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One lenghty sex scene with full back and full frontal male and female nudity, consisting of foreplay (no thrusting, no penetration and very little moaning). The scene starts with a man is sitting naked in bed (we only see his bare chest). A young man enters the bedroom: he is fully naked under a robe. He sits on the bed and undresses, making the other man uncomfortable (he tells him that he's not gay). We see the young man's bare abdomen, legs and thighs. A girl then enters the room; she is wearing only a t-shirt (her bare buttocks are visible). She sits on the bed, removes her shirt (her bare breasts are visible), and kisses the younger man. She then removes the blanket on the other man's body (we see his bare thighs and legs) and sits on his lap (we see her bare buttocks and her crotch area); at the same moment the younger man moves and his penis is visible. The man with the girl on top of him caresses her butt and torso, and she touches his chest; meanwhile the younger man kisses him on the head, forehead and neck. The girl then moves, lies on the younger man (once again we see her bare breasts and pubic area) and kisses him. The other man moves as well (we see his bare back and buttocks) and touches the girl's thighs offscreen (we only see his arm moving up and down). Afterwards they change positions one more time; the girl gets on top of the same man again (we see her breasts, butt and pube), and he touches her buttocks with both hands. They kiss repeatedly (the girl also kisses him on the neck), while the younger man touches and kisses the other man's hair, head and forehead. The scene ends here (its lenght is about 4 minutes), but it is implied that the threesome does happen. Briefly after, there is a post-sex sequence in which the three people are sleeping. The older man gets up and off the bed (we see his bare buttocks, the girl's breasts and pube, and the younger man's butt). When he goes back to bed, he kisses the girl twice, tells her she's "very capable", and the sequence ends. After a short while, when the older man is re-thinking about what happened, we see two brief flashbacks of the three people kissing and lying in bed.

In another scene, long about 2 minutes, a man and a girl have sex in the storage closet of a restaurant. It starts with the girl approaching the man (she is wearing an alluring babydoll-like dress); she opens his shirt, then undresses (we see her bare breasts). They start kissing and touching eachother (he also touches her breasts). Afterwards they are seen lying on the floor making out, both half naked (the girl's body is barely covered by her dress and the man is in his boxers). The man puts his hand on her crotch and moves it slowly. They keep kissing and rubbing each other, and the scene ends (it is implied they have sex).

A man leans on a woman who is lying on a bed and kisses her. They make love. We see a close-up of their faces and shoulders as they kiss and moan (no graphic nudity, only one of the woman's breasts is briefly seen). Then we see them lying and talking after sex (only the man's bare chest is shown). The scene is long about 1 minute.

In a scene we see a young man and a girl fully naked, presumably after having sex, for about 10 seconds. They are at a distance, but the girl's bare breasts and the young man's penis are visible. They start getting dressed and the scene ends.

A girl is seen moving her foot on a young man's crotch (they are clothed but the girl is wearing a sort of babydoll), implying she is sexually stimulating him. This happens while surrounded by several people.

A man and a woman are seen in bed. They are presumably naked, but we only see the man's bare chest and the woman's bare shoulders.

A man passes the night with a woman. He is clothed and slept on an armchair, while the woman is in bed, presumably naked (we see her bare shoulders); it looks like they did not have sex. Other people discuss wether they did it or not.

A man embraces a woman and kisses her.

A man holds a woman from behind and kisses her on the neck.

A young man is briefly seen shirtless.

A woman implicitly tells a man that in a group of people, although there are couples, everyone is free to have sex with others. There are both male-female, female-female, and male-male relationships. The man remarks with surprise that "everyone is having everybody else". They keep on talking about "free love". Later on, a girl tells a man about her group and they talk about the sex that happens between them.

A thug tells a young woman "next time I'll get inside you" (implying rape) after beating her.

A girl has pictures of naked men on her bedroom's walls.

A woman shows a room to a man and says it is the "sexy Japanese room". There are a few erotic pictures on the walls, and it is implied that the room is used for sexual activities.

A man talks to another man and tells him he thinks about other people's sex lives.


A man is briefly threathened by a group of thugs twice in the movie.

3 kids threathen a group of people with wood sticks. One of them hits a young man in the head. Another man then puts down the kid on the floor and briefly tightens his hands around his neck.

A bunch of teenagers and kids insult a group of people and proceed to attack them violently. Some of the attackers have knives. A young man is beaten down by 3 guys; his teeth are covered in blood. Another young man lies on the grass while the attacker threathens him with a knife. A man is attacked by 3 men and kicks one of them. A young woman gets kicked and punched in the belly; she has blood running down her nose, and the attacker implies that next time they meet he'll rape her. In the aftermath we see the people who were beaten lying on the grass. A girl has some blood on her face. Nearby the man who we previously saw being attacked by 3 men is presumably stabbed with a knife (we only see him falling down while the attackers run away); he is taken to the hospital together with another man (he is later said to get better). There we see the woman who was previously beaten with blood on her face. Later on, we see one of the young men that were beaten with a wound on his face and bandages on his torso, being helped by a woman.

A group of thugs armed with wood sticks invades a property and vandalize it with menacing words and drawings, frightening those who live in the house.

There is an argument between two women in which one pushes away the other.


Several uses of "Fuck".

Other profanities heard include "Shit", "Bullshit", "Bastard", "Asshole", "Cunt", "Hell".

We also hear "Jesus" and "Christ".

In a group of people there are lesbian and homosexuals couples. There is a sex scene involving two men and a woman, in which the younger man seduces and kisses the other man. This aspect of the movie might disturb those who disapprove of homosexuality.

The plot involves a group of people, seen by others as a cult. We see a local religious cult as well.


Some people are seen drinking alcohol at a bar.

A group of people consumes wine while eating.

A few people drink beer.

Many business men and women are seen drinking wine.

A man smokes a cigarette and shares it with a young man.

A girl smokes a cigarette.

A woman smokes a cigarette.

A few people are seen smoking cigarettes and drinking beer.

Some people briefly discuss about drugs. Later on, a man asks a girl if they do drugs in her group, and she says those are "plants and food from all over the world".


The sequence where a group of people is attacked by thugs is fairly intense.

There is an argument between two women which is rather emotional.

Total: 31/50 - Suggested rating: R for strong sexual content, graphic nudity, language, and discussions about drug use. For a mature audience only.

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