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This is a terrific movie: jolting, savage, horrifically funny, nightmarishly exciting but also brainy and compassionate.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Lee's control and storytelling flair have never seemed more assured and there are moments so powerful and thrilling we feel we're in the hands of a master filmmaker at the peak of his powers.
Chicago Sun-Times
Lee has a wealth of material here, and the film tumbles through it with exuberance.
Lee gives us cross-section of characters, almost none of whom escape the summer unchanged.
The most refreshing thing about Summer of Sam is that it doesn't try to impose a moral or define the limits of its story.
One of Lee's unsung gifts as a filmmaker is his discovery of that place between eye-popping surrealism and wrenching Greek tragedy.
It is a dark, violent, sexually explicit motion picture that will surely offend timid viewers.
A tabloid slice of tabloid life, ragged, vivid, awkward and punchy all at once.
Austin Chronicle
An intelligent, viscerally kinetic throw-down, a jolt of pure adrenalized Spike that holds more than a few touches of genius in its overripe storyline.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
It's a kaleidoscope of ideas that range from exciting to silly and gaudy.
Entertainment Weekly
Spike Lee noisily attempts to place the hunt for real-life serial killer David Berkowitz at the center of a hotheaded sociological fantasy linking disco glitz, punk rebellion, ethnic insularity, sexual craving, and sizzling heat into one rattling chain of urban hysteria.

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