Canada
18 July 2016

Vendetta is a tough film to watch without feeling sadness and outrage, but such is the stuff that HBO churns out, honest pieces of history that sting you with their refusal to honey coat or gloss over the nasty details (I'm looking at you, History Channel). This one takes place in 1890 New York City, a time of mass Irish and Italian immigration which spurred a ton of unrest among those already settled and raised in that area. Everyone is fighting tooth and nail for a piece of the pie and a chance to feed their families, and the ones with a bunch of pie just greedily want more. The influx of Italians is a cause for insidious worry for James Houston (Christopher Walken), an obscenely wealthy and deeply corrupt piece of schit. He's joined by equally nasty William Parkinson (Luke Askew), and Mayor Joe Shakespeare (Kenneth Welsh), as the trio cook up an evil scheme to implicate a few young Italian men in the mysterious death of a sympathetic and kindly Irish police chief (Clancy Brown). This sets in motion a tragic outbreak of riots and and angry acts of violence against the Italians. Even their union representitive Joseph Macheca (Joaquim De Almeida) cannot bring peace or stop what Walken and team have started. You may think why make a film of this, as it heads straight for the bleakest of resolutions, but I think it's important to shine a light on even the darkest patches of history, in order to understand the levels of deception and human cruelty so that we may see it coming before it's too late next time around. This was a terrible, terrible event and the film hits you square in the face with it's blunt truth and unwavering honesty. Kudos to HBO fpr taking it on. Watch for the late Edward Herrmann and Bruce Davison as rival lawyers in the chaos.

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Solid and entertaining character drama

Author: antonjsw1 from United Kingdom
21 December 2014

This is a solid and interesting drama – that also makes some thoughtful social commentary on issues such as power, corruption, greed, racism, torture and the ability of the powerful to influence the masses – but also on the fact there were a few people who tried to stand up for justice and fairness – but their success was short-lived and sadly there were tragic consequences as a result.

While the script lacks subtlety and sophistication, it is nevertheless pacy and interesting, albeit the Mafia connections seem to be underplayed. The acting performances are good all-round, the best and most interesting being from Christopher Walken, Bruce Davidson, but above all Joaquim de Almeida in a powerhouse performance as a self-made Italian businessman . Alassandro Colla is pretty good as the lead character, but not on the level of the first three actors, and this was his only piece of work in Hollywood. The film captures the time very well, so credit has to go to production designer David Chapman for creating a good feel of 1890s New Orleans. Nicholas Meyer's directing is more polished here – certainly better than some of his feature film outings. He seems so much better suited to character dramas as a genre than more action packed material. He handles the courtroom scenes well and the film's more action oriented climax is slickly handled. Certainly Ron Roose's editing is much more competent than his and Meyer's previous collaboration on Star Trek VI. John Altman's score is appropriate bittersweet on a story that is a tragedy.

In summary, a TV film that is definitely worth watching, and while literal and on-the-nose it still gives you plenty to think about.

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Important Piece of New Orleans History

Author: mangymandog from United States
12 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The lynched were likely innocent of the crime. I have read most of the secondary writings about this event, and this is a fairly balanced movie. One should not be so quick to state that the movie is biased. Richard Gambino might have added a little to the police chief's character, but the chief was an ambitious man. A lot happened before this incident. Also, the drive-by shooting happened in reverse. The real shooting involved people driving by and shooting into a building and not the other way around. The earliest writers made the lynched out to be mafia men and black hand men, but since the 1970s... writers have changed their opinion based on better research.

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